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Keeping Christmas by Shanna Hatfield

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Romance Series
Genre: Contemporary Romance /
Western / Sweet Romance

Publisher: Shanna Hatfield

Date of Publication: November 7,


Number of pages: 270
Word Count: 104,000

Cover Artist: Shanna Hatfield

promise made is a promise he’ll keep
if it costs him the woman he loves. . .

Book Description:

Professional bareback rider Gage
Taggart can almost taste the world championship title he’s spent all year
pursuing. When an unexpected injury sidelines him, he heads to his best friend
Trevor’s home to recuperate.

Little by little, he finds
himself completely smitten with Trevor’s beautiful sister. But he’s up against
a formidable opponent: brotherly concern. Reluctantly, Gage vows to leave Tally
alone to keep from breaking her heart when he heads back out on the road.

Tally King thrives on her work as
a nurse, until she ends up caring for her injured brother and his best friend
on the family ranch. Between the two stubborn men determined to prove how tough
they and the unpredictable antics of her loony aunt Marvella, Tally feels like
her life is spiraling out of control. Or maybe it’s due to falling head over
heels in love with Gage despite concerns he’ll leave her heart in broken

An uplifting, sweet romance full
of humor and hope, Keeping Christmas follows an unlikely couple as they
discover the magic of Christmas and the wonder of true love.

There was no way
on earth or beyond she was going behind the chutes. The last time she’d done
that had cured her on rodeos and rodeo cowboys for life. She had no intention
of repeating the experience. The very thought of going back there left her
thoroughly disturbed.
She sent a text
to Gage, telling him to meet her near the ticket booth. It was only after she
hit send that she realized she should have mentioned she was the one there, not
Gage would
figure it out soon enough, she supposed.
She leaned
against the corner of the ticket booth, out of the way, and watched the faces
of those coming and going. Through the crowd, she caught a glimpse of a face
that looked familiar as a cowboy jogged her way.
Tally sucked in
a gulp of air, unprepared for how much Gage had changed since she’d last seen
him in person. The boy she’d had a crush on had morphed into a very handsome
man. His dark brown hair was shorter, his shoulders broader, his body a
finely-tuned machine of muscle. She noticed a scar on his right cheek that
hadn’t been there before, yet it only added to his rugged appeal.
But his eyes
were the same magnificent shade of blue, and his lips still appeared incredibly
kissable. When he looked at a little girl wearing a pink tutu over her denim
overalls, his grin kicked up the left side of his mouth just as she remembered.
He didn’t appear
to have gotten taller than his already six-foot height, but he looked stronger
and more capable than he had all those years ago.
Tally noticed
several women eyeing him as he made his way through the crowd. He didn’t even
seem to notice them as he scanned the faces, no doubt searching for her
brother. She stepped away from the ticket booth and headed toward him.
She tried to
catch his eye, but he looked right past her, as though she didn’t exist. Not
that it surprised her. Guys like Gage weren’t interested in girls like her —
girls who would never be mistaken for a model, had brains in their heads, and
held to an unyielding set of morals.
Nope. There was
nothing about her that would be of the slightest interest to a cowboy like
Tally waited
until she was standing directly behind him to tap him on the shoulder.
“Gage Taggart,”
she said in a voice she used to subdue unruly patients. He jerked and turned
around to stare at her.
She could see
him struggling to pull her identity from his memories. Insulted he hadn’t yet
figured out who she was, someone jostled into her and she bumped against Gage.
Something electric and completely unexpected arced between the two of them.
Tally wanted no part of whatever it was and moved back.
Eager to get the
torturous errand over with, she held the gear bag out to him. “Trevor sent me
with this.”
“Where’s Trev?”
Gage asked, taking the bag and looking around like her brother might suddenly
materialize. “Who was I texting a minute ago if it wasn’t him?”
“That would be
me. I’m sure you don’t remember, but I’m Trevor’s sister.”
“Tally? You’re
little Tally?” He held his hand down near his waist, indicating the height he
thought she should be.
She nodded and
Gage broke into a wide grin.
“You were always
such a cute kid with those big gray eyes, sturdy little legs, and chubby
cheeks.” He reached out and playfully pinched her cheek. “You haven’t changed a
bit. Aren’t you like, fifteen, maybe sixteen?”

the Author:

USA Today bestselling author
Shanna Hatfield is a farm girl who loves to write. Her sweet historical and
contemporary romances are filled with sarcasm, humor, hope, and hunky heroes.
When Shanna isn’t dreaming up unforgettable characters, twisting plots, or
covertly seeking dark, decadent chocolate, she hangs out with her beloved
husband, Captain Cavedweller.

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Dark Tomorrow: Rise of the Crow by Jeremiah Franklin

Tomorrow: Rise of the Crow
Book One    
Genre: Science

Publisher: Month9Books

Date of Publication: September
18, 2018

ISBN: 978-1-948671-05-7

Number of pages: 306

Cover Artist: Danielle Doolittle

Tagline: The
only thing deadlier than the virus decimating everything in its path is the
love he feels for her.


When a deadly virus decimates the
majority of Earth's population, 16-year-old Sawyer Bradshaw finds he is both
immune and alone in a world that has descended into violent chaos. Armed with
only his estranged father's shotgun, and an unrelenting desire to stay alive,
Sawyer discovers that he not only has an uncanny knack for cheating death, but
also for taking lives.

Still, it is not long before he
meets his match in a fierce and cunning teenage girl named Sara and by her side
Sawyer emerges as more than just a natural-born killer, but also as a leader
among men.

Nevertheless, as quick as the
young survivors fall desperately in love, they find themselves caught up in a
series of conspiracies and twisted struggles for power, and they soon realize
that more often than not, love, betrayal, and death, tend to walk hand in hand.

Amazon     iBooks

The truth was
that the fall of humankind had been nothing like the boy had been told it would
be, and in some peculiar yet uniquely teenage way, he felt as if he had been
cheated. His generation had been conditioned from birth to expect the
spectacular, to always presume the fantastic, but Armageddon had not come with
a brilliant flash or the blockbuster finale. The machines had not taken over.
There had been no zombie outbreak, no hostile alien invasion. There had been no
global thermonuclear war, no doomsday meteor, no Four Horsemen of the
Apocalypse. In reality, the final days had been nothing like Hollywood had
promised him they would be, and as the boy looked over the burned-out homes and
the piles of garbage that would hopefully contain his next meal, he knew
firsthand that the end of the world had been anything but spectacular.

the Author:

Jeremiah Franklin is a former
private investigator, arm-chair survivalist, and author of the Dark Tomorrow
trilogy. When he is not creating thrilling post-apocalyptic worlds, or
discussing himself in the third person, the author enjoys reading, staying
active, and spending time outdoors with family and friends. He holds a
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Education, and several
other certifications that no one really cares about. He lives, writes, and
plays in beautiful central Oregon, USA.

Interview with Jeremiah Franklin
Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reigns of the story?
My characters don’t need to hijack the story—they’ve already taken over the plane! I’m joking, but I do think that my books are character-driven and that building unique and relatable characters is the key to drawing readers in. However, we all know books that have great characters, but without a good story to back it up, sometimes even the most well-crafted characters are simply not enough to carry a novel.
Convince us why you feel your book is a must read.
I’m not big on convincing people to do anything they don’t want to do, but if you are a reader who enjoys a fast-paced, post-apocalyptic, YA thriller with a little bit of a love story and some nail-biting twists and turns—this book is definitely a must-read for you. 
Have you written any other books that are not published?
Actually, yes. The third book in the Dark Tomorrow trilogy is still in the works and is scheduled to be released sometime in mid-2020. On top of that, I have also written the first book in a completely new YA dystopian series that I’m very excited about. I don’t want to give away anything, but while the Dark Tomorrow books are steeped in realism, my new series will appeal to those readers who enjoy stories with more fantasy and science fiction-based elements. 
Pen or type writer or computer?
I tend to write quick notes or ideas down on paper, and while I’ve been around long enough to have actually used a typewriter, when it comes to writing the story, it’s all about the laptop. To be honest, I can’t even imagine how difficult it would be to edit and make changes without today’s modern technology, and I have immense respect for those old-school, hand/type writers who paved the way for the rest of us.

Anything you would like to say to your readers and fans?

I just want to say thanks to all of the readers out there who have enjoyed the first book and who took the time to write positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, etc. As an author, you put everything into writing the best story you can, and it’s amazing when your work really connects with the reader. The second book in the trilogy, Dark Tomorrow: Cult of the Crow, is coming out next week on November 12th, and I truly hope that people like it as much as they did the first.

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Charging station for Multiple Devices by DGStore

This is a Charging Station for Multiple Devices by DGStore. There are 2 wireless QI pads, and 4 USB wired ports. in the box is the charging pad, the power cord, 6 plastic detachable dividers, I smart watch wireless charging holder, 3 USB lightening cables, 1 USB to type C charging cable, and 1 USB to micro USB charging cable, and a Velcro Cable strap. The Charging cables are 10 inches long.  The charging pad is about 9 1/2 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 1 inch thick. There are small lights that show you your device is charging, but they are not to bright or to big if you were to place this on a bedside table, it should not disturb your sleep. 

The 4 USB charging ports total output is 7A, It is designed with a  overcharge protection chip, so if you plug 3 or more tablets then all the ports will stop working since it is a higher charge needed then capable. So it is better to only plug in 2 tablets and 2 phones or other lower watted devices at a time at most.

The 2 wireless charging pad, each MAX output is 10W, in the amazon market, most of the charging pads just have 5W or 7.5W.

Check it out on Amazon

I received this product for free or  at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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Payback's a Witch by Breanna Hayse

a Witch
Breanna Hayse


hath no fury as a woman scorned-- but when that woman is a witch,
hell is nothing but a tropical vacation.

been summoned to pronounce sentence on the men who have conned, lied,
deceived, stolen or abused my worldly sisters. The time of laughing
in the face of justice is over for, at least, one such man. His sins
have been exposed and when he attempts to place me on his list of
victims, he discovers that he made a fatal error.
eternity of suffering is nothing compared to the fate I have in mind
for him as he realizes there's no escape from the truth. The question
remains: how high a price should be paid to heal the pain he caused?

it FREE Oct 27th – 31st!!**

lifestyler Breanna Hayse strives to give her readers truth and
reality of the BDSM/Age-Play/Total Power and Erotic Exchange

am I?
a native Californian gone 'wild', and had the opportunity to travel
the globe and discover the world through the eyes of both a Marine
Intelligence specialist and a BDSM lifestyler. I left the service to
go into hospice nursing and grief counseling, eventually working as a
marriage and family therapist for those involved in alternative
lifestyle development. This experience has allowed me to gain unique
inspiration for my books and offer realistic plots and relatable

2004, my husband, John, and I joined forces to work with both
submissives and dominants- teaching, training, listening and loving.
Our goal was to take the mystery and fear out of the lifestyle and
mentor people in safe, consensual and healthy relationships.

first book, The Game Plan, was published in 2012 and opened the door
to the now-booming world of Age-Play literature. Since that time,
I've devoted my 'spare' time to writing, researching, community
involvement, and private and group pro bono counseling in deviant
behavior, alternative lifestyle, and addiction recovery.

was formally 'dungeon trained' as a Domme before discovering my
submissive side when I joined the service. My scenarios are pulled
primarily from either personal experience or observation, including
spending time in BDSM clubs as the safety/medical officer. My
multi-faceted background allows me to glean from many avenues and
give a unique and intelligent literary experience through elements of
fantasy and fiction. I also discuss the questions and psychology of
the lifestyle in a manner that is fun and informative, and based on
'the real deal.'

live with my husband, musician, and fellow-author, John Hayse, and
two border collies in southern California. We practice a 24/7 D&S
relationship with speckles of AP (and many trips to Build-A-Bear),
and happily spend every moment together that we can. My hobbies
include my puppies, hiding my vanilla salt-water taffy where John
can't find it, exotic art, collecting inspirational trinkets, and
developing my own paddle line. You can also see me as a featured
author/instructor in professional conference settings and as a
Sexpert for

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Broken Angels by Russell Heath

Russell Heath


debut novel is gripping from the get-go." -Kirkus

"Alaska is almost a character all on its own:
beautiful, unpredictable, violent, and unforgiving. Broken Angels is
a compelling debut by a talented new writer." -Elaine Ford,
winner of the Michigan Literary Award.

"This book was
amazing, just as Burke brings New Orleans to life Heath puts Alaska
into your soul." -Judy Smrdel

"Heath has tapped his
intimate knowledge of Alaska, its people, its coastal communities and
its interior uniqueness and crafted a character-rich, page-turning,
murder mystery." -An Alaskan

stares at her mother's clumsy lettering on the envelope. Nine years.
Nine years since she stepped over her mother's drunken body and into
a cold Alaska night running south, leaving her mother forever. How
did she find me? She hesitates, knowing the letter inside will drag
her home; back into the bleakness of a life with no exit. Kris
Gabriel, Alaska Native, and fierce like a wolverine, returns to
Alaska--to find her mother murdered. Guilty she abandoned her in
life, Kris only knows to fight. Relentlessly, she tracks a trail of
pain, of lost love, of lives ripped apart by the frozen north's
unyielding laws, never suspecting that she has far more at stake than
just finding her mother's killer.

a fast-paced Alaskan noir filled with richly drawn characters
struggling to survive in a hostile country where there are no second

his teens, Russell Heath hitchhiked to Alaska and lived in a cabin on
the banks of the Tanana River; in his twenties, he lived in Italy and
then traveled overland across the Sahara, through the jungles and
over the savannas of Africa and into southern Asia; in his thirties,
he sailed alone around the world in a 25 foot wooden boat; in his
forties, he wrote novels; and in his fifties he bicycled the spine of
the Rockies from Alaska to Mexico.

worked on the Alaska Pipeline, as an environmental lobbyist in the
Alaska Legislature, and run a storied environmental organization
fighting to protect Alaska's coastal rainforests. Several years ago,
he moved to New York City to dig deep into leadership development and
coaching. He now coaches business and non-profit leaders intent on
making big things happen in the world.

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Pictures of Dorianna by Catherine Stine

of Dorianna


Genre: Urban Fantasy, YA
paranormal romance

Publisher: Konjur Road Press

Date of Publication: October 23,

ISBN: 978-1-7333901-0-1
eBook: 978-1-7333901-1-8

Number of pages: 327
Word Count: 90k

Cover Artist: Najla Qamber

Tagline: Internet followers,
beauty, power. It all sounded good. Until it transformed into a terrifying
reality Dorianna couldn’t stop. New twist on Dorian Gray with the first-ever
female lead!

Book Description:

Internet followers, beauty,
power. It all sounded good.

Until it transformed into a
terrifying reality she couldn’t stop.

When her father is jailed, her
mother ships lonely, plain Dorianna to her aunt’s in Brooklyn, NY. There,
Dorianna yearns to build a new identity, but the popular Lacey bullies
her—mostly for getting attention from her ex, Ander.

Ander takes Dorianna to Coney
Island where Wilson, a videographer, creates a stunning compilation of her. She
dreams of being an online sensation, as she’s never even had a birthday party,
and vows she’d give anything to go viral. Wilson claims he’s the Prince of
Darkness and offers her the beauty and fame, even love she’s dreamed of—warning
her that a pledge has its downsides. Dorianna has no idea of how dire those
consequences might be.

She’s thrust into the spotlight,
and an incomprehensible nightmare. Not only is she prettier, she’s gaining
harmful powers of manipulation. When her dark forces grow beyond anything she
can control, she’s desperate but clueless as to how to stop them.

     Kobo      Apple      BN



Wilson taps impatiently on the
keypad. “You want beauty and youth forever, Dorianna? I can give you that.
Power over those mean girls; over a lot of people? It’s yours for a price. Just
say it.” His eyes are golden and black and red all at once, like unearthly
spears, piercing through me. I’m dizzy. I need fresh air now. But I want this
promise more than anything. Ever.
the price?” I rasp.
stare burns into me. “Can’t say exactly. But there always is.” His words are
ice and fire. Flutters of snowflakes pattering silently under my skin that melt
into scorching sparks.
follow an irrepressible urge to stand up, and look down on Wilson with his
narrow, feral face and piercings. I need Ander to look at me with that passion.
I need those hater girls put in their place. I need a friend, and for people to
want to be with me all of the time, to never be bored. Only to love me.
worth any price.
powerful force in me breaks loose, as if a flu bug is racing rampant down my
you… give your soul?” Wilson’s whisper invades my gut, my brain.
aching gaze from our time at the beach shimmers in front of me. Enticing. I can
almost feel his kiss. Like water. Drink it in. I’ve never wanted anything as
much as I want this. “I’d give anything for power, easy youth and beauty.” My
voice comes from all around me, spreading, gluey on my skin. “Yes, I’d even give
my… soul.”
air spirals into a funnel, draining all oxygen from the room with a hiss.
so, soul.
an instant, new air swoops in, suffused with rich, delicious minerals. I gulp
it in, openmouthed, so very thirsty. “To be seen and accepted,” I murmur.
goes head to head with me. “Forget about just being accepted. How about having
a following of millions, going viral?”
I’m whirling. “Going viral.” Wilson’s promises are golden brands, anointing me,
conferring an otherworldly legitimacy I’ve never, ever felt. How does he manage
to do this?
returns with the brownies. I luxuriate in the sexy new glint he’s giving me.
“Something feels different in here,” he notes. “It’s colder.” He puts the
brownies down. Who needs sweets when he’s looking at me like this? Is this vow
a real thing? Is it already working?
unfamiliar power in me swells with precarious danger and weight as I study
Ander and Wilson. Abruptly, I’m flung out of my body, inexplicably looking down
on them as pitiful peons who will someday worship at my feet.
two of the very, very many.
I’m back inside myself stunned by how I was seeing them. The room seems to rush
with the force of souls washing through, and I flinch when I hear them moaning.
I tell myself it’s only the whir, whir of the hard drives.

the Author:

Catherine Stine is a USA Today
bestselling author of historical fantasy, sci-fi thrillers, paranormal romance
and young adult fiction. Her novels have earned Indie Notable awards and New
York Public Library Best Books for Teens. She lives in Manhattan and loves
spending time with her beagle, writing about witches and other fabulous
creatures, gardening on her deck, and meeting readers at book fests.

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Interview with by Catherine Stine

Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reigns?

My characters are feisty, stubborn and brave. They definitely speak and act for themselves. In my novel Ruby’s Fire, I wanted Ruby to get together with one specific boy, but she was not having it! She ended up with the unlikeliest guy, but I had to admit, it made a lot of sense. In Pictures of Dorianna, I swear that she helped me write the twist at the end. I had no clue how to wrap things up until she spelled it out in shocking, outrageous terms. Even the villain, Wilson Warren had a mesmerizing influence over me. He lured me to see that he needed to fall in love with Dorianna and then deny it. 

Convince us why you feel your book is a must read.

Okay! Challenge accepted. Pictures of Dorianna is a new twist on the old German Faust myths from the 1680s, which then got written as Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus and Goethe’s Faust, and Wilde’s A Picture of Dorian Gray. But no one ever, ever thought to write the main character as a woman! After 439 years, don’t you think it’s time for a badass, bold female Dorian?!?
Thus, my Dorianna was born in all of her supernatural glory and terror as an out of control social media star for these wild times of ours.

Have you written any other books that are not published?

Oh, sure. I wrote a novel about an artist who lived in a giant shoe factory, which was, in many ways a memoir of my real time in art school (before I became a writer). I did fictionalize it in service of the drama, but I guess it’s too personal for me to let loose into the world. For instance, it features some of my wild romances back in the day. Go ahead! Try to convince me why I should put it out in the world. LOL.

Pen, old-fashioned typewriter or computer?

Sometimes when a project is new I brainstorm and outline with pen and paper, especially if I’m traveling and in a hotel or waiting in an airport. (Yes, I like these types of places to write for some reason) But I write the actual novel on my laptop.

Anything you would like to say to your readers and fans?

I love you all, and it is a keen pleasure to meet you in person at the various book fests I go to. I care deeply about what stories inspire, disturb and delight you, and which characters make you really wonder and worry about them after you close the book (or the ereading device – hehe). Drop me a comment here or via my website email as to what you’d love to read more of or what you don’t see around as a theme or character that you want to! I especially like writing witch books, so let me know what kind of witch and what type of witch dilemma you’d relate to.

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Leather Travel Journal Daily Notebook by ONLVAN

Leather Travel Journal Daily Notebook by ONLVAN
This is a super nice PU Leather notebook. It comes with 80 sheets of paper for 160 pages of writing space. The pages are interchangeable. Which means when you fill it up you can buy replacement paper. You could buy the lined or unlined papers, calendar packs, colored papers and more, and still be able to use this beautiful notebook for years to come. The paper that comes with the notebook is unlined so you can doodle, ad photos, or just write your daily thoughts.

The notebook is 6.3 x 9.3 and the paper is 5.6 x 8.2. I love the engraved maple leaf design on the cover and the pretty leaf charm attached to the closure string. The handmade PU leather even has the scent of leather slightly. The quality is so nice you can hardly tell tell it is PU. This truely is a beautiful notebook. It would make a great gift for anyone, male or female. This is great for anyone of any age, and would be a cherished gift.

It even comes with a super nice bookmark. The bookmark I received has birds on it. It has Cutouts of the birds like stencils, so you could trace inside the birds to add to the beauty of your pages. There is also a ruler down the side of the bookmark. 
I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.