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Defending Roxanne by PJ Fiala

Title: Defending Roxanne
Series: G.H.O.S.T Book #2
Author: PJ Fiala
Genre: Adult Military Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 22, 2019
Cover Design: Cover Me Photography & Design


Secrets and lies have become deadly.

While investigating the murder of her parents, Roxanne Bowman encounters more than she ever thought she would. The secrets that both of her parents kept knock her off kilter. Finding an intruder in their home afterwards changes her life forever.

GHOST operative, Hawk Delany is back in the swing of things after being shot while working a case. Sent to Washington D.C. to investigate the murder of a foreign dignitary, and an American couple with ties to deadly secrets, places him in a precarious position, between the fight to help solve the murders and to keep his heart from theft by the lovely Roxanne.

Writing has been a desire my whole life. Once I found the courage to write, life changed for me in the most profound way. Bringing stories to readers that I'd enjoy reading and creating characters that are flawed, but lovable is such a joy.

When not writing, I'm with my family doing something fun. My husband, Gene, and I are bikers and enjoy riding to new locations, meeting new people and generally enjoying this fabulous country we live in.

I come from a family of veterans. My grandfather, father, brother, two sons, and one daughter-in-law are all veterans. Needless to say, I am proud to be an American and proud of the service my amazing family has given.


Natural Vitamin E Oil from Mary Tylor

I use vitamin E oil a lot for my dry skin. I have used several different brands over the years too. After receiving and using this Vitamin E oil from Mary Tylor I am happy to say it measures up to a lot of the more expensive brands I have used.

This bottle of Vitamin E oil has 45,000 IU. It is the strongest type available. This vitamin E oil is mixed with Jojoba and rosehip oils. All 3 oils are organic and great for your skin.  This can be used alone or as a carrier oil for homemade cosmetics and skin care products. This is also great for your hair too. And best of all you only need a few drops, so this large bottle will last a very long time.

The oils comes in a 4 ounce amber glass bottle. It has a screw on lid but also comes with a screw on glass eyedropper. This is a pure oil not synthetic as you will be able to tell by the orangish color.

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.

travel inspira 35L Lightweight Foldable Backpack

This is a really nice backpack. The top picture is of the back pack folded down for storage, while the bottom picture is to show the backpack when unfolded. The full backpack folds up then your slide it into the inside out large front pocket. It then zips shut to make the compact version. This great for traveling. You can put it into a suitcase to take with you for when you get to your destination.

The backpack is made of a lightweight but yet pretty sturdy. I would not pack it with heavy books or over stuff with clothing. It is waterproof so great for camping. This bag is sized for using as a carry on on airplanes.

My husband and I go on a lot of day trips and I am one of those people that likes to pick up souvenirs. My husband usually carries a tote bag for me but I will be upgrading him to this back pack. There will be plenty of room.

The back pack has 2 large sized zippered pockets. These posckets are large enough for laptops, notebooks, and tablets. There are smaller pockets as well for storing stationary supplies, make up, hygiene supplies and more.

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.

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Halloween Spooktacular tour for Enemy Games by Marcella Burnard

Deviled Potato Bites

This is a plant-based, vegan,
gluten free recipe. It doesn't look creepy, which bums me out, but with
'deviled' in the name, you can't go wrong. And these things are devilishly

You'll need to buy a pack of baby
yellow potatoes. Rinse them, cover them with water in a pot and boil just until
they're fork tender. I start checking at about 8 minutes. Once a fork pierces
the largest potato easily, remove the potatoes from the heat and drain. Set

Now for the 'deviled' part


1-2 Medjool dates - Pitted
1/4 Cup boiling water
Place your dates in a blender.
Pour the boiling water over them to soften them for a few minutes.

1 Can garbanzo beans drained and
1 TBSP spicy brown mustard
1-2 tsp dijon
2 cloves garlic
2 TBSP lemon juice

Place these ingredients in the
bowl of a food processor with the blade fitted inside it.

Blend your dates in the soak
water. Start on low, then turn up the speed and let them get pulverized. If
your dates were really hard, you'll be happier if you soak them longer, even
overnight. I find the organic medjool dates in the produce section of my local
grocery store are moist and soft enough to use with maybe five minutes of soaking.
You'll have to experiment there. Once the dates and water have been blended,
add them to the other humus ingredients in the food processor. Rinse down your
blender with a little more hot water - you might add it to your humus as you
process it.

Turn on the food processor and
process your mixture down to a texture that pleases you, adding a bit of the
rinse water from your blender as needed to achieve the consistency you prefer.
Taste for spices and adjust to your taste. The dates add sweetness to the mix
and most closely mimics the flavors of Deviled Eggs from my childhood. You may
prefer to omit them. If you do, use plain water or veggie broth to thin your
humus as it blends.

Cut your reserved potatoes in
half. Use a melon baller and scoop a divot out of the inside of the potatoes.
Spoon the humus into the cavities. Dust with smoke paprika and chives. Then
watch yourself eat them all in one sitting!

of the Empire
Genre: SFR/SciFiRom
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press,

Date of Publication: 10/16/19

Number of pages: 425
Word Count: 95k

Cover Artist: Debbie Taylor

Tagline: Different species from
different worlds make reluctant allies.

Book Description:

While combating a plague,
scientist Jayleia Durante becomes a pawn in a greater game. With her father
missing and intergalactic mercenaries on her trail, her decision to cooperate
with Major Damen Sindrivik may prove advantageous...if she can control her
attraction to the officer who abducted her.Some secrets aren't worth
keeping...Damen, a spy from a rival government, will use anything, including
his predatory instincts, to achieve his mission...locating Jayleia's father.

She reacts to Damen's charm and
seductive power, so why does he question her motivation?Conflicted loyalties
and enemies abound...Traitors and the alien enemies threaten to destroy the
galaxy. Jayleia must choose.

Betray her father, risk her
friends, and lose Damen, or prevent an Interstellar war?


Damen, fully
dressed, left the tiny chamber by stalking straight up to her and glaring at
her, a knot in his jaw. If she backed up, she’d collide with the bed. His bed.
Muscles low in her abdomen clenched tight. Confusion rocked her. What had
happened to make her react to the man? She sidled away, circling toward the
open shower door. He leaned in, his gaze holding hers. Rational thought
evaporated. She stumbled into the sanitizer. “What aren’t you telling me?” he
murmured, his gaze fixed on her mouth. The air left her lungs and she struggled
to recall that she had no business hoping Damen would make good his implied
threat to kiss her. Pressing her lips tight, trapped by his gaze, she nudged
the button to activate the system. The door shut in his face.

the Author:

Marcella Burnard graduated from
Cornish College of the Arts with a degree in acting. Yes, there have been a few
paying gigs here and there, but writing is her true love. Marcella writes
science fiction romance, urban fantasy, paranormal, and fantasy. If a story
brings the weird, Marcella’s right there for it. She lives in Florida, where
she and her husband are outnumbered by cats. Marcella is actively involved in
feline rescue in the Tampa Bay area, and you can always find cat photos and
videos on her Facebook page or on her Instagram account.

Twitter: @marcellaburnard

Instagram: @marcellaburnard

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Revenger by Ralph Thompson Jr.

Ralph Thompson Jr.

Christian Suspense

Bass is a junior at a southern commuter college. When he meets
Elenore he is immediately attracted to her reserved yet captivating
ways. When Rick finds himself in a dangerous situation far beyond his
ability to cope, he uses drastic measures that change the direction
of his otherwise dull, uneventful life and may cause him the girl of
his dreams. Rick’s careless and thoughtless actions bring tragic
results, yet he still believes God endorsed his plan. From the writer
of “None of Our Hands Are Clean,” Ralph Thompson, Jr. tells a
story of a young man who knows of God but is unsure about God’s
direction in his life when things get out of hand. Is God truly the
orchestrator when one choice leads to a life time of consequences?

Thompson, Jr. was born and reared in Memphis, Tennessee. During his
childhood, he saw up close the impact of the civil rights movement.
These world-changing events permanently informed his perspective and
his writing.
accepted Christ as a teenager, and like many has seen ups and downs
in the years since.
a search for further meaning in his life led to his joining the U.S.
Air Force, where he served 26 years. He’s a veteran of operations
like Just Cause, DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM, Southern Watch, and
Enduring Freedom.
has a daughter/son-in-law, a son, and a granddaughter who all live
out west. He serves in his church, the Memphis community, and with
his fraternity (Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.).

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