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Eve 2.0 by Winter Lawrence

YA Action Adventure Fantasy | Science Fiction | LitRPG
Publisher: Fire & Ice Young Adult Books
Date Published: August 27, 2019

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Gwen Nielson is a gamer and she’s damn proud of it. Her mother may be a former beauty queen and her kid sister may participate in every pageant the state of Colorado has to offer, but Gwen is content to stay at home and play on her Xbox. To her, life isn’t about fashion and make-up; it’s about making a difference and keeping a low profile. And while most of the girls at her high school hang out at the local country club vying for the popular boys’ attention, Gwen is cool with having a boyfriend she’s never met. Pete is a fellow online gamer who lives in California. He’s funny and sweet, and his father owns a gaming company, which is an added bonus because Gwen gets to test out new games before they’re released to the public.

When Pete mails a new game for her to beta test, Gwen patiently awaits its arrival, but the package is never delivered. To make matters worse, when she calls to let Pete know, she discovers that he’s at the hospital after succumbing to a mysterious illness. Hours later, an ambulance arrives next door because her neighbor’s youngest son, Ben, suddenly becomes ill too. His parents and doctors aren’t sure why he has slipped into a coma, but when Gwen finds her opened package in Ben’s bedroom, she begins to suspect that the game is responsible for both of the boys’ eerily similar conditions.

Even to Gwen, the idea of a game making people sick sounds absurd, so she decides to test her theory before going to her parents. Unfortunately, her neighbor’s older brother, Ryan, insists on checking out the game with her. That’s when they discover that the disc isn’t a game at all—it’s actually a portal to a high-tech government simulator named Eve 2.0 who’s programmed to trap players until they can complete all of the timed objectives.

With her top-notched gaming skills, Gwen is a formidable opponent, but she quickly begins to realize that playing a game versus living it is a lot harder than she ever imagined. And as the objectives become more difficult and the four kids are forced to work as a team, Gwen concedes that she may not be as good as she needs to be, which just might end up costing her not only her own life, but Pete, Ryan, and Ben’s too.

About the Author 

Winter lives in the moment and loves nothing more than being surrounded by her family, her fur-babies, and a ton of great reads! When she doesn't have her nose stuck in a book, she's usually thinking up far away, fantastical worlds or she's cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

Because of her love for all things literary, Winter pursued a Master of Arts degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. Professionally, she is a manuscript editor and, in her spare time, she enjoys hosting author spotlights, posting book reviews, and teaching creative writing workshops.

In her private time, she is an avid reader of science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal romances, and one day she hopes to inspire young readers in the same way her favorite authors continue to inspire her today.

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Wrapped in Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan

Title: Wrapped in Ink

Series: Montgomery Ink: Boulder #1
Author: Carrie Ann Ryan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 10, 2019


The Montgomery Ink saga continues with a new
series set in Boulder, where a family secret might just change everything.

One mistake at a friend’s wedding rocks Liam
Montgomery’s entire world, and everything he thought was true turns out to be a
lie. When an accident lands him in the ER, Liam meets someone that might just
be the person he can hold onto when he thinks there’s no one else for him.

Arden Brady has spent her life in and out of
hospitals. But according to the world, she doesn’t look sick. She’s lost jobs
and friends because they don’t see beneath the surface, but she’s learned to
rely on her family and herself to keep going. And then she meets Liam.

The Montgomerys pull together and want to help
both Liam and Arden as they each navigate their way through their new
relationship, but they will have to look past what they thought was real in
order to find what’s actually worth fighting for in the end.

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Releasing February 11, 2020


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Author Bio

Carrie Ann
Ryan is the New York Times and USA
Today bestselling author of contemporary, paranormal, and young adult romance.
Her works include the Montgomery Ink, Redwood Pack, Fractured Connections, and
Elements of Five series, which have sold over 3.0 million books worldwide. She
started writing while in graduate school for her advanced degree in chemistry
and hasn’t stopped since. Carrie Ann has written over seventy-five novels and
novellas with more in the works. When she’s not losing herself in her emotional
and action-packed worlds, she’s reading as much as she can while wrangling her
clowder of cats who have more followers than she does.

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The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb by Ricardo Alexanders

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Science Fiction
FREE on Amazon 9/10-9/12

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While defending his country against Japanese invasion, archaeologist Chuan-Jay Hoo is taken as a prisoner of war when a behind-enemy-lines rescue mission goes horribly wrong. His captors force him to take part in the excavation of an ancient tomb, a process that unearths a ruthless force and the true origin of Chinese civilization.

The excavation ends; but China is still in dire need of help. Teamed up with American adventurer Dr. Harry Jones, a close friend of President Roosevelt, Chuan-Jay returns to the tomb and convinces the guardians of the tomb to interfere human affairs.

The tide of the war is turned but no one sees what is coming next: the rise of an otherworldly evil. Neither the Allies nor the Axis powers can stand in its way. Soon, our world is at the brink of an Armageddon.

At the final moment of human civilization, Chuan-Jay finds himself standing alone in the tomb of the First King, as the last line of defense for the survival of mankind.

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October 07, 1943, Ba-Da-Ling, China
Colorful autumn leaves covered the land fifty miles northwest of Peking, the old capital of China. On the ridges of meandering mountains lay the ancient Great Wall among the green cypresses and red maples. At the highest peak of the mountain stood the North No. 8 Beacon Tower, a rectangular gray structure surrounded by low bushes and exposed rocks. Numerous bullet holes scarred its side wall.

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To the south of the tower, a shadow suddenly appeared on a large flat rock. It was Tiger. From there, he looked back to the east for a few seconds before jumping onto the firing dais on the wall, which was about twenty-five feet above the ground. Then he disappeared into the beacon tower.

Down the flight of stairs, Tiger walked into a large room with a sand table in the middle. By the sand table, three officers in different uniforms were having a discussion. In the background, several staff members were busy at their own tasks.

“Attention, North Command Post,” the soldier at the door announced. “Salute!”

After exchanging greetings with General Aleksandr Vasilevsky, Generaloberst Heinz Guderian, and General Yoshijiro Umezu, Tiger went right to the battle planning against Tio’s army in Northern China.

“I just came back from the Ju-Yong Pass down the valley. Tio left no troop at the Ming’s Tombs. To the east of the pass, barely any sentry posts in sight.” Tiger spoke in English. “It looks like they have completely pulled back to the city of Peking. How are your preparations, Generals?”

“My Kwantung Army had crossed the Shan-Hai Pass several days ago. About two hundred thousand infantries were in place along the Chao-Bei River,” said Umezu. “We don’t have many airplanes left. Only about one hundred fifty are battle ready in Hsinking.”

“I have the Seventeenth Army and the Mongolian Cavalry Group in place to strike. The Twelfth Air Army are in Tamsagbulag. Two thousand planes will be ready,” Vasilevsky said in English with a heavy Russian accent. “The Thirty-sixth Army, Thirty-ninth Army, Fifty-third Army are back on the Mongolian grassland together with the Sixth Guards Tank Army. Artillery and tanks can only move after infantry starts the attack. It will take quite a few days to move all our forces to the battlefield.”

“This is good. Once they arrive, join the battle immediately. Tactically, our goal is to get our artillery within firing range and start hitting Tio’s battleship. It will be great if we can sustain the assault for three to four days,” said Tiger.

“Mr. Generaloberst, how about your Tigers?” Tiger turned to Guderian. “I like how you named your tanks.”

“They are back on the grassland but a little closer, in Ulanqab. Tigers are heavy and logistically more complicated. So they may arrive at the battlefield later,” answered Guderian.

“Hopefully, your lubricant will not freeze on a cold autumn day in China,” Vasilevsky joked. “Per Comrade Zhukov.”

“It was extremely cold in Moscow and our lubricant did freeze.” Guderian’s face flushed. “My Tigers will be here as we planned.”

“Generals!” Tiger raised his voice. “Let’s go over the northern battle plan of Operation Mad Cow once more, before the radio time. General Umezu, your infantry will start from the east at eleven hundred hours when the ground warms up. Please remind your soldiers to set all houses on fire as they go.”

“Yes, sir. Thermal background noises.”

“General Vasilevsky, all the heavy equipment will start moving south at nine hundred hours. Your infantry and air army will attack at thirteen hundred hours from the west.”

“Yes, sir. The first wave of tanks will join the battle around noon time the day after tomorrow,” confirmed Vasilevsky.

“Generaloberst Guderian, please make sure your Tigers will arrive for the main tank assault,” Tiger said. “I will probably ride with you. With your Tigers, we will have the best chance to get our artillery to the Sand River Line for a shot at Battleship Number Four parked at the Old Summer Palace.”

“Absolutely,” agreed Guderian. “It will be an honor to…”

“Excuse me, Generals,” a staff member interrupted Guderian with a headset in his hand, “it is radio time.”

“Good, we want Tio to know that we are coming,” Tiger murmured as everyone stopped talking.

The staff member unplugged his headset from the radio and out came the voice of President Roosevelt.

“Good day, people of America!”

Roosevelt’s greeting was followed by the voices of other world leaders in their native tongues.

“People of China.”

“People of the Soviet Union.”

“People of Japan.”

“People of Germany.”

“People of Great Britain.”

“And the people of the world. Tomorrow, October 8, 1943—a date which will live on in human history—if there is still one,” said Roosevelt. Each leader repeated the same paragraph after him in his own language.

“The United States of America, the Republic of China, the Soviet Union, The Empire of Japan, The Reich, and Great Britain together will go to war against an alien force who suddenly and deliberately attacked us with the intention to annihilate the very existence of mankind.”

People around the globe were listening, holding their breath.

“Our world was in a state of chaos and we were at war with each other—for what? Territories, ideologies, or supremacies. We never realized how childish and ignorant we were until our very existences were in grave danger. Indeed, one city after another—Manhattan, Shimonoseki, Nanking, Moscow, Rome, Munich, and London—was obliterated in a matter of seconds. Even a tiny island in the Indian Ocean was wiped out by a single strike from the sky. From that day, nothing will be the same again for mankind.”

Across East Asia, infantrymen on the Great Wall were listening; drivers of BM-8-24 Katyusha rocket launchers were listening; crews of Tiger tanks in the Mongolian grassland were listening; gunners on the battleship Yamato were listening; pilots of B-17 bombers in Oita Airfield were listening; sailors on the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid were listening. By the Leaning Tower of the Tiger Hill Pagoda in Suzhou, White-Goat, Black-Fish, and CJ were listening.

“For the first time, the people of Earth have put aside their differences and formed an opinion on the implications to the very life and safety of our civilization. For the first time in history, we are truly united,” Roosevelt said with force. “A new United Nations has been democratically formed to direct all the measures for our defense.

“As the president of the United States, I pledge my country to the United Nations and mankind,” he announced.

Roosevelt was followed by other world leaders.

“As the chairman of the Republic of China.”

“As the premier of the Soviet Union.”

“As the chancellor of Germany.”

“As the prime minister of Great Britain.”

“As the emperor of Japan.”

At this moment, the image of the Japanese delegates bowing to their skinny translator prior to the recording session of the Bermuda Summit flashed across CJ’s mind.

How could I not see this at the first glance?

Although Hirohito was heavily disguised, but those thick glasses!

The voice of Roosevelt continued, “Today, the world declared in one voice: we will not go quietly into the night! Tomorrow, we will fight. No matter how much sacrifice it may cost. No matter how long it may take. We will fight, fight for the existence of mankind.”

Roosevelt’s voice became stronger and stronger.

“Our United Forces may be far inferior, the final victory may not be inevitable, but we will fight, fight till the last resistance vanishes on the surface of our home planet — so help us God, FIGHT!”

About the Author

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Ricardo Alexanders is the author of Bollywood Invasion and The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb. He lives in Massachusetts, enjoys music, and loves to write time-travel stories that blend fantasy, science, and real history.

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Sterling by Delaney Foster

Title: Sterling
Series: Sweet Southern Heat #1
Author: Delaney Foster
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 12, 2019


When Claire Cunningham was five years old, she was

She’s spent the rest of her life running from her past, from
her pain... from that day. 
Fate brings Claire back to her hometown of Clover Creek,
Texas to help care for her Gram. 
The minute she bumps into Jayce Sterling, her high school
sweetheart, Claire realizes some old flames don’t ever burn out. The man in
front of her now is so very different from the boy who walked away from her 13
years ago. Being with Jayce would be so easy, so right. 

There’s just one thing holding her back. Something she’s not
ready to deal with just yet. A secret she’d rather keep hidden from the
judgmental eyes of a small town. 
But soon, she’ll find out she’s not the only one with
secrets. Jayce has one too, and this one could cost him everything.

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Free in Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio

Delaney Foster is a native of the deep bayous of sweet
Louisiana, not far from New Orleans. Where eating, drinking, and dancing are
pretty much a requirement for citizenship. She loves all things romance, a good
glass of wine, and Saturdays at the baseball park. She does believe leggings
are pants and is a bit of a book whore. In her heart, Mr. Darcy will always be
the ultimate book boyfriend. And in her books, you will find sexy alpha males
and the strong women who love them.

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Fighting for Valor by Patricia D. Eddy

Title: Fighting for Valor
Series: Fighting from the Keyboard Collection
Author: Patricia D. Eddy
Genre: Military Romance
Release Date: September 10, 2019
Cover Design: Deranged Doctor Design
Photo: Paul Henry Serres

val·or: great bravery in the face of danger, especially in battle

Once, Jackson Richards had it in spades. As a member of the United States Special Forces, he fought alongside the bravest and most capable men he’d ever known.

Then one mistake landed them all in Hell.

For six months, he fought. But one terrible day, his captors learned the full extent of his skills, and that sealed his fate.

Tortured and broken for endless months in conditions that made Hell look like a five-star resort, Jackson Richards died, and Isaad was born. Shaped into a weapon for the wrong side, he’d forgotten who he once was. Who he was meant to be.

Until the days his captor imprisoned Joey Taylor.

Helping Joey and her marine escape reminded Jackson of the man he used to be. And now, he’ll fight. For himself. For the friends he thought he lost in Hell. And for Caro. The woman with a secret he can’t ignore.

If he’s strong enough, he’ll leave Isaad behind. Maybe then, he can take back his true name.


WARNING: This book contains scenes of torture and implied sexual violence that may be disturbing to sensitive readers

The ride passes in silence, and I stare out the open side window, feeling the breeze on my face and smelling the sea. Ryker eases the truck to a stop on Roosevelt—only a little over a mile from the church. If I need to bolt, I can walk there. 
It’s then I notice the sign. Emerald City Tattoo and Piercing. “What are we doing here?” My right hand reflexively goes to my left bicep, where my Special Forces tattoo used to be. 
“Righting a wrong,” Ry says as he turns off the engine. His voice drops so low, I have to strain to hear it. “And maybe…finding something we all lost.” 
Even though I’m not sure anything can right the wrongs from the past six years, I grab my rucksack and follow him inside. 
“Dax?” He’s sitting on a bench against the wall, his folded cane in his hands. 
As soon as he hears me, he heads right for us. “About damn time you showed up. I’ve been here half an hour.” 
Ryker gives Dax a quick one-armed bro-hug, and even though they’re both clearly uncomfortable with the gesture, a part of me aches to be able to have that kind of physical contact again. But every time I think I’m ready, panic takes over. These are my brothers. The two people I’m closest to in the entire world. And I can barely manage to shake their hands. 
Dax turns to me, and I swear he can see into the depths of my soul, despite being mostly blind. “Pick up the phone once in a while, asshole.” 
I don’t respond, and Ryker reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a folded piece of paper. “Inara’s an artist. When she’s not killing people or translating boring legal documents into half a dozen different languages.” 
Spreading the paper out on the counter in front of me, I freeze. It’s… “Holy shit.” 
The Special Forces insignia, a crest with two crossed arrows bisected by a dagger and the motto—De Oppresso Liber—overlays an intricate design of a phoenix bursting from the flames. And encircling the entire design: ODA 212 Rip Dax Ry. 
Tears burn, but I refuse to let them fall. Instead, I grind my fists against my eyes for a moment until I think I can speak again. Turning to my brothers, I realize I’m not the only one about to lose his shit in the middle of the shop. “Okay. Yeah. Together. Right?”
The relief on their faces breaks something inside me, and I let go. For a minute, I can shove my shame and fear aside. As Dax and Ry each put a hand on my shoulder, I return the gesture and let my tears fall for the first time since the plane landed in Seattle.

“Together,” Ry says. “Brothers. Always.” 

Patricia D. Eddy likes to consider herself an unstoppable force. As long as there's coffee. Then, the voices in her head come to life.

Her tales of werewolves, vampires and witches; Doms and subs; and battle-hardened, scarred military heroes feature characters so real, you'll want to jump inside the pages of her books to be friends with them. Or just give them a hug.

When she's not writing, she's a professional freelance fiction editor and technical writer. On weekends, she loves to take on home improvement projects, especially if they involve power tools.

Patricia lives in Seattle with her husband and very spoiled cats. You can find Patricia all over the web, and she loves to hear from readers. Email her at


Rebecca by Nancy George

Title: Rebecca
Series: The Widows of Birch Harbor Book 2
Author: Nancy George
Genre: Romance Suspense Novella
Release Date: September 11, 2019

From the wrong side of town, Rebecca married into the cream of Baltimore society. She is continuously ridiculed by her mother-in-law, Jacqueline, the queen of Baltimore, who makes it clear that Rebecca will never be good enough for her spoiled son, Luke. As well as the humiliation at the hands of Jacqueline, Rebecca must endure the scandals caused by her adulterous husband.

Will she fulfill her dream of walking away with her head high and her sanity intact?

Two things unite the widows of Birch Harbor…
husbands and death.

Six women from different locations all living diverse lives. Married for better or worse, these women will have one thing in common. One by one they will wake up to face a brand-new day filled with hope and promises only to hear a single word which separates them from other women. Widow.

Some will relish in the prospect that their lives can finally begin. Others will try to pick up
the pieces of their shattered lives and face the future alone.

Fate has not yet finished with them.

Each one will find herself looking out over the deep, velvety-blue waters of the ocean, just outside the sanctuary of Birch Harbor, and wonder what life is all about.

Nancy George lives in Wanganui, New Zealand with her three cats, and her dog Rosie.
Apart from writing, Nancy is a volunteer for the SPCA, fostering kittens.
This is her third book. Her first one is a short story called “I’m Fifty and Not Out” and her second is “Girl of Shadows” followed by “The Silent Scream”.

Follow me on line.
I have my own blog which I have dedicated to helping people like myself who have watched a love one battle a terminal illness. My blog name