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Release Day Blitz for The Mannequin Offensive by Kirsten Weiss

The Mannequin Offensive
Rocky Bridges
Book 1
Kirsten Weiss

Genre: Mystery/Suspense (paranormal)

Publisher: Misterio Press

Date of Publication: July 1, 2016

ISBN: 1-944767-02-9

Number of pages: 328
Word Count: 72,300

Book Description:

After an overseas assignment goes bad, all Rocky Bridges wants is out of the global security business. No more personal protection gigs. No more jaunts to third world countries. No more managing wayward contractors. But when her business partner is killed, Rocky must investigate her own company and clients.

Rocky’s no PI, but she’s always trusted her instincts. Knife-wielding mobsters, sexy insurance investigators, and a Russian-model turned business partner are all in a day’s work. Now her inner voice has developed a mind of its own, and she finds herself questioning her sanity as well as reality as she knows it. Rocky can’t trust those around her. But can she even trust herself?

The Mannequin Offensive is a fast-paced novel of mystery and suspense.

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Chapter 1
It was just meat.
Sickly green tiles, slick with something I didn’t want to identify. A wall of cabinets with square, metallic doors. And on the autopsy table…just meat.
I adjusted my mask, adapted my breathing. My stomach flipped at the smell of ammonia and petroleum. By this point, I should have been used to the oil stink. Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital, reeked of the stuff. It seeped from the ground, staining the sand, hanging heavy in the air. But surely I was imagining the odor here, in the morgue two stories below the city’s streets.
My scalp itched where my blonde hair had been shorn away. My brain throbbed, spun, and I recognized the signs of a potential faint. I relaxed my knees so I wouldn’t pass out and focused on his toes. Not his toes, I mentally corrected, its toes, the corpse’s toes, crooked from a lifetime in dress shoes.
It wasn’t Derek, not anymore. The man who, yesterday, had skipped out on a meeting with Azeri officials to drag me to see the burning gas fields was gone. He’d told me the fields had been holy to the Zoroastrians. Mystical. But he’d told me a lot of wild stories, about missing pirate ships and Vikings who’d made their way down to the Caspian.
“Who knows?” he’d said. “One might have been your ancestor. You look like a Valkyrie, tall and blond and powerful.”
“Viking pirates.” I’d rumpled my hair, scanning the low, brown hills for marauders, pickpockets, and corporate spies. “Sounds like a movie.” And I’d launched into a fantasy screenplay, complete with axe-play, wenches, and a traitorous Viking who’d doomed the expedition.
“They were wiped out by disease,” he’d said.
I’d snorted. “Non-fiction. Who needs it?”
The coroner cleared his throat.
I glanced across the table.
The coroner’s black eyes gleamed maliciously over his surgical mask. I was an intruder, my appearance in his morgue an insult to his professional standards.
“Are you all right?” They were the first English words he’d spoken, and they surprised me.
“I’m fine.” I shrugged. “It’s just meat.”
A sunburst of light glinted off the coroner’s scalpel, expanding, disorienting me.
He placed his fingers on the body’s clavicle.
Oh God, he’s going to cut him. My heart thundered. Meat, I told myself. Just meat.
Something grabbed my leg, and I jerked, woke up. My feet swung off the suede couch, and I swayed drunkenly, blinking.
My neighbor, Glenda, stepped hastily back and adjusted her lightweight green duster. A fit seventy-something, she favored flowy fabrics. Her lips moved, silent. Her white brows creased, and her mouth moved again. Glenda prodded the neat coil of white hair piled upon her head with a long finger.
Shaking my head, I tried to escape the remnants of the nightmare. I yanked the earplug from my right ear. “Sorry. What?”
Sun slanted through the sheer curtains, making rectangles on the burnt orange and blue oriental rug. My dog, Churro, panted on the bamboo floor next to Glenda, his black and white head tilted with concern. He was a dachshund-beagle mix. It was a mystery to me how two short-legged breeds had combined to create a svelte, mid-sized dog that looked like neither. But Churro, like me, was his own dog.
“I said, your phone’s been ringing off the hook.” Glenda raised a white brow. “I can hear it in my townhouse.”
I grimaced. My landline was intentionally loud. I checked my cell, lying on the glass coffee table. Dead. I tugged down the hem of my rumpled, white t-shirt. “What are you doing in here?”
She rested her hands on her narrow hips. “You gave me a key. Remember?”
I remembered. We’d exchanged keys when I’d first moved in. Glenda would water my plants when I was away, and I’d make sure that if Glenda died, her body would be found before being eaten by her cats. (Her words, not mine.) Since I traveled often and Glenda could only be eaten by her cats once, it had seemed a good deal at the time.
I squinted at my fireplace mantel, painted a butter-cream yellow, and the clock perched on it. Three o’clock. My gaze drifted upward to the painting of sunflowers. Happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts.
A garbled murmur turned my attention back to my neighbor. “Did you say something?” I asked.
“Sorry. I keep forgetting.” Glenda motioned toward my head, and my hand automatically rose to the shaved patch of skin above my left ear. Fine hair grew over the puckered scar. I’d tried parting my hair on the other side, covering it up. But it looked odd, and so I wore my blond hair in its usual long braid.
“I asked when you were planning on returning to work. This moping isn’t healthy.” Glenda’s lips pulled down, deepening the lines around her mouth, and I felt an unreasoning guilt.
“I’m not moping, and I’m not returning. I’m done.” I was done with the travel, done with the health hazards, done with the egos. Done, done, done.
Besides, a lifetime of new possibilities stretched before me. I could do anything. I could open a bar. I could open a bookstore. Or a bakery. Or a bookstore and bakery. I could even start something that didn’t start with the letter B. Lifetime of possibilities? There was an entire alphabet of possibilities.
“Done.” Glenda’s mouth pinched. “You’ve been sleeping all day, ignoring your responsibilities…”
“I’m on leave.”
“You’re too old for this.”
“Thanks.” Sheesh. She wasn’t my mom. Though she was old enough to be.
I stood, unpeeled the t-shirt from my back, and arched, feeling rather than hearing the crack. I was built like a German barmaid, able to carry six steins of beer in one hand, all curves and hidden muscle. It had been a useful physique in my role as security consultant. I rubbed my hands over cheeks splattered with freckles.
The dog pawed at my knee, whining.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” I opened the glass door that looked over my fenced garden.
Churro bolted past.
“What will you do?” Glenda asked. For a moment, I thought I heard a hint of motherly concern in her voice.
But I was imagining it.
I watched Churro race in circles, ears flapping, ball in his mouth. He stopped before a New Zealand palm and dropped the tattered ball, cocking his head, as if waiting to play. He nosed the ball toward the plant.
I snorted and shook my head. I loved Churro but was under no illusions about his degree of smarts.
“Well?” Glenda asked.
“Well, what?”
“What are you going to do?”
“I’m going to open a combo wine bar and bookstore.”
Glenda lowered her chin. “You can’t be serious.”
“It’ll be great,” I said, spinning the fantasy. “I’ll call it the Book Cellar. Get it?”
“What do you know about running a wine bar? You don’t even drink wine. You’re a beer drinker.”
“Yeah, but the Book Keller just doesn’t have the same punny ring.” I laid an earnest hand on my chest. “People buy books during the day and drinks at night. It’s an optimal use of the space.”
“What space? Have you already found a space?”
The phone jangled, and I flinched.
“I told you it was loud,” Glenda said.
I walked into the light-filled kitchen and picked up the phone. “Rocky here.”
Someone pounded on the black-painted front door.
I jerked my chin toward the door, covering the phone with my hand. “Would you mind?” I asked Glenda in a low voice.
My neighbor glided toward the door.
The voice on the phone cleared his throat. “It’s Hank.” He paused. “Rocky, you need to prepare yourself for some bad news.”
My breath hitched, and I leaned against the gray granite counter. I knew those words. I’d spoken those words. And there was no way to prepare for what came next.
The front door swung open, and Glenda stepped aside.
Two uniformed police officers walked in.
“Who?” My throat tightened.
“It’s Pete. He’s been killed.”
My brain stumbled, hit a wall. I pressed my palm into the edge of the granite counter, felt its coolness beneath my skin. The bastard couldn’t be dead. I hadn’t forgiven him yet. I tried to swallow, failed.
“Rocky?” Hank asked.
“How?” My voice was a croak.
“Knifed. They found his body in a parking lot this morning. Must have happened sometime late last night.”
I bowed my head and ran my palm over my hair. My scalp was damp with sweat. “What do you need?” I finally said.
“The police are looking to talk to you. Don’t say anything.”
“Why? I don’t know—”
Hank broke the connection.
I stared at the phone. I wasn’t in the habit of blabbing to cops. Over two decades of working in third world countries had taught me the authorities were not my friends. American cops were light years ahead of the thugs I’d dealt with overseas, but old habits died hard. More importantly, there was nothing I could tell the officers. I didn’t know anything.
It made no sense. Pete couldn’t be dead.
The uniformed police moved toward me, their broad faces grim.
I leaned against a cabinet.
I didn’t cry.

About the Author:

Kirsten Weiss worked overseas for nearly twenty years in the fringes of the former USSR, Africa, and South-east Asia.  Her experiences abroad sparked an interest in the effects of mysticism and mythology, and how both are woven into our daily lives.

Now based in San Mateo, CA, she writes genre-blending steampunk suspense, urban fantasy, and mystery, mixing her experiences and imagination to create a vivid world of magic and mayhem.

Kirsten has never met a dessert she didn’t like, and her guilty pleasures are watching Ghost Whisperer re-runs and drinking red wine. Sign up for her newsletter to get free updates on her latest work at:



Twitter: @KirstenWeiss



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Release Day Blitz for Love, Alchemy by Eden Ashley

Love, Alchemy
Eden Ashley

Genre: New Adult Romance/Fantasy

Publisher: Eden Ashley

Date of Publication: July 1, 2016


Number of pages: 300
Word Count: 60,000

Cover Artist: Laura Gordon

Book Description:

Daveigh Little is preparing for college, planning to leave behind the tiny hick town she’s spent her entire life in once and for all. But plagued by a trouble at home and school, Daveigh makes a series of bad choices that land her in hot water with a local kingpin. Suddenly, people around her are dying and Daveigh finds herself on the run.

And then there’s Ethan. Fresh out of the academy, Ethan Remington represents the authority Daveigh has come to despise, but she is inexplicably drawn to the handsome rookie of few words. From the first moment she laid eyes on him, Daveigh knew Ethan was different. She just didn’t realize how different. Reasons of his own have led Ethan into the tangle strands of danger with the town of Harpey…but those reasons aren’t nearly as mysterious as Ethan’s origins or the irresistible passion between them.


About the Author:

Realist, cynic, and hopeless romantic all rolled into one, Eden lives in a small, sunny town in SC where thunderstorms inspire her best ideas. When not daydreaming about her next novel, Eden can be found curled up with a musty old paperback and a cup of coffee...or mired deeply in her next plot to take over the world. She enjoys reading or watching anything with supernatural elements, so writing paranormal and fantasy romance is a natural fit.



Twitter: @Eden_byNite


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A Singular Obsession Series Promo Blitz

Making Her His, A Singular Obsession Book One

A Singular Obsession 001 - Making Her HisFor almost five years, Alex has had one obsession. Her name is Elynn.

Alex Hanas couldn't believe that after so many years as a widower, his father was getting remarried. To make matters worse, the American gold digger had a kid—a daughter named Elynn. After months of avoiding it, Alex goes to brunch with every intention of giving his father's new family the deep freeze. But he can't pull it off with Elynn's anxious green-grey eyes locked on him.

That was the day his life changed.

Four years later, Alex is as close to Elynn as a stepbrother can be. But that's not enough for him. He wants more...and he's done waiting.

***Making Her His is the first novel Singular Obsession series. No cliffhangers and no serials. Each novel stands alone. Though it flirts with some bondage, Making Her His is not a BDSM title. Not suitable for readers under 18.***


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Calen's Captive, A Singular Obsession Book Two

A Singular Obsession 002 - Calen's CaptiveCalen is a good man from a bad family. He’s worked hard for success, but something’s missing…or rather, someone.

Calen is the son of an Irish mobster, but he’s rejected his legacy and has made a name for himself as a club owner. After years of hard work, he has the life he’s always wanted. Almost.

Then his father asks him to take a meeting with a rival crew. It’s too important to say no. Reluctantly, he drives out to the middle of nowhere to meet them. There to negotiate for reparations, he sees an innocent girl being held against her will—someone who looks very familiar.

Unwilling to leave the girl to a fate worse than death, he demands she be included as part of the deal. Maia is forced to stay with Calen for her safety, but she soon finds out he has ulterior motives for protecting her.

***Calen's Captive is the second book in the Singular Obsession Series. No cliffhangers and no serials. Each novel stands alone. Though it flirts with some bondage, Calen's Captive is not a BDSM title. Not suitable for readers under 18.***

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Stolen Angel, A singular Obsession Book Three

A Singular Obsession 003 - Stolen AngelSergei Damov is in love with someone who isn’t interested in him, but he’s determined to change that.

Sergei has pined for months, waiting for his assistant to turn around and see he's the perfect man for her. But Ada only sees him as her boss. Until one night when they both have to work late and the office is deserted…

It doesn’t happen right away, but soon Sergei has Ada right where he wants her—in his bed. Then demons from his past resurface, and he brutally pushes her away before the darkness inside him can consume them both.

But Ada isn’t about to let herself be used. Soon she turns the tables on him and disappears, leaving a mystery in her wake. Why was Ada working under an assumed name? Not just with him, but at every job she ever held?

Using every resource at his disposal, Sergei desperately searches for her, before the danger she’s running from catches up with her…and to try and heal the heart he shattered.

***Stolen Angel is the third book in the Singular Obsession Series. No cliffhangers and no serials. Each novel stands alone. Not suitable for readers under 18.***

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The Roman's Woman, A Singular Obsession Book Four

A Singular Obsession 004 - The Roman's WomanWhen Gio Morgese meets Sophia, he realizes the “nice guys finish last” adage might be true…and he’s done coming in last.

A well-ordered life and quiet existence is not working out in Gio’s favor. Less aggressive than his alpha male friends, he’s led a circumspect life and married early to gain the domestic bliss he’s always craved. But marriage to the wrong woman has ensured all of his plans blew up in his face.

Perplexed and a little jealous, he watches from the sidelines as his closest friends succumb to love, giving up their playboy lifestyles for the family life he’s always wanted for himself. Aware that something has to change before he ends up bitter and alone, he resolves to let down some of the walls that went up after his divorce.

Then he meets Sophia, a full-figured goddess completely unlike anyone he’s ever known. Against a backdrop of jealousy and deceit, Gio soon realizes that finding love is one thing. Holding onto to it is something else.

Now he’s saying and doing things he’d never imagined he would do. But there are some things—and some women—worth fighting for.

For Gio, the right woman is worth everything.

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A Singular Obsession

by Lucy Leroux


Erotic Romance



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About Author Name

Lucy Lerouc LogoLucy Leroux is another name for USA Today Bestselling Author L.B. Gilbert.

Seven years ago Lucy moved to France for a one-year research contract. Six months later she was living with a handsome Frenchman and is now happily married to him...and still in France.

When her last contract ended Lucy turned to writing. Frustrated by the lack of quality romance erotica she created her own.

Cursed is the first of many regency novels. Additionally, she writes a bestselling contemporary series. The 'Singular Obsession' books are a combination of steamy romance and suspense that feature intertwining characters in their own stand-alone stories. Follow her on twitter @lucythenovelist or or visit

*For fans of paranormal romance and adventure check out the author's bestselling Elementals series. Fire: The Elementals Book One is now available on Kindle Unlimited.

Author Links

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