Sunday, January 25, 2015

Writers Honorarium - Giving Gifts to Readers (GIVEAWAY)
Every Individual Who Enters Will Receive A Surprise Gift From One or More of Our Participating Writers Sometime During 2015

Writers everywhere are grateful and appreciative of their reading audience. In today's mostly online publishing world, it's very difficult to speak face-to-face with our readers and fans, much less offer a simple handshake, smile, or verbal expression of gratitude. So, how can we writers reach out to these precious readers who take the time to read our blogs, articles, and books? Well, I'm glad you asked. As writers, let's band together and create a ripple, perhaps a wave, or maybe a tsunami of generosity towards a special group of people, our passionate and loyal readers . Let's pay it forward with small gifts of appreciation throughout 2015 to all who join with us for the WRITER'S HONORARIUM INITIATIVE. How does it work?: Enter to receive a surprise gift at some point during 2015 from one or more of the writers listed in the WRITER'S HONORARIUM ROLL-CALL. Those who enter will be matched with our participating Writers at random. The prize and delivery time are chosen at the sole discretion of each writer. Prizes can be as simple as a bookmark, postcard, sample pages of a new project, etc. It could be a complimentary book, something handmade by them, a gift card, or ticket to the latest blockbuster movie. It might be delivered to your door or to your email address, whatever, it will be a complete and totally fun experience. Those entering must be 18 or older This giveaway is international Want to Participate? As a Reader, all you need to do is enter the simple information requested in the entry form below: As a Writer, if you'd like to be added to the WRITER'S HONORARIUM ROLL-CALL, please contact me at for complete guidelines. (Please put Writers Honorarium in your subject line).

Friday, January 23, 2015

My Review: Cades Cove: The Curse of Allie Mae (Cades Cove #1) by Aiden James

This was a GREAT book. A real page turner. Its scary!! I love ghost books and this os one of the best I have read.
Dave and his wife went on a quiet little vacation to Cades Cove in Tn to kind of rekindle their lives. It got kindled alright. While out in the woods a strange little bag appears, Dave picks it up and decides to keep it. Boy was that a mistake. The ghost of the owner follows them home and wreaks havoc on Daves whole family and even goes so far as to kill his best friend. Dave tries to mail the bag back to the Park, it was sealed in the envelope and mailed back, it didnt arrive back though at the Park Service it arrived back Dave's posession time and time again. Dave ends up going back to the park himself where he meets John a Cherokee Indian who is a Park Ranger. John and his Grand Daughter help Dave return the bag and solve the mystery. But the last paragraph of the book lets you know it's not really over. Can't wait to get the 2nd book.

Monday, January 19, 2015

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Preteen E-Book ALIEN MISSION I just read this book in exchange for a review. I personally thought this book would be greatly enjoyed by 8 to 12 year olds. Parents should also like this book it has American History, Hygeine, morals, as well as adventure, action and a very cute story. In the book Alien QB9 is from a planet called Zoot. On Zoot day is night, and adults go to school while kids go to work, they do not eat and they use math to get whatever they want. QB9 is desperate to have a friend. For his 10th birthday his parents give him a wish-a-ma-jig where he wishes for a friend, the wish-a-ma-jig shows him the picture of a Earth Girl and tells him to go to Earth and find her. QB takes the family spaceship and goes on his adventure to the planet Earth with his pet and a computer who wants to be called Benni to get his friend. When they land on Earth QB9 uses the name Du Jour, he goes to school and meets Afton (the Girl the wish-a-ma-jig showed him) but she is actually a robot working for the Government finding aliens. The Secret Service men come after him, he grabs his friend the Robot and Benni and make a run for it back to the spaceship. They finally escape and head back to Zoot. I don't want to add to many spoilers but it is a Great Book for your 8 to 12 year old.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Review: An Angel's Touch by Heather Graham

Very good and touching story. I am a huge fan of Heather Graham and this book is just one more reason. This is a quick run through of the story, without too many spoilers.
The story is about a childless married couple whose last name is Angel, they are in a terrible accident and both are killed and become Angels in training so to speak. They each have 3 miracles to preform before midnight on Christmas Eve, they work together to complete their lists and in the end are brought back to life and not only do they get 1 child they get 7 orphans from the same accident that they were in originally.