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Friday, December 13, 2019

SedonaHouse Weighted Blanket

Just need one Sedona House Weighted Blanket, you can get a better sleep! It's the best Christmas gift this year.
And they are now make big deals!!! Go to get it!!!

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Flannel plush blanket by Sedona House

This Flannel plush blanket by Sedona House is amazing. It is so soft, it is very lightweight but yet very warm. It is like cuddling with a plushed toys that wraps around you and brings comfort and warmth.

I have the twin size it is 60 X 80 (it covers my Queen sized bed though) but they have a full line of 9 color choices and 7 size options, so you can match it to the size you want and your room decor colors.  This blanket is Wash machine safe.

The blanket is made of Plush Velvet that is 100% microfiber. I ran this through the dryer on medium heat and also set under the blanket in dark clothing and the blanket did very little to no shedding. There was a bit in the lint catcher of my dryer but none on my clothing. The blanket did not shrink much if any either.

This blanket is great for on the bed or even on the couch. It would make a great gift for holidays or house warming. Sedona House even offers a no questions asked guarantee if you do not love your blanket for any reason you can return it for a full refund. I don't see that happening though. I love my blanket.

Check it out on Amazon

I received this product for free or  at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

BUYER BEWARE: Elever Practical Print Rectangle Shape Water Absorption Non-Slip Home Mat Bathroom Mat Puzzle Play Mats by √ČLEVER

What I ordered:

What I received:

I don't often post bad reviews. I usually work with a seller to try and fix a problem. In this case there is no fixing the problem. Luckily I did not have to pay full price for this item, but still payed too much for what I received.. 

As you can see in the Amazon add the cute kitty rug I ordered. The below picture is what arrived. It is only half the rug shown. The seller is selling this for $26 on Amazon with free shipping. They have 33 different choices, and they are all cute. I actually bought this as a Christmas present for my daughter. 

This rug as I said is only half of the pictured rug. it is almost paper thin to boot. This is pretty much Dollar Tree Quality. 

I went to Amazon to put in for a return because this is no where near worth what I paid for it. In order for me to return this rug I have to pay the return shipping.

I am very disgusted with this seller who is Elever who I will never buy anything from again, and with Amazon as well. Amazon will not hep me get my money back unless I pay the return shipping, which by the way is shipping to China. Its just not worth it to me. But I did want to warn you, not to waste your time and money. 

This is the link:

Thursday, December 27, 2018

FORID small trash bags - Yellow, 35 ct, 4 gallon, 2pk

These small trash bags are the perfect size for my bathroom garbage can. They are the 4 gallon size. I have the bright yellow bags. There are 35 bags on each roll and these come in a  2 pack so you get 70 trash bags. These bags are the 15.7 inches by 19.7 inches. These are 0.95 mil. they are kind of thin and do tear easily if you pull or push on them to hard, but still great for the trash in my bathroom. I don't have a lot of sharp or heavy garbage in my bathroom. These also work great int he trash can by my bed, and the small can in my living room. Each roll comes in it's own cardboard box to keep them nice and neat until you open them. There is also a sticky tab at the end of each roll so when you take them out of the box and use one you can replace the sticker to keep the bags nicely rolled up. This is great if you do not store them in the box. There is also a perforation in the side of the box that can be punched out for easy feeding of the trash bags. Both boxes of bags also came with a small sachet envelope mine are both strawberry scented. These can be left in the box or used in a drawer or closet.

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Smart LED Light Bulbs from FENG HONG

Ok these are some of the coolest light bulbs I have ever seen. These are Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb from FENG HONG. These smart LED light bulbs are controllable with a smartphone or tablet. The bulbs can be controlled individually or when grouped. The set-up doesn’t require a hub, bridge, or extra hardware. Just put the light bulb into any light fixture or lamp, download the app and you are ready to go.

Once you have the light bulb and app installed the fun begins. You can now personalize your lighting with a color palette of over 16 million colors and a variety of tons of white, and every color is dimmable. You can also schedule your smart bulb to turn on or off at the specific time. You can set it to wake you up in the morning to your favorite colors. These light bulbs can even be set to a warm night mode that can even help you sleep better. Great for people needing or wanting a night light. You can even sync the bulbs to your favorite music. There is just so many ways you can set these light bulbs. You can also turn these lights off and on manually at the switch and they will remember the presets you have set for them.

These come in a 2 pack so you can set up mood lighting in lamps or use them in separate rooms. The screw into most regular based light fixtures. 

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Candelabra LED Bulbs 40w Equivalent by carryBC

This is a 6 pack of 4 Watt LED bulbs from CarryBC. These 4 watt LED bulbs are equal to a 40 watt standard bulb. They are Warm white, flame tipped, frosted glass. These bulbs are the E 12 base, that is a nightlight bulb base size. The bulbs are about 4 1/2 inches long from base to tip. I love that the bulbs are LED and do not get hot like standard light bulbs. They are safe to put pretty much anywhere in the house and you can also use them in decorative places like in flower arrangements and things like that. These bulbs are also dimmable which gives you more control over the lighting amount and ways to use the bulbs.

These bulbs are packaged very well they come in a a cardboard box but inside there are packaged in protective plastic cases that pop closed. There are 2 of the plastic cases each with 3 bulbs. There is a PA66 material ring on the bulb that can effectively prevent the risk of electric shock, but you should still have the power turned off when installing the bulb.

Did you know lighting is the 2nd highest consumer of energy in your home. These will help save you money.

Check them out on Amazon

I received this product for free or  at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Free Reign Farm Exclusive Everlight Wood Wick Candles

I received my Strawberry Shortcake candle from Free Reign Farm and I am absolutely in love with the scent. There are so many things to love about this candle besides just the scent. it comes in a Mason Jar with a screw on lid, between the jar and the label it has a very rustic look. It is hand poured.
The candle is made of pure soy. It is dye free, paraffin free, zinc free and phthalate free. It has a wooden wick as well as a cotton wick to make lighting easy. The candle will burn about 100 hours. There is a soft crackling sound as the wood wick burns, it pops and cracks a bit. I have not noticed the wick popping in the effect of snapping a fire popping though, so I feel reasonably it is safe if I walk away from the candle for a few minutes.

Free Reign Farm offers 24 scents at this time on their website. The scents range from nature, floral, fruits, drinks, and baked goods. There are even seasonal scents. I am so thrilled with the amount of scent this candle throws, with in minutes of lighting the candle the whole room was scented.

The scent list is: Breakfast, Blueberry Pie, Berry Basket, Cherry Almond, Evergreen, Forest Path, Gardenia, Gingerbread, Grandma's Brownies, Harvest, Honeysuckle, Kiwi Melon, Latte, Mint Chocolate Truffle, Mountain Orchard, Orange Blossom, Peppermint Swirl, Sandalwood, Sea Breeze, Starburst, Smokey Mountain Christmas, Spring Lilac, Strawberry Shortcake, Vanilla Pumpkin

This candle is perfect to buy for yourself and would also make an amazing gift. You could even add it to a gift basket, or customize a gift basket on their website.

I received this product for free or  at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Trustech Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater

Winter is hear in most of the United States and on its way to the the rest. I personally live in Florida where is only gets cold a few days a year, and usually by mid morning to lunch time it is warm enough to peel off the long sleeves. But the late nights and early mornings having heat is a nice thing. This Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater by Trustech is just the ticket for me.

This heater oscillates or can be left on study. It has an 8 hour timer. It has an adjustable thermostat from 50-95 degrees.It comes with a remote control with it that can turn the heat off and on, set the timer, turn the oscillating on and off, and change the temperature.

This heater also looks after your safety. It has Overheating & Tip-Over Protection. If it starts to over heat it will automatically shut off. If it gets knocked over it will also automatically shut off.

The heater is 34.2 inches tall and is 4 1/2 inches across. I like it being kind of small so it fits in almost any room. This is a ceramic tower heater with a digital display. This heater has two heat settings, Low at 750W  and high at 1,500W, as well as a cooling fan function.

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Poeland 1kuan Scarf Closet Organizer Hanger, Pack of 2

Poeland 1kuan Scarf Closet Organizer Hanger, Pack of 2
This is a really great set of 2 hangers. They are made and sold for for scarves, belts, ties bye I am sure we can all figure out other things to hang on them as well. They are made of 304 stainless steel, they are rustproof and solid. These should last longer then probably the other hangers in your closet. You can put up to 5 items in each of the 5 round areas. This means up to 25 things can hang on this one hanger. You get 2 of these hangers in this set, so that's 50 items that can hang on these 2 hangers. This will save so much space and makes scarves or belts a whole lot easier to find in your closet.

These are anti snag hangers. You can hang even find delicate fabrics on these hangers and not worry about them getting snagged and ruined. And being rust proof you don't have to worry about anything getting stained.

I can think of a lot of ways to use these hangers outside of the closet. You could hang necklaces or bracelets on them. You could hang towels or wash clothes on this in the bathroom. You could use this as a drying rack for hand washables. These would be awesome for using in a craft room. The list can go on and on.

I received this product for free or  at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Air Choice Tower Ceramic Heater 1500W with Digital Remote

Air Choice Tower Ceramic Heater 1500W with Digital Remote, 24-inch
With winter coming this heater will keep you nice and toasty. The heater works from the buttons on top and also an included remote control. The main power switch is on the back of the heater and must be turned on first. I did also notice for the remote to work correctly it must be pointed towards the top of the heater. There is a digital display n the top of the heater and the room temperature and the heat setting temperature shows on the front of the heater at the top. I really like that not only does this heater blow hot air but can also blow cool air as well. It also has two heat settings 750W  and 1,500W, as well as a cooling fan function. The heater coil is ceramic

The heater is lightweight making it easily Portable it weighs just 5.4 pounds. The heater also has a Oscillating function or you can have it stationary. It has Overheating and Tip-Over Protection for your safety. There is an Adjustable Thermostat that can be set from 50 to 95 degrees fahrenheit. There's an 8 hour Timer, you can set it when you go to bed and it will be nice and toasty when you get up in the morning. The heater is 24 inches tall and 4.8 inches across. 

Check it out on Amazon

I received this product for free or  at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Wireless Closet Light Puck Light with Remote Battery Powered Tap Light -3Pack

Wireless Closet Light Puck Light with Remote Battery Powered Tap Light -3Pack 

This is a set of 3 push lights with remote. Each light runs on 3 AA batteries and the remote runs on 2 AA batteries none of which are not included. There are 2 brightness levels, both are quite bright but high is super bright. There are 5 LED lights in each light. The remote also has a 30 minute timer, in case you forget to turn the light off or if you choose to use the lights as a night light. The set also comes with a plastic wall mount for the remote and sticky pads to mount the lights. The wall mount does not have sticky pad or screws, but there is 2 screw holes in the mount. The LED's should last for about 10000 hours according to the manufacturer. 

When using the lights make sure to turn the light on first by pushing the top of the light. The remote will only work for the lights after they have been turned on. The remote will go between the 2 lighting modes, power off and on, and the 30 minute timer. The lights are about 4 inches across and 1 inch thick. The remote is 3 1/2 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide and about 1 inch thick. 

These lights are great for dark areas, for closets, inside of drawers, cabinets, dark hallways, to uses as nightlights, in vehicles and campers, and more. 

Check it out on Amazon

I received this product for free or  at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Friday, October 5, 2018

LEKEYE Bathtub Drain Hair Catcher

This  bathtub drain hair catcher by Lekeye is awesome. The shower drain used to have a screen like catcher over the drain that never worked very well. So my husband just removed it leaving a large gaping hole where everything went down from hair to shampoo lids. I have tried a few different catchers over the years but really have not been thrilled with any of them. I have tried screem plastic baskets, and just by putting a tub mat down to cover the hole. I have ended up with drain clogs from the hair and other items going down the drain in the past.

I have been using this drain hair catcher for about a week now and so far everything has been great. It does catch the hair and it keeps the shampoo lids and other small items from going into the drain.

This drain catcher is so simple to use. It comes with 3 different sized rubber rings that just slip off an on the bottom of the drain catcher. They do take a little pressure to get them off an on and so far has not fallen off when I have removed the catcher from the drain to clean it. Once you have the correct ring for your drain just push it gently down in. It goes in almost flat. The catcher will also work with the pop up drains. To clean it simply pull it out of the drain hole, wipe the hair and yuck out rinse off and place it back in the drain.

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Baby Night Light Eye Caring LED Nursery Lamp with Touch Sensor

This is Baby Night Light, Eye Caring LED Nursery Lamp with Touch Sensor by JOKBEN is amazing. It has 7 lighting modes  Up and Down Colorful Gradient Mode, Warm/Cold Light Mode, Full Colorful Gradient Mode, Left and Right Colorful Gradient Mode, Breathing Mode, Shake Mode, Can Also used as atmosphere lights. The lamp itself is a 4 1/2 inch tall and almost 4 inch wide dome lamp. It is made of white plastic. It uses a included Micro USB cord to power it and it is rechargeable. This does not include the wall plug though but will work with any USB wall plug.

There is a power button on the bottom of the lamp which needs to be turned on initially. Once the power button is turned on the lamp is a touch lamp. Tapping the top changes the lighting modes and a short tap on the dome top powers the lamp off, a double tap turns the lamp on and long press adjusts the lamp from cool and warm lighting.

The lamp is very lightweight, but should be put into a place where Children or pets cannot knock it off on them. It shouldn't hurt them if it does fall on them but till being on the safe side is better.

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Bamboo Fiber Dish Towels (9 x 7 Inch, White, 6 Pack)

These Bamboo Fiber Dish Towels by WeReach are to say the least awesome. The cloths are 9 inches by 7 inches and there are 6 in the pack. These are dual layered washcloths. When they first arrived and I took them out of the package the feel was very weird. I can't really describe it, but I was kind of worried. Once I ran it under water and got it wet though I was quite surprised, the texture totally changed and it felt like one of the high end very fluffy wash cloths. Nothing like a terry cloth type washcloth.

These are dish cloths and that is what I have been using it for. It does an awesome job on cleaning my dishes. I guess you could say I am old school and hand wash my dishes. Over the years I have used probably every kind of dishcloth that has been on the market. This one is different from any I have tired. I love the dual layer it really does a great job of getting the foods and greases off my dishes but yet it is very soft and will not scratch event he finest china. After washing the dishes the cloths rinses easily and does not hold onto the food particles. I also love the size of the cloth. It is small enough to hold easily but big enough to get the dishes cleaned fast.

Since this cloth did such a wonderful job on my dishes I used one to dust with while cleaning the house, It really grabbed the dust up with minimal amount of wetness. I also used one while cleaning the bathroom  and was well impressed. I even used one in the shower on my body and loved it. These are really great washcloths and well worth it.

Check these out on Amazon

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and chose to leave this honest and unbiased review.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Wake Up Light Alarm Clock by TITIROBA

This is absolutely the coolest alarm clock ever. It has a LED digital clock time display that has 12 and 24 hour mode, it is an alarm clock also. The alarm itself has 5 chimes to choose from and they are not bells and whistles. The sounds are Cuckoo, wood thrush, kingfishers, waves and thunderstorms. This clock also features a Sunrise simulation wake-up light. The way this works is 30 minutes before the clock is set go off the light comes on very dim at first and gradually brightens so when the alarm does go off the the room is already light as if the sun rose. This clock is also a lamp. There are 3 brightness settings to choose from and also has a 7 colors change RGB bedside light mode. The lamp will go through the 7 colors and they are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink.

Now the coolest part besides all those other cool parts is this lamp / clock also has a 1800 mAH battery built in. It also comes with a micro USB cord and wall plug in. In Florida we have a lot of storms and power outages during the summer, some of these are during the night. So I will never have to worry about not getting up on time if my power goes out, this clock will run off the battery until the power kicks back on.

The buttons to turn the clock on and off, the alarm on and off, and to set the time and alarm are on the bottom. The lamp part is a touch lamp. There is a round silver disc on top of the lamp to turn the light on and off and also to go through all the modes.

With all of these features do you see why I say this is the coolest alarm clock ever?

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Glitter Crunch Box

The Glitter Crunch Box I received it an Italy themed box. Inside the box is some amazing items. When you open the box there is a card telling you what is in the box. Then your remove the paper shreds to get to the good stuff. I do have to say this box is package very well. Nothing seemed to be out of place at all. The box decorated box is the shipping box.

In the box I received a one pond bag of Organic GMO Free Farfalle pasta made in Italy. There is an expiration date on the back as well so you know it is fresh. Then I received a package of Balsamic & Roasted Garlic Veggie Roaster Seasoning Blend. This package will season 3 pounds of veggies. There is a large bar of Peach, Fig Blossom, and Rose soap that smells amazing. There are 2 ornaments int he package as well. One is a hand painted glass Salami. The other ornament is a Italian Santa hand painted and made by Joy To the World. And last but not least a recipe card for Easy Tuscany Tomato Sauce, which will go great with the Farfalle.

Glitter Crunch Box is a subscription service but you can also buy boxes individually. They have a very large assortment of boxes to choose from everything from Coffee to this Italy box. These are so much fun to receive and has some really great and useful items. Get these for yourself or they would make an awesome gift.

Check these boxes out on Glitter Crunch Box

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I either received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

INNX Quilted Microfiber/Suede sofa protector

 I received the INNX Couch Covers for pets. It is Made of Quilted Microfiber Suede. It’s made for a couch with the demotions of 74"H x 69"W with a armrest 23.5"H x 20"W which is a pretty standard couch size.

We have a microfiber couch and until I washed the cover it would not stay on. It could be a fluke but after a few washings it still stays on. Also if you do need to wash it I used cold water with tide pods and scent boost and then I dried it on medium heat since I don’t have air dry and nothing came out messed up and I’ve washed it 2 times as of now.

I like that this cover has the little tubes that help hold the cover on however the arm ones don’t seem to help but that could be because my cat likes getting under it and my dogs like sitting on the arms of the couch and then sliding down. Another thing that I like about the cover is it's very well made. Our dog’s being very young they scratch and chew on everything to include the couch cover and so far they have not hurt the cover (or the couch). It could be a fluke but it seems to heat up faster than a lot of couch covers  I’ve had but it wont be a bad thing in the winter just not very good during the summer.

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Mingfuxion 6 Pack Ivory Flameless Resin Candles with Timer 3" x 5"

This is a 6 pack of flameless resin candles. They are ivory in color. These do flicker like real candles. Greta for anyplace you really don't want an open flamed candles. Use on patio's, weddings, parties, or anywhere in the house or yard.

Check these out on Amazon

I received this product for free or  at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

INNX Slipcovers Made of Quilted Microfiber Suede for Pets, Canine Loveseat

I received the INNX Slipcovers Made of Quilted Microfiber Suede. It is intended for pet’s it is supposed to be scratch proof and I will say so far it stands up to that. Although it is not waterproof as long as you take it off fairly quickly it won’t leak through. At first I will admit I hated it I ended up having to just fold it over just to cover the seat portion but after I washed it it stayed on a lot better which may just be a fluke. I do wish the arms where a little longer because if the dogs are on the couch jumping they come off very quickly and easily. However a down side for me is my cat loves getting under the arms and really anywhere he can when he’s cold so it would be nice if there was a strap or something for the bottom because he’s forever getting up underneath the seat area. This is made for a couch/love seat  with the demintions of 74"H x 47"W with armest 23.5"H x 20"W  which is pretty standard for most love seats. Over all I really enjoy this I would just suggest if you have a micro fiber couch wash the cover first ( I used bulk wash on cold and low heat for about 35 -40 miunutes and it came out just fine)

Check it out on Amazon


I either received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Wall Decor Planters 2 Set White Ceramic Hanging Geometric Wall Decor Container

These beautiful wall hanging ceramic flower pots are from Purzest. The set comes with 2 different shaped ceramic pots, the brass plated iron hangers, and 2 wall mount hooks.

The pots are made of high quality white ceramic. These would look nice in any room and would make a great gift. They are really nice for holding small succulents, air plants, mini cactus, faux succulents, faux sedums and other artificial plants and flowers. You could also put them near a dressing table and put make up brushes.In the office and put pens and pencils in them. Actually they would look great in any room holding small objects.

The pots and hangers are light weight. Depending on what you put in them you may or may not have to find a wall stud. With the included wall mount hooks the nails pre-installed will not go as far as the stud unless you are using it on a very thin wall.

My front porch is where I have most of my potted plants. I am putting these out there to hold some air plants or succulents. I think it will look great with my Dark Brown wooded front porch. I was also considering drawing some designs on them with permanent markers to bring a bit of color to them.

Check it out on Amazon

I received this product for free or  at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.