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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Pumpkin Lanterns 12 pack


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Super cute Pumpkin lights. These are flameless candles and just a bit bigger than a real tealight candle. They are made of plastic and the light flickers like a real candle. The base of the pumpkin is it as well. There are 12 candles in this boxed set. These pumpkin lights do come with batteries already installed. When the batteries die you are able to replace them with new ones. They each take 3 of the small button batteries. Before use pull the small plastic tab out so the batteries are able to make connection to turn the light on. I save my tabs and when I am storing the lights I always slide the tab back in between the batteries to break the connection. I have noticed batteries tend to last longer this way. Each light has a pumpkin face painted on the front. These are great for using as a decoration themselves. You can set them around on tables or put them in cute candle holders. Or you could use them in many different crafts without worrying about using real candles. You can add them to floral decorations or inside of Halloween decorations. You could also turn the faces around and they would make Fall and Thanksgiving decorations as well.

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Women 2 Piece Outfits Hoodie Long Sleeve Zip Up Jackets Bodycon Long Pants Tracksuit

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This is a super cute Women's 2 Piece Tracksuit Outfit sold by Bornpom Store on Amazon. You get the  Long Sleeve Zip Up Hoodie Jacket and the Bodycon Long Pants. The outfit is made from 95% Polyester and 5% spandex. It is very soft almost silky feeling. The jacket has 2 pockets one on each side of the lower front. The pockets are good sized and would hold your essentials if you didn't want to carry a purse. 

The fit is a little weird or I just don't have the right body shape. I ordered an XL, I always order 1 size up when ordering online. The Jacket is very form fitting, but the pants are a little large. The jacket fits like a large to and XL, but the pants fit more like a 1x or 2 xl. They are also quite long. The fit may be a little off but the outfit feels great against my skin. 

I ordered the black outfit but this comes in 6 colors. The black, bright blue, yellow, orange, red, and Florescent green. Being polyester and spandex it should not shrink in the wash. 

This would be a cute outfit for running, at the gym, or even wearing shopping. It is a plain outfit so you could dazzle it up with accessories. 

Check it out on Amazon

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Minseng Direct Toddler Hallloween Skeleton Outfits Skull Costume

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This super cute Toddler Little Boys or Little Girls Halloween Skeleton Outfit Skull Costume Long Sleeve T-Shirt is from Minseng Direct. It is a 2 piece outfit. You get the long sleeved t-shirt that is fully decorated with bones, a spider, pumpkins, and candies. The pants are long and also a t-shirt material with bones down the front of the legs. I love the brightly colored candies and pumpkins and even the bones. They are very bright against the black material. The stitching is very high quality and looks like it will outlast your child in size. The top does seem to be a bit larger then the bottoms.

The outfit is made from very soft cotton. The decoration is a vinyl like decal. The outfit is safe for machine wash and drying. I would turn it inside out when cleaning and also not over dry to make the decals last longer. You can get the outfit from sizes 2T to 6. This would make an awesome Halloween costume. But your little one can also wear it throughout the Halloween season, or as pajamas year round. 

I personally love Holiday outfits that can be worn everyday other then just as a 1 day costume and this outfit does just that. 

Check it out on Amazon

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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Dramiposs Newborn Tie Dye Gown Sleeper Baby Boys Girls Soft Coming Home Outfits with Pacifier Clip

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Another adorable baby outfit from Dramiposs. This is a gown for baby with ties at the bottom. It also comes with a super cute beaded pacifier clip, a tie around head bow, and a super cute hat. It is a made from a cotton blend material that is super soft right out of the package. It is a ribbed material. The whole outfit is machine washable and dryable. 

Being a bag type gown, it is great for keeping baby warm but also will make diaper changes easy. Just untie and slide it up a bit to have access to the diaper without having to fully undress your baby. This outfit can be used for boys or girls. It comes in 3 sizes, 0 to 3 months, 0-6 months, and 3 to 6 months. It also comes in 11 colors, some are tie dye look others are just plain colors. I chose the orange tie dye, but they have a black, purple & Green, and Grey & yellow tie dye. If tie die is not your thing you can get this outfit in pink, light blue, white, orange tan, brown, green, or purple. 

This would make a great baby shower gift, Christmas gift, or just because gift. 

Check it out on Amazon

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

LinkIt 20 ounce tumbler

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LinkIt 20 ounce tumbler
I am just amazed with the LinkIt tumblers. I love how cold they keep my drinks. I love that they do not leak out of the lids. I like that they come with two straws or straight one and about one. And they also come with a cleaning brush for the straws.

These are stainless steel tumblers. Stainless steel is kitchen grade 18/8. Their double-walled vacuum insulated. These are not dishwasher safe and you should use bleach or abrasive cleaners, and they should not be put in the freezer. Being stainless steel they should not be put in the microwave either.

This tumbler keeps my drink cold all day, with ice still left at the end of the day. It's also great for hot drinks. These tumblers come in several colors pink, black, and green that I'm sure of.

LinkIt has a whole line of tumblers in different sizes and colors. This is not my first link it tumbler and won't be my last. To me these are better than the name brand tumblers.

The only issue I have with these are the slide at the top that opens and closes the cup. When I'm washing it it gets soap in there and I have to pop that center section out to get it out. I'm afraid that it will wear out popping it off and on. So far the ones that I have have not, nor are they showing signs of wear.

#Linkit #LinkitAdventure

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.

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Monday, September 21, 2020

MoryGooder Baby Boy Girl Halloween Costume Outfit Newborn Prisoner

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I got another adorable baby outfit. This a cute Baby Boy or Girl Halloween Costume Outfit Newborn Prisoner from MoryGooder. It says cutie convict 10-31 on the front of the onsie. This would be a super cute Halloween night outfit or just leading up to Halloween. 

This is a 3 piece set that comes with the one-piece black and white striped body suit with long sleeves , the lower half of the sleeves are kind of thin they look like tattoos, you get the little striped hat, and you get the adorable striped little pants. This is a Halloween outfit but can be worn for more than just a costume. 

This is all an all cotton outfit. The onesie has three snaps at the bottom to make dressing and diapering baby easier and it also has the little separated stretchy neck pieces to help get babies head in easier as well. These are machine washable and dryable and they are super soft straight out of the package.

This would make a cute baby shower gift for babies due around Halloween, or if babies birthday is in October it would make a cute birthday gift. The outfit comes in 0 to 3 months, 3 to 6 months, 6 to 12 months, and 12 to 18 months. They are a bit big in sizes 

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Baby Girl Button Solid Romper Infant Cotton Jumpsuit with Hat and Headband from TrulyBee

This Baby Girl Button Solid Romper Infant Cotton Jumpsuit with Hat and Headband from TrulyBee is so cute. IT is a 3 piece set. You get the long sleeved, long pant romper, a cute little hat you can tie a knot in at the top, and a headband that wraps around babies head and you tie it to the right size. There are snaps up the inside of the leg area to make diaper changed easier. There are 3 super cute wood buttons at the chest to make getting the outfit on easier. The whole outfit is made from pure cotton material. It is very stretchy, very soft, and is a breathable fabric. You can get the outfit in 3 colors, pink, white, and a fall yellow orange color. The whole outfit is machine washable and dryable.

This is such a sweet little outfit and will keep baby nice and warm through the cool fall and cold winter months. This would also make a great baby shower gift or even a just because gift. This outfit comes in several sizes from 0-3 Months, 3-6 Months, 6-12 Months, and 12-18 Months. The size does run a bit big so the outfit may fit up to a 24 month size as well.

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.

My 1st Halloween Bodysuit Infant Funny Spider Outfit from Aslaylme

This My first Halloween 2020 3 piece outfit from Aslaylme is so adorable. I just love how bright and cheerful it is. This is a perfect milestone outfit to commemorate babies first Halloween.

The outfit comes with a black long sleeved onsie that says My first Halloween 2020 with a spider, web, and ghost. It has 2 snaps at the bottom to make dressing baby and diaper changes easier. There is an adorable pair of paints which are gray with Halloween themed objects all over, it also features a bright orange waist and leg bands. And last but not least an adorable hat that matched the pants. You can tie a small knot in the top of the hat or leave it floppy. The outfit is made of cotton and can be machine washed and dried. The material is soft straight out of the package.

This would make a great baby shower gift for babies due around Halloween or a just because gift. It can be added to a memory box. It would be great for those milestone pictures showing Babies first Halloween.

The outfit comes in several sizes from 0-3 Months, 3-6 Months, 6-12 Months, and 12-18 Months. The size runs a little big so great for babies of all sizes. The material does have a lot of stretch to it too for larger babies, and to make movement easy.

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Aslaylme Baby Boy Girl Halloween Costume Outfit

This is an absolutely adorable baby Halloween outfit. It comes with the hat and a long sleeved long pant romper. The mummy face is so cute with the long bright red tongue. I just love it. This outfit is perfect for a boy or a girl. In my case it will be for a baby girl. The outfit is 100% cotton and is very soft. It is machine washable and dryable. It comes in 5 sizes from 0 to 3 month to 19 to 24 months. With the wide range of the sizing it will be a bit big for a newborn but it will still be adorable on baby even if it is a bit big.

The bottoms snap open and closed to make it easy for diaper changes. Great for a cool fall day so you don't have to completely undress your baby to change them. The material and stitching all seem to be high quality and will definitely outlast the fall season.

This would make a great baby shower gift for babies due around Halloween or a just because gift. Or to use a Halloween costume. Even newborns need a costume. Aslaylme also offers a really cute ghost outfit on the same page as this one.

Friday, August 21, 2020

HEYNA Q Strawberry Makeup Sponge Blender

I really like this Strawberry Makeup Sponge Blender by HEYNA Q. It is a very cute strawberry shaped and looking sponge. It is made from Non-latex Premium Polyurethane and natural pigment. It is perfect for wet and dry make up application. It swells almost double in size when it is wet. I like that it does not soak the makeup in and not let it go like some of the other sponges I have used in the past. I also love the almost pointed tip at the bottom. It is great for applying around my eyes and the perfect size and shape.

It works great with foundation, BB cream, powder, concealer, isolation, liquid makeups. I noticed no smell at all when I first opened the box or even the first time I used it. A slight bit of red came out in the water when I rinsed it out when I first got it but I have not noticed it doing it again. It did not leave a red tint to my make up either.

Applying make up is so much easier using a sponge as is blending make up. This sponge is super soft and squishy and works amazingly well. It is so hard to find a good sponge but to find a great one is really rare.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Non-Contact Digital Medical Thermometer by Sinocare

With no quick end to Covid 19 in sight I think we all need a good thermometer. This one seems like it fits the bill very nicely. Not just for covid but also if you have a cold or a teething baby.

This is a forehead thermometer. So you do not have to worry about passing around germs by using a oral thermometer. This features a High-definition LED large screen display. The screen is very easy to read. You can even read it in the dark. It has a fever warning alarm, so it beeps if you have a fever. It has a temperature log. It can save your measurement values well. Convenient for comparison. This is designed with the latest thermopile sensor technology.

I like that it can take your temperature from 3 centimetres away so you don't have to physically touch your skin to get a reading. It will read your temperature in 1 second. So very fast. The thermometer is very light weight and a little on the small side compared to a lot of infared thermometers.

You get the thermometer, your first set of 2 AAA batteries, and an instruction book in the box. So this is pretty much ready to go when you take it out of the box, just install the batteries.

#sinocareofficial #sinocare #Infraredthermometer #thermometerforbaby #nontouch

#sinocareofficial #sinocare #Infraredthermometer #thermometerforbaby #nontouch

Register Now for Free Belvedere Home Candle Gift Set - $24.99 Value

Register Now for Free Belvedere Home Candle Gift Set - $24.99 Value
The fresh scent of each candle not only promises to soothe and elevate the ambiance of any room; each tin candle container is designed for other purposes once the candles are completely burned.
#belvederehome, #scentedcandles, #soycandles, #travelcandles

Friday, August 14, 2020

Dramiposs Newborn Baby Girl Hello World Outfit Wave Point Floral Bodysuit

Another adorable outfit from Dramiposs. This is called Newborn Baby Girl Hello World Outfit Wave Point Floral Bodysuit. This is a 5 piece set. You get the short sleeve onsie that with ruffles at the cap of the sleeves and Says "I'm My Daddy's Girl and My Mommies World" and a long sleeve onsie also with ruffles at the cap of the sleeves that says "Sorry Boys Daddy Says No Dating", a pair of long paints, these have the look of sweat pants, a hat that you can knot at the top, and a tie on head band.

The onsies are in a dark yellow with black writing. The pants, hat, a headband are in sunflowers. This is an adorable outfit year round but with Fall heading at us at full speed these colors will make a perfect Fall statement.

The Onsies are 95% cotton and 5% polyester. The pants, hat, and headband are 100% polyester. These are all machine washer and dryable.

I personally cannot wait till my Grand daughter, who is due in early September, can wear this. I love the little sunflower pants and the super cute onsies. This outfit would make a great gift for birthday or baby shower.


Symptoms of COVID-19 keep evolving. According to the World Health Organization, the main symptoms are fever, tiredness, dry cough, aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, and diarrhea. Headaches are not a primary symptom. However, about 14% of the patients do report headaches.
Pandemic Stress
There is a vast increase in headaches among the general population as well – people that don’t have the coronavirus. That’s why you see so many commercials for migraine headache medications; the incidence of headaches are frequently due to the stress this pandemic has caused.
How Does Stress Lead to Headaches?
One frequently overlooked factor is that stress causes people to clench and grind their teeth, also known as bruxism. As this occurs, it affects much more than the teeth. As the jaw muscles contract, it can trigger a reflex contraction on the other side of the body and the shoulder and neck muscles, and even into the muscles in the head, either in the temporal region or back of the head. The contraction of these muscles is directly related to headaches. The people that make Botox understand this as they have Botox for migraine headache treatment. One of the main injection sites for this treatment is in the jaw muscles. Preventing them from contracting heavily can prevent the reflex contraction in the shoulder, neck, and head muscles that cause headaches.
Estimates for the number of people that brux or grind their teeth are approximately 1/3 of the population. Still, the American Dental Association (ADA) says that 95% of the population will do this at some point in their life. The key factor here is stress – even people with a healthy bite and a healthy TMJ or joint will clench or grind their teeth if enough stress is added to their lives. During this COVID-19 pandemic, stress levels are at an all-time high. Therefore you don’t need to have the virus to get a headache related to the virus. All you need to do is watch TV, check the internet, the news, or take a trip to the grocery store –  it can be frightening.
Again, that’s why we’ve seen so many commercials for medications to treat migraine headaches, and also the Botox commercials to treat migraines, but these are not your only options. As a dentist who treats problems with clenching and grinding, and also as a person who has suffered for many years with headaches related to clenching and grinding, I realize a proper appliance to help prevent bruxism can prevent the headaches. Not everyone wants to get Botox injections or take medications that often have side effects that are not good.

A Solution For Those Who Clench and Grind Their Teeth
Unfortunately, up until now, to get a quality appliance to treat bruxism, you had to go to the dentist and spend $500 or more. Recently a product called GrindRelief has come on the market. It is available online at an over-the-counter price.  Also, a growing number of dentists are providing this device professionally, which they can fit and customize at a higher level and often get insurance coverage.
In either case, this non-invasive option has few side effects and can provide great relief to people who suffer from these maladies. Unlike most other appliances, this is one of the only devices that can actually reduce muscle activity from clenching and grinding by 60% or more, thus treating the problem at its source. It is not just plastic between the teeth; it is science between the teeth like nothing else.
These are stressful times and, if the stress is causing you to grind your teeth, GrindRelief is an affordable and efficient solution. GrindRelief is simply the best mouth guard for clenching and grinding your teeth. Click the link below to learn more or order now:

Monday, August 10, 2020

Sinocare new model Blood pressure monitor

I have high blood pressure so I check myself regularly. I need a a good monitor that is accurate. I have been using this monitor from Sinocare for about a week now and have had no problems at all. When I first got it I check my blood pressure with my old monitor and then with this one and they were exact.

A couple of the features are it talks to you. It tells you to remain seated and not to talk. When it is done it tells you your results. This is awesome for someone who cannot see very well. It also has a logging system built in. You can go back through and track your results for your personal use or to inform your health care professional. It has a nice velcro arm cuff that is comfortable on my arm. IT does not scratch or dig into my skin. There is a clear drawing on the arm cuff to show you where the tube needs to be to get accurate results.

This does come with the 4 AAA batteries needed to get started. They are folded up in the arm cuff, so you have to look for them. So as soon as this is delivered it is ready to plug the arm cuff into the rotating hole on the side of the machine, insert the batteries and you are ready to go.

#sinocareofficial #Bloodpressuremonitorupperarm #Heartratepulse #Voicefunction #Digitalbloodpressuremachineforhomeuse

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.

Hotec 4 pieces Set Basting Brushes Silicone Heat Resistant

I am very impressed with this set of 4 colorful silicone basting brushed by Hotec. I have used them with barbecue sauce and with melted garlic butter, and they worked great with both. My set came with a purple, yellow, aqua, and lime green brush. The brushes are made of silicone. The handle is stiff so not sure if it is metal, wood, or plastic on the inside. The brushes are about 8 1/2 inches long and about 1 1/3 inches wide. They are dishwasher safe.

The brushes are Temperature Resistant from -104℉ to 660℉ (-40℃ to 315℃). These are made of 1 piece so you don't have to worry about bristles falling out or the bristle head falling off. I do have other brushes that the heads start to fall off after several uses. These will not. There are 3 rows of bristles so they actually hold a lot of sauce in them. They are also non stick so clean up is easy whether you put them in the dishwasher or hand wash.

I love my set and am thinking about buy another set and making a gift basket for each of my daughters and adding one of the brushes to each basket.

Check these out on Amazon

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.

Topical Muscle Recovery Serum

As you get older you notice more and more aches and pains. As an athlete you probably have a few tender areas after work outs. Anyone who moves, lifts, or bends probably has a sore spot now and then. Deer Antler Velvet has been used more then you may know for helping with sore and achy muscles. Personally I did not know anything about Deer Antler Velvet until I stumbled across this Topical Muscle Recovery Serum from Pure Velvet.

This topical serum is made from Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters, Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil, Purified Water, Organic Grape Alcohol, Lavender Oil, and Velvet Antler Extract. It will separate in the bottle so you should shake well with before every use. There is a light smell to it but it pretty much goes away as soon as your skin soaks it in. IT just takes a drop for regular sized spot areas. It will take a bit more for larger areas like back or legs.

I have been using it on my very painful wrist. Due to having nerve damage as well it does not totally end all of my pain but it does help. The benefits of Deer Antler Velvet are Improved range of motion, Reduced muscle soreness after exertion, Assists a reduction in recovery rehab time, and Promotes healthy skin rejuvenation. Basically how it works is Blood is drawn to the damaged areas by the growth factors in the serum and accelerate the circulation of tissue rejuvenation.

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.

Magic Leaf Hemp Tea Sampler

This Magic Leaf Hemp Tea Sampler from is amazing. You get 1 serving of 8 different teas. These teas are infused with hemp and a variety of  teas, herbs and spices for flavor and benefits. The teas themselves are pretty. they are not finely ground so you can see the different herbs, spices, flowers and more in them. The teas have 60 MG of CBD per serving.

Each package gives you full ingredients of and tells you what it is good for, like relation, focus, reducing inflammation and more. The hemp is grown in and blended in Troy New York USA. You should use 12 ounces of 212 degree water and 1 packet of tea and let steep for 7 minutes to get maximum dosage and flavor.

I have not tried all 8 teas yet and a couple I will not be trying myself. One has coconut and chocolate, I do not like coconut and am allergic to chocolate so will be adding that to a gift basket for one of my adult children or a friend. Of the ones I have tried the Soul Tonic was my favorite. The flavor of the blend was amazing. It has Chamomile,, Citrus, hemp, and valerian in it. It is for calmness and relaxation and it really did work. I drank it before bed and had a very restful night.

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Shalofer Baby Girls Boys Halloween Ghost Costume Outfits

 Just look at this adorable Baby Girl or Boy Halloween Ghost Costume Outfit by Shalofer. This little ghost is so cute. It is a long sleeved onsie with 3 snaps at the bottom to make diaper changes easy, and will also help keep baby warm. The little pants have an elastic waist band and a cuff at the bottom. The adorable appliqued pumpkins at the knees really set this outfit off. It also has the adorable hat that you can tie a knot in the tail at the top. The hat says Peek A Boo on the brim. The outfit is made of a cotton blend material and is super soft right out of the package. After it is washed and dried it becomes even softer. This outfit is sold in 4 sizes, 0 - 3, 6 - 9, 9 - 12, and 12 - 18 months.

This will make the cutest outfit for the Halloween season and even as a costume on Halloween night. This is going to be a gift for our Grand Daughter who is due in early September. It will make a cute gift for any due around Halloween as part of a shower gift or a just because gift.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Little Girl Summer Outfit Set Kids Floral Clothes Set from Truly One

We are expecting a new addition to our family in early September. We are getting a new Baby Girl and I cannot wait. So to get ready I have been shopping. I have seen many outfits. This Little Girl Summer Outfit Kids Floral Clothes Set from Truly One is the cutest outfit ever. I would love to have that top in my size.

The top is a baby doll style and has ruffles all the way around it and has bows on the top of each shoulder strap. The shorts also have ruffles all the way around. This is a 3 piece set, along with the top and shorts you get a headband that has a bow matching the floral shorts. The shorts have a oft satin feel. The set is machine washable and dryable.

This outfit does come in Green and Yellow as well and there are 8 sizes to choose from from 6 months to 5T. Also on the buy page there are 6 other outfits. One is the cutest Thanksgiving set I have seen anywhere.

This makes the perfect gift for a baby shower or after birth. I presented this to my Daughter and Son In Law this past weekend and she loved it too.

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.