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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Dramiposs Newborn Baby Gown Layette Baby Boy Girl Cotton Sleepwear Soft Sleepers Coming Home Outfits

This adorable Newborn Baby Gown Layette Baby Boy Girl Cotton Sleepwear Soft Sleepers Coming Home Outfits is from Dramiposs. They have a wonderful line of baby clothing on Amazon.

This outfit is made of 100% cotton and is an adorable baby nightgown. This can be for a boy or a girl. It is a green body with black and white striped long sleeves. Depending on baby's size this could fit probably up to 6 months. It comes with an adorable black and white striped hat with a green band also. It is super long with an elastic band at the bottom to make diaper changes easy and still keep baby warm.  The gown and hat are both machine washable and should not shrink being all cotton. They do sell other designs as well as this Hello World design. The design seems to be stamped on, it does not feel or look like a vinyl decal. The material is very soft. it is about the weight of a t-shirt material, so not overly heavy, but could still be used year round.

This would make a great gift for a baby shower or a focal point for a baby gift basket. This is even nice enough to bring baby home from the hospital in.

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.

Dramiposs Newborn Girls Love At First Sight Nightgown Long Sleeve Outfit with Hat and Headband

This Newborn Girls Love At First Sight Nightgown Long Sleeve Outfit with Hat and Headband from Dramiposs is absolutely adorable. We have a baby coming in September and I cannot wait to see her in this outfit. I love the saying on the front "Love At First Sight". The decal seems to be an inked design it does not feel or look to be a vinyl decal, so it should not come off.

This adorable baby nightgown is made from 100% cotton. It has an elastic band around the bottom to make diaper changes easier and still keep baby warm. This is a newborn but could fit babies up to 6 month depending on size of baby. This outfit is machine washable, and being cotton should not shrink at all.

They do sell the outfit in other colors and designs. They also have a set that ties at the bottom instead of having the elastic. This particular set is a 3 piece set. You get the gown, a hat, and a headband. The headband is not one o the elastic kind it is the kind your tie around the head.

This would make a great baby shower gift, or as a focal point in a gift basket. It would also make a nice outfit to bring baby home from the hospital in.

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.

Dramiposs Baby Girl Floral Wrap Swaddle Set

This Dramiposs Baby Girl Floral Wrap Swaddle Set is just beautiful. It is a 3 piece set with a 90 X 75 centimeter swaddle blanket, a hat, and a headband. They do offer this set in other prints as well as this super adorable white and pink floral print. The set is is made of 95% cotton and 5%spandex.It give a good bit of stretch to wrap baby comfortably. It is very soft material. It says machine washable separate or dry clean on the tag, but the Amazon add says machine wash. It also says it will not shrink, being as it is 95% cotton I do not really see it shrinking.
We have a baby coming in early September and I cannot wait to see her wrapped in this adorable blanket set. This set would be great for taking to the hospital to bring baby home in. It is thin enough for year round use, but also light enough to take baby out in during spring and summer.
This set would make a great gift for a baby shower. It could be added to a baby gift basket also, and would make a great focal point in the basket.The stitching on the whole set seems to be very good quality.

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.

Large Desk Pad Protector For Home Office

50% Off Large Desk Pad Protector For Home Office
Original price: $16.99
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Monday, July 6, 2020

Pureauty Night Cream

I absolutely love this Night Cream from Pureauty. It is a very light cream and does not leave a greasy or oily feel on my skin. I could feel the difference after just one use. My face and neck feel so much softer. I have caught myself touching my cheek and being amazed at how soft it feels. Even my fingers from applying the cream are reaping the benefits.

There is a very light scent to the cream but it dissipates in just seconds after applying the cream. My skin drinks the cream in almost immediately too.

The jar is a 1 ounce or 30 ML. It is a plastic jar with a screw off lid. IT only takes a tiny amount to do my whole face and neck. This single jar will last a long time with the tiny amount it takes.

The main ingredients in this night creams formula are Peony Root Extract, Vitamin C, and Lavender Oil. The scent has a hint of the lavender oil. But like I said it pretty much disappears as soon as the cream dries into your skin.

As I am getting older I am more worried about wrinkles. I do have some fine lines starting and am trying to head them off. I am thinking at this point this cream is going to help me with that. I have only been using it about a week, but so far I love it and it only takes seconds to apply.

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated 17oz Water Bottle by Linkit

I have the 20 ounce stainless steel insulated cup from Linkit and absolutely love it. Now I have this awesome 17 ounce water bottle. It is also stainless steel and double walled. It keeps my drink cold all day, or if you prefer it will keep your drink hot all day. I love how light weight it is and that it does not leak at all. I can toss it in tote bag and don't have to worry about anything getting wet. I also love that it does not sweat at all. It fits perfectly in the cup holders of my car. I have dropped it twice so ffar and there is not a dent or scratch on it, not saying that some drops wont dent or scratch it but so far for me it has not.

I love that outer part of the bottle is smooth. You can add a water bottle sticker to it if you want. I am personally going to decorate it with my cricut.

The water bottle should be hand washed. The bottles come in 9 different colors so you can choose the one you like the best.

As a special for watching my video or reading this post Linkit has given me a 30% off code to share with you on any of their water bottles except the 9 ounce size. Just use this code when checking out on Amazon: 30BLVUVD You won't be sorry.


Thursday, June 25, 2020

PineTales Premium Sleep Aid with Ancient Herbs and Amino Acids

When everything else fails, try PineTales!
We know Sleep. That's why we handpicked the most effective and safe ingredients available on the market and put them into one pill. Because sometimes more is better.
- Guaranteed to help with a restful but more importantly recovering sleep
- Made in USA with the best and most effective Ingredients
- No harmful or confusingly named "Other Ingredients"
- Vegan Friendly and Non GMO
- 30 servings per bottle

Monday, June 22, 2020

Phone screen magnifier from wishouse

I watch a lot of Youtube and not just mindless videos. I learn a lot from Youtube. I am a crafter and love making new things.  I follow a lot of crafters and cooks on Youtube and watch their videos to learn how to make things, both crafts and food. I also love Urban Exploration and traveling to places I will probably never get to go. What I don't love is having to watch through the small screen on my cell phone or having a laptop or tablet in my lap that tends to get heavy after a while. This screen magnifier solves all of that.

The magnifier folder is made of leather, the magnifier itself is lightweight plastic so it weighs next to nothing. It reminds me of the tablet folders for IPads. It's very thin but durable. And it makes my 6 inch by 3 inch cell phone screen about 10 inches by 6 inches. This is perfect when I am trying to watch a craft video and trying to figure out how they did something. I can actually see it so much better and clear as well.

It's so easy to use too. You just have to fold the back piece into a triangle and set your phone up against it. I have a hard case on my phone and it does not get in the way at all. My husband uses a wallet case that has a small flap on it the can get over the screen but it does that without using this. It does come with a cardboard shade that helps keep the light and other glare off of your cell phone screen. When you are not using the magnifier it folds up like a portfolio with the magnifier screen on the inside so that it is fully protected.

PineTales Basic Buckwheat PIllow

For those who prefer to use their own pillowcase on top of it.
Pillowcase is made of dust proof unbleached Organic Cotton Twill
Equipped with YKK Zipper because Quality matters.
Filled with 100% Organic Buckwheat Hulls (Naturally Gluten Free). The unique structure of buckwheat hulls is known to create enhanced air circulation. Air circulates better than with any other material on the market.
Fully adjustable. Hulls can easily be removed to adjust the pillow to your liking. Simply open the zipper and remove hulls using a cup or with your hand.
Good for all sleeping positions and specially for people with posture, neck or spine issues.
Superior support and adjustability over other filling materials.
Handmade with ❤ in Phoenix, AZ
We only use the Highest Quality Buckwheat Hulls. All our hulls are triple screened and heat treated. Guaranteed Odor and Pesticide free.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Walkie Talkies by Topsung

Great for adults and easy enough for the kids to use. The set comes with 2 radios, 6 - 1000MAh NI-MH AA rechargeable batteries, the wall charger, a double ended charging cable, 2 lanyards that can unclip to be used with a carbiener to clip on belts, back packs or other items, there is a belt clip on the back of the walkie talkies too. These do have a volume control. The volume is quite loud and very clear. They have a call button, you can change channels so you can have privacy during your communications. These are great for taking hiking, camping, fishing, skiing, to use at events or theme parks to help keep track of your party. These could also be used at work. The kids had a blast with them but I will be using them when we go to craft fairs, days out and more.

The range is very good. Neighborhood: Up to 1 miles Open Water: Up to 4 miles Mountain to Valley: Up to 16 miles

Some of the features are:
NOAA Weather Alert will sound an alarm indicating that there is a risk of severe weather in your area. EVOX/VOX function like a speakerphone and allow hands-free communication. 
22 Channel

38 CTCSS privacy code and 83 DCS privacy code

Low battery alarm


keypad lock

Emergency Alarm

Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Selection (25 KHZ/12.5KHz)

Battery Save Function

Overcharge Protection

Noise Reduction

I am personally very satisfied with these Walkie Tallkies. And love that they are not just toys for the kids.

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Can't Work Today My Arm Is In A Cast T-shirt by Nerdyshirts

What a shirt. This is a really nice t-shirt. It is a Gildan brand shirt. It is 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It is so soft I could just cuddle up in it. I ordered an extra large, it runs a bit big though. So if you are in an in between size I would say go the smaller of the 2. I have not washed it yet since I am giving it as a Father's Day present.

The shirt says Can't Work Today My Arm Is In A Cast with a Guy in a boat with a fishing pole in front of the sun. This is a vinyl iron on. The iron on is on very good and I so no loose edges or wrinkles in it. The tshirt itself is a heather grey in color. And did I mention it is really soft?

The tshirt seems to be very good quality. I see no seem errors and the stitching seem to be very good and tight. I do not see any crookedness on the hems and the neck line is nice, even and soft as well.

This tshirt is going to make a great gift. I am very happy with this shirt and will probably order more shirts from NerdyShirts. The quality seems top notch.

Friday, June 12, 2020

The Parable Of The Sower Bible Story

The Parable Of The Sower Bible Story Summary For Christian Parents, Teachers & Children. Including a beautiful coloring page provided for free, Download it from here -

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Magnetic Wooden Fishing Learning Game by Petitoy

This Magnetic Wooden Fishing Learning Game by Petitoy it so cool. It comes with all 26 Letters of the alphabet and 20 numbers. The numbers all have a sea life theme. The alphabet pieces have all different themes on them. Both sets of pieces have a nice magnet strip covering the whole back. The metal part that attaches to the magnet is surrounded by wood and attached with a string. You also get a set of match cards in a metal container. All of this comes in a nice recloseable container with a plastic lid. On the inside of the bottom container there are pictures of the 20 numbers where you can place the pieces you catch.

With the matching cards there are words and pictures, so you can incorporate the alphabet magnets by catching the beginning letter to the card or in some cases spell the whole word.

This set is meant for children older then 3 as some of the pieces are small and can cause a chocking hazard. Adult supervision would be a good idea. Other then that the set is really great and fun for the kids while they are learning their numbers and alphabet.

With everything made of wood these are easy to wipe clean. They are sealed with a clear shiny coating. Clean up with a damp cloth. This set would make a great gift, and can also be used in home school, regular school, and even day care centers.

Here is a 25% off gift coupon - .1 per customer

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Sleepwish nautical turtle duvet cover set twin size

I received this twin size nautical turtle duvet cover set from Sleepwish. It is a really nice duvet cover with 2 pillow slips. This is a nautical theme with a turtle, starfish, shells, and other sea items on the cover and the pillow slips. The colors are bright and with so many colors it could go with most wall colors. This is a twin size it completely covers the top of my Queen size bed for a size comparison. The cover is 68 inches by 86 inches. It is made of Microfiber and is machine washable. The duvet cover is thin, more like sheet thickness so could be used year round with a comforter inside or even without during the hotter summer months. There is a zipper across the bottom of the cover to allow you to put your comforter in. I prefer zippers to button, snaps, or velcro myslef. I feel like it holds up better and keeps your comforter inside. I have the twin size but Sleepwish does sell this set in Full, Queen, and king size as well. This is perfect for anyone with a beach theme room. It would also make a nice gift. It says for boys but personally I would think it would be nice in any bedroom or guest room.

Check it out on Amazon

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.

Forid 1.2 gal trash bags

I received this box of 1.2 gal trash bags from Forid. They are strong clear trash bags with zero smell. They fit nicely in my small bathroom trash can. There are 220 trash bags in the box, they come on 5 rolls of 44 bags in a reclosable box. These bags can handle a good load without busting. The bags are 16.9 inches long and 17.7 inches wide. They fit the small bathroom sized trash cans with about a 3 inch over hang. These bags are made from high quality pure PE material. They are strong and are leak proof. They have no smell at all. I really like that, I hate the chemically burning plastic scent that some trash bags have, but I also do not like the perfume scented bags either. Some of the perfume scented bags with some types of trash thrown in them really tend to stink. With these bags there is no worry about that at all. The bags are crystal clear, where a lot of bags say clear but they have a kind of white see through color. Not that this is a big deal or anything but if using the bag for storage it makes it a whole lot nicer to actually be able to see what is in the bag. These bags are great for home, office, in the car, in a diaper bag and more. They are small enough to fold up and carry easily with you for diapers, camping, and more. 
Check these out on Amazon I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.  

Monday, May 25, 2020

Garden/Lawn Sprinkler from Blisstime

Garden/Lawn Sprinkler

360 Rotating
3 Arm Sprayer
Leak Free Design
Easy Hose Connection

For lawn garden irrigation, also can be used for agriculture irrigation, house roof cooling, or summer sprinkler for kids playtime. For use directly connect the water sprinkler with the water hose and turn it on.

Spray Gourmet Liquid Spices

Spray Gourmet Liquid Spices Cinnamon Seasoning, Natural Extract Non GMO Spice, 3 fl. oz

This is a whole new concept for me when it comes to spices. I have used whole spices and ground them myself, I have bought tons of bottles of spices. I am always trying new recipes, spices, and kitchen tools. So when I ran across these liquid spices I couldn't wait to try them.

The spices come in 3 ounce spray bottles. They are liquid. The spice is mixed with sunflower oil and DATEM to keep them from separating. The flavor of these spices are amazing. Better then the bottled.

I have the black pepper and the cinnamon. The black pepper comes from India and the cinnamon is from Sri Lanka.
One spray of the black pepper is equal to a pinch of pepper and 1 spray of the cinnamon is equal to 1/4 teaspoon. There is about 3 times ore spice in one bottle then in regular ground spices.

Both have amazing flavor, and they are so much easier then dragging out the measuring spoons, or spilling the bottles. There is an little slider on the sprayer. Slide it around the side to open or back to the front middle to close it. I must admit I did not close mine, but it has not leaked at all setting in my spice cabinet.

I cannot wait to try the rest of this line of spray spices. They offer Chili Pepper, Cumin, and Ginger as well. Can't wait for them to come out with more.

Check out the Spray Gourmet company of their website and social media

#spraygourmet ; #liquidspices

And check out their products on Amazon:

Friday, May 8, 2020

Sinocare Infrared Thermometer

Sinocare Infrared Thermometer, Non-Contact Digital Medical Thermometer, [Accurate Reading] [High Temperature Alarm], Forehead Thermometer for Babies, Kids & Adults.
Get it on Amazon:
#Sinocareofficial #Infraredthermometer #homeinneed #Digitalthermometer

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Self-Suction Filtering Respirator Reusable N95 Mask

I am going to give this silicon self suctioning N95 mask 3 stars. It took a week to come to this decision. I was tossing around between 2 and 4. Hereis why. The mask is made of silicon, and fits well to my face with no manipulation. Just lace the string on and tighten it to fit your head. The string is very stretchy. I was easily about to double it so I could wear it across the top and the base of my head at the same time. I prefer to just wear it around my head above the ears and the mask stays on very well. The front part of the mask is a hard plastic, this is where you lace the string through and also where the replaceable filter it. It basically pops onto the silicon part of the mask. The mask itself is easily cleanable by just dropping the silicone part into boiling water. It does come with 2 of the cotton filter pads.

Now here is the part of this review I was tossing back and forth on. The mask is great it stays on well, but out of the package the chemical smell is so strong after just a few seconds my sinuses were freaking out. I couldn't stand the smell. I did set it on a shelf and let it air for most of a week and the smell does dissipate pretty well, but I cannot wear it for long periods.

The mask comes with 2 of the replaceable filters, The website says it comes with 2 at the top and 10 in the product description. I have looked and so far have not been able to find more replacements for the mask.

The packaging is nice it is a plastic zip top baggie, with a foil look inside. All of the writing on the package is in Chinese I believe it is. So the instructions I cannot read. There are 4 small pictures to give you and idea, plus the mask is pretty much self explanatory to begin with. But I would like to be able to read how long to boil the mask, how long to use the filters and things like that. There was a small card inside written in English but it was not indepth at all.

The next thing it says that it is not sold in the US, so most of you reading this will not be able to purchase one.

It does seem like a very good mask, it is comfortable to wear too.

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

20oz Tumbler with Slider Lid & Straws by Link It

I am loving my new tumbler. It keeps ice pretty much all day and my drink is always nice and cold. I do not drink coffee but I am pretty sure this will keep hot drinks hot for hours as well.

You get everything you need to use this tumbler. It comes with the tumbler, the slider lid, a straight straw, a bent straw, and a straw cleaning brush. The tumbler is made of 18/8 stainless steel. It is double walled and vacuum insulated. The splash-proof slider lid is made from Tritan plastic. The lids slider is pretty tight and I have knocked the cup over, which by the way was not an easy task, it did not leak at all. The tumbler is well balanced so it does not fall over easily. The base fits into the cup holder in my car perfectly. The covering on the outside is BPA-free and a No Sweat Design. This makes it pretty much slip proof. The cup is easy to hold.

Do not freeze the cup and hand wash only. I have the pink one but they do sell these in black, brick red, Olive Green, orange, solid stainless steel, white, seafoam, and pink.

If you would like to have one here is a special 30% discount code: KNEOL3DF

Check it out on Amazon

Instagram: @linkit__official
Twitter: @LinkitOfficial
Pinterest: @LinkitOfficial

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Product link:
30% discount code: KNEOL3DF

I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.