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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Jewelry Organizer Box



This is a nice Jewelry Organizer Box from IMHO. It is made all of plastic. It is  2.6 inches X 4.5 inches X 9.3 In when folded, and when expanded it is 16.2 inches X 4.5 inches X 9.3 inches. 

It has 3 for holding jewelry and a mirror. There are 90 studs holes, 63 earrings holes, 18 necklaces holes, 3 U grooves, and 1 mirror. The last section's clear plastic holder part opens and closes so you can turn your jewelry around so that it will not rub up against other jewelry of earring posts. 

This would be nice to use when traveling. The box does not snap closed or have a magnet to keep it closed you would want to put a rubber band or something around it or it will come open and kind of defeat the purpose. 

The case is waterproof but not water resistant. It is dust proof, and says it helps with oxidation so your sterling silver jewelry should not turn black as fast as setting on a dresser would. 

This would make a great gift for any woman or teenage girl for any gift giving occasion. I would not give it to younger children as it is kind of thin plastic and could break leaving sharp edges. 

Check it out on Amazon

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

4 Evergreen Engagement Ring Tips That Will Help You Stay Within Budget

The excitement of getting married can lead people to do crazy impractical things. One of the most common pre-wedding mistakes is spending too much on an engagement ring. While there is no harm in buying an expensive ring, the problem lies when you end up spending more than you can afford.

This does not apply to you if you have put away a portion of your income and buying the ring from personal savings. That’s the sensible way to go and a practice that’s becoming increasingly rarer.

Most people just swipe their credit cards to buy an engagement ring with a price tag that’s way more they can pay. That’s barring the fact that they now would need to pay a whopping interest rate on an already expensive ring.

Thankfully there is an easy way out. You can simply buy a ring that you can afford to pay. There are more than a few online shops that sell affordable engagement rings in the UK. These rings are crafted from less expensive (no less special) metals and come fitted with beautiful gems.

To make sure you do not start your married life with a debt, following 4 all-weather tips to save money when buying engagement rings.

Buy the Engagement Ring Online: Going to a jewelry store to buy engagement rings is overrated and it’s an easy way to lose track of your budget. Store executives often have a commission percentage, which means they are going to use every trick in the book to get you to spend more. If you are someone who struggles to say no, visiting a jewelry shop can lead you to spend double your initial budget. When buying online, you are much more likely to make a practical purchase decision. You also get the added advantage of quickly comparing prices.
Explore Alternative Metal Options: No matter where you buy it from platinum is expensive. However, who says you need to buy platinum in the first place. There are plenty of amazing metal options to explore. If you want a white metal that resembles the look of platinum then try titanium, palladium, and cobalt. If you want a golden metal that comes without the hefty cost of gold, then buy yellow gold or a gold-plated ring. Rose gold engagement rings are also a great option as they have a unique reddish hue, unlike any other metal types.
Explore Non-Diamond Gem Options: Right from lab-made sapphires to natural stones such as peridot, aquamarine, and cubic zirconia, there are plenty of non-diamond gem options. Some lab-grown gems have amazing clarity and they look better than their natural variants. If you are looking for an affordable gem that looks like a diamond then check out moissanite and cubic zirconia.
Buy a Bridal Ring Set: If you are planning on buying an engagement ring and wedding rings then it makes sense to buy an affordable bridal ring set. These are usually more affordable when compared to buy the three rings (one engagement ring and two wedding rings) separately. Buying a set also ensures you get matching designs.

Sunday, November 11, 2018


This CZ Tennis Cross Bling Bling Stainless Steel Necklace it very nice,. It can be worn by Men or Women. There are 11 Cubic Zirconia Diamond stones in the cross. The stones are very shine and pick up the light very well. It almost glows in bright lights. It is very eye catching. The cross itself is 35 mm long, 17 mm wide, 4 mm thick and weighs about 3 grams. It is not overly huge like some of the Hip Hop Bling I have seen.

There are several chains to choose from I have the 24 inch Cuban 3 mm chain. It is thick and seems to be very high quality. It is also made of Stainless Steel. The other chain varieties are the free bead chain, a 24 inch Franco 2.5 mm chain, a 24 2 mm rope chain or a 3 mm rope chain, a 24 inch rounded box chain, and a 24 inch square box chain.

This does come in a very nice gift box. The chain and pendant are packaged separately inside of small zip top bags inside of the gift box. This necklace would make a great gift for men or women of for yourself.

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I either received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Black Punk Choker Chokers Necklace

Black Punk Choker Charm Stretch Gothic Tattoo Chokers Necklace Set

This is a  Black Punk Choker Charm Stretch Gothic Tattoo Chokers Necklace Set from AotengStar. It is adjustable for neck sizes from 11.4 inches to 14.5 inches. There are 3 snaps to make the adjustments. The choker is made of black PU leather, it is stiff enough to give a good look but very flexible to give you comfort while wearing the necklace. The leather has a slight shine to it, it is not dull but not like a patent leather. It looks to be of very good quality PU leather. On the inside of the choker is a soft velvet like material to keep the PU leather from rubbing against your skin and stops irritation. Makign the necklace more comfortable to wear. The choker has 5 silver colored spiked studs on each side and large ring in the center for adding charms. This is a great choker if you are a fan of the Gothic style or if you putting together a costume for a party, a night out, or for Halloween even. This would make a nice gift for someone who likes the Gothic style. You can add any charm you like with a simple jump ring to make it your own one of a kind. 

Check it out on Amazon


I received this product for free or  at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Monday, January 22, 2018

2 Pairs Lotus Flower Women Lovely Crystal Earrings Pearl Front and Back Ear Stud

Super cute set of 2 pairs of lotus flower earring, one set is gold tone and the other is silver tone. These earrings are crafted in alloy. This is a mix and match set of earrings. You can wear these earrings with or without the lotus flower. The Lotus flower can be worn on the front or backside of the ear. They are made to be worn on the back but either way works. The stud earrings are so pretty by themselves. They have several clear rhinestones encrusting the top and are beautiful alone.

These earrings would be nice to wear for a formal occasion or any occasion really. They are very pretty but not over done. The lotus flower itself is about an inch across and about 1/2 inch long. There are 5 large petals and 6 small petals on each earring. They are very lightweight and do not pull on my ears.

These earrings would make a really pretty gift for any woman. Mine came shipped in a plastic bag in a padded envelope, but you could put them in a nice jewelry box for gift giving. I am personally very happy with these earrings and will be wearing them a lot. 

Check these out on Amazon

I received this product for free or  at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Lasten Plastic Storage Box

I am a crafter and I love jewelry. I have beads, sequins and other small craft items that I find it really hard to keep separated and ready for use. I also have tons of earrings. I like to keep my earrings together by pairs, I mean who doesn't. When you have about 100 pairs of earrings just dropped into a jewelry box it makes finding a pair to wear very time consuming. This box is perfect for both and many other small items. 

The dividers are removable so you can make different sized slots.With all of the dividers in place there are 36 slots. I can keep the dividers small for my earrings, or remove the divider and make room for watches or bracelets. If I am using the box for crafts I can leave them small for items I only have a few of or make them larger for bigger items or say a section that I have several beads of the same type or color.  

It has 2 flip locks on the outside to keep the box securely shut and a hanger at the end If I want to hand it for easy reach. The box is clear so you can easily see what's inside. The box is made of a hard plastic. It is 10.8 inches x 7.3 inches x 1.8 inches. Each grid is  1.8 inches x 1.6 inches x 1.2 inches. 

Check it out on Amazon

I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

lotus earrings

Super cute earrings. There are 2 pairs in the set 1 set of gold alloy, one set of silver alloy. These earrings do not contain nickle so they shouldn't hurt most peoples ears. I love how the lotus flower is behind the ear with just a cute bar on the front of the ear.

Check these out on Amazon

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I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Love Heart Pendant Necklace Made with 925 Sterling Silver and Crystals from Swarovski

This necklace is a Beautiful Swarovski Crystal heart shaped pendant surrounded by a cage of 925 sterling silver layered with clear cubic zirconia stones. The blue of the Swarovski Crystal is stunning. it is so clear you can see through it. The silver wrapped around it just really stands out as well as making the crystal stand out. This necklace goes beautifully over light colored clothing or with any color v neck. This necklace is perfect to wear anytime and anywhere whether casual or a dress event.

The chain is a fine delicate chain. I am not sure if the chain is sterling silver or not though. The ad on Amazon does not say what the chain is made of, and their is no 925 marking on the hasp. The back of the pendant does say 925 though.  I have worn the necklace a few times and it has not discolored the chain or turned my neck green.

The necklace also comes in a very nice padded gift box. This would make a beautiful gift for any woman and for any occasion. The holidays are coming quick. I would personally loved to have received this necklace from my husband or kids.

Check it out on Amazon

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I received this product for free or  at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Friday, November 3, 2017

BOUTIQUELOVIN Silver-Tone Real Leaf Dangle Lightweight Earring

I love earrings. I really love earrings that dangle. And mostly I really love Pretty earrings that dangle. I get all of that with this pair of earrings. They are so pretty. I love how they actually look like real leaves. The veins and texture look so realistic. The silver color against my dark brown hair really stands out. They also catch the light.

These are a bit bigger then I thought they would be but I will still wear them. They hand almost to my shoulder, I love the swing they have to them when I move my head. Each earring is about 2 inches long give or take, and about 1 inch wide give or take a few millimeters.

There look like they would be heavy but they are feather light. I hardly notice the weight while wearing them.

These earrings have a french hook to hold them in your ears. One of the most unique thing about these earrings are no 2 are exactly the same. They are made like natural leaves, when no 2 are the same. They are not a lot different and they are very close in size but there are subtle differences to each earring.

The earrings come in a very bright velvet pouch to protect them not only during shipping but when you are not wearing them. These are beautiful earrings. I am keeping mine for myself but these would also make a great gift.

Check these out on Amazon

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I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

KISSPAT Real Premium Peacock Feather Headband

This is a beautiful peacock feather headband. There are the tips or the eye of the Peacock feather of 12 feathers attached to a felt backing. There is also a rhinestone encrusted pearl like stone in the lower center of the feather piece. The feather have been trimmed down to make this beautiful headband.

The band and the feather piece are separate pieces. The headband is a metal headband covered in soft silk type material. The feather piece has a loop piece on the back that you feed the headband through. I like this because I wear the feathers lower or higher as I want. The feather piece does lay flat against my hair when I am wearing it. I can wear the feathers on either side of my head as I see fit.

This headband comes shipped in a very nice padded gift box. The feather piece is inside of a plastic bag so it can not be bounced around and damaged. The headband is not attached. There is a velvet padded piece at the bottom of the box and a sponge piece inside the top of the box. There is also a pretty bow on top of the box. This headband would make a very nice gift for any girl, teen, or woman.

Check this out on Amazon

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I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Monday, October 23, 2017

KISSPAT Fashion Blue Rhombus Boho Chic Dangling Earrings

I love earrings. I wear them all the time. I have hundreds of pairs, and am always looking for new ones. I ran across this set from KissPat and fell in love with them online. They are beautiful handmade metal earrings. There are silver tone with a turquoise blue. The earrings are a french hook style dangle earring. The earrings including the french hook are about 4 1/4 inches long, at their widest point they are 2 1/8th inch wide. They are 2 piece earrings the top smaller piece is is about 7/8's inch long and 5/8's inch long. The bottom larger piece is about 2 5/8's inches long and 2 1/8's inches wide. They are very large earrings. Larger then I expected. They are very thin and very lightweight. I do not notice the weight at all when I am wearing them.

I love how the blue stands out against the silver and my skin. It almost glows. I have a couple of outfits that these earrings are perfect with. I personally think they go better with darker colors as it makes the blue stand out even better. Even though they are larger then what I usually like I love how pretty they are and will be getting a good bit of wear out of these earrings.

Check these out on Amazon

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

BOUTIQUELOVIN Set of 2 Love Knot Bangle Bracelets

I love wearing jewelry. I love all kinds of jewelry. I always have jewelry on. I really love these bracelets. There are 2 in the set one is a silver tone one is a gold tone. The love knot it so pretty. These bracelets are kind of plain. Which is not a bad thing. I just mean there is no embellishment. To me this is perfect because I can wear them with any other jewelry I chose, and outfit, and for any occasion.  The bracelets are sturdy enough to not break but I can bend them enough to wear them loose, or tight on my wrist. Which means they are great for any sized wrist.  These come in a nice velvet gift bag and would make a very nice gift for any woman of any age.

Check them out on Amazon

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

14 PCS Small Mood Shape Stone Pendants

This set of 14 piece moon shaped stones are awesome. I love that I can put one or more on a chain and wear it as a necklace. I can put french hook earrings on them and wear them or add them as a dangle to hooped earrings. They can be worn attached to a pin. They can be added to clothing, hats, key chains, or added to just about any craft project. There are just so many ways to decorate using these beautiful moon shaped stones. With all the colors to choose from can you can match them to any outfit.

Most of the stones are natural stones some are artificial though. Even though you can't really tell. The stones are highly polished and most are very smooth. Some of the natural stones have a few imperfections but that makes them unique. Each of the stones have a silver colored alloy bail on them which is large enough to slide over the end of most chains, and large enough to even wear with thicker chains. These are great with a silver chain or earrings.  The stones are about 16 mm or a little over 1/2 inch long. They are large enough to be seen but not so large that they become gaudy.

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I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Friday, September 8, 2017

4 PCS Gold Color Bezel Raw Natural Druzy Rock Crystal Quartz Stone Pendant Necklace

I love necklaces. I always have at least one one. I usually have one my husband or kids gave me with a shorter chain and then a longer one. I love natural stone necklaces. I really love healing and Chakra stones.

This set of 4 necklaces are made of real quartz. The colors are dyed, not natural to the quartz.  The colors are dark blue, light blue, purple, and pink. The stones are all uneven cut. Some are more circular, some are more oval. Some are thinner than others. There is a gold toned coating around the edge of each stone. The top side of the stone is naturally textured and the bottom side is pretty smooth. The stones are very lightweight and about the size of a US Quarter.

These pendants come on 30 inch long golden Brass satellite Chain. There is a gold toned ball about every inch on the chain. I love the long chain. I can wear one of these necklaces with my other special necklaces. With the 4 different necklaces I can match one with most of my outfits. These are pretty enough for wearing out on special occasions or just to work. With 4 necklaces you could also share. These would make a pretty gift.

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LUVAMI Swarovski Crystal Heart Earrings

I love my new earrings. I am a huge fan of Swarovski Crystals. They are so beautiful. These earrings are stunning in their beauty. They are not tiny but yet they are dainty. These earrings are perfect for a night on the town, shopping, work, or just anytime. I am an earring junkie. I have tons of earrings, but very few that I wear a lot. These will be one of those chosen few pairs that get a ton of wear. Not only are they beautiful but they are my favorite color.

These earrings have a Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel french hook. I have very sensitive ears, and can wear only sterling silver for long periods, but I was able to wear these all day with no problems. The brilliant blue heart shaped Swarovski Crystal is perfectly shaped. The crystals really catch the light and really sparkle. The stone is clear enough to almost see through.

These beautiful earrings come in an equally beautiful velvet covered gift box, and are wrapped in a gossamer pull string bag. Perfect for giving these stunning earrings as a gift. These would make the perfect gift for any gift giving occasion. I'm keeping mine though!!

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Pelisy Sterling Silver Stud Earring for Women

I love my new earrings. I never go without earrings. I have tons but love to change them out pretty much daily. I do have a few pairs that are my favorite and I tend to wear them a lot. I fell in love with these earrings when I saw them on Amazon. But now that I have them in my possessions I really am in love with them. This will be one of those pairs I wear quite often. These will look great with any outfit and in any setting. Whether going out to some place nice or casual. These will get a lot of use.

These earrings are sterling silver. They are about 1 1/2 inches long. These are stud earrings. They have the butterfly backs on them. These are 2 piece earrings. The top half with the post in them and then the lower part. The lower part are fed through the upper part.

Mine came in a very pretty blue velvet box that would make a great presentation if given as a gift. These would make a beautiful gift for any holiday or just because. There are several styles of earring to choose from at the same link.

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I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Caramella Bubble Father Christmas Emoji Face Charms Bracelet

Do you want to feel festive this year at Christmastime? I do!! I love the holidays. I love decorating the house, the yard, and me!! These adorable bracelets will look great during the holidays. There are 10 emoji beads on each bracelet. The beads are rd not orange but I could not get my camera to pick up the coloring very good. There are 2 bracelets in the set. So I can deck out both wrists or I can share. Or you can choose the set with a necklace and bracelet.

The bracelets are 7.87 inches long and there is about 1 inch of adjustable links. The bracelet is a little on the heavy side but not to the point of being uncomfortable at all for me. For a Child it may be a bit much. The bracelet chain and the beads are both made out of ally. They seem to be put together very well. The faces on the beads are so cute. The large bead does not have a face. The 9 slightly smaller beads are all different. There is even a poop bead.

On Amazon it says there is a cute gift box included. Mine came in a plastic bags inside of a plastic bag. There was no gift box at all. So not sure what is up with that. So if you are wanting these to be delivered in a gift box you may not get it. I am not using mine for a gift so it didn't really matter to me. Along with the weight and the missing box are my reasons for the 4 * review.

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Coin Lariat Long Necklace Star Pendant Choker by Caramella Bubble


I love jewelry. I am not crazy about the wild big bling but I do like the small pretty pieces. I am not am overstated or flashy person. I wear necklaces and earrings daily. I am lost without them. What I like about this necklace is it is everything I like and will go with any outfit. I can wear this out on a date with my husband to a nice restaurant or just to the movies.

The necklace is made out of copper with a silver plating. They also have a gold one, I personally prefer silver. This is a layered necklace. The choker at the top is 12.2 inches long with a 3 inch adjustable length chain.  It is formed together with metal sequins and in the center is a ring about the size of a dime with a star hanging from it. The longer chain is about 16 inches long with a 4 inch single chain hanging from it and 1 1/8 inch solid bard hanging from it. The longer chain is attached to the top sequin on both sides of the choker. The chains is thin but does not seem to be attached loose in any place. I did have a sight problem when I first put the necklace on the top sequin kept coming loose from the adjustable part of the chain. I pulled out my jeweler's pliers and squeezed it a bit and it has been fine since.

This was delivered in a small plastic zip top bag inside of a nice jewelry box which is nice enough to given a a gift.

#SilverToneNecklace #Necklac #choker #layerednecklace #Jewelry #CaramellaBubble #Amazon #amazonfinds #Tomoson #Review #Honestreview

Aqua Stone Long Tassel Pendant Women Y Chain Layering Necklace


I liked this necklace when I saw it online, now that I have it in my hand I love it. This beautiful necklace is great for just about any occasion. I can wear it out when I am going fancy or just hanging out.. Either way it will fit right in. This is a silver toned necklace made out of alloy. It has a Faux Druzy Stone in a light Aqua color. The stone is about the size of a dime, just a little smaller. The tassels are about 4 inches long hanging off the stone. The chain is about 30 inches long and has 3 inches of links to adjust it longer if you want.

I have to say this is a cheap necklace. It is not meant to wear all day everyday. If it was it would cost more. But to wear occasionally it is very beautiful and will go with a lot of different colored outfits. I would not recommend falling asleep with it on. I have had no problems with any of the links being loose or the tassels coming off or anything like that while I have been wearing it. It does seem to be pretty sturdy to wear.

#AgueStoneNecklace #BlueStoneNecklace #TasseledNecklace #YChain #BOUTIQUELOVIN #Amazon #AmazonJewelry #Amazonfinds #Tomoson #HonestReview #ReviewItem #review

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Owl Earrings Rose Quartz Love Stone Healing Dangle Women Girls Earrings

I love earrings. I am close to be addicted to earrings. I love the dangly ones the most. I also like owls. But one of my favorite parts of these earrings are they are made with Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is one of my favorite stones. It is known as the love stone. It is the stone of the Heart Chakra. It is a feminine stone and also carries compassion, peace, tenderness, healing, nourishment and comfort. It is a beautiful light pink stone.

The stones in these earrings are natural stones. They are polished to a beautiful shone. The stones may differ a little bit in color and size sine they are natural stones. The metal Owl part is silver plated brass. The pendant is a little over 1 inch long. The back side of the earring is also silver plated and has a lot of air holes so the stone can breath. These earrings look heavier then they are. I really do not feel the weight as I am wearing them.

I have extremely sensitive ears and I did have to change out the french hooks to sterling silver to be able to wear these for more then a few hours. I have to do this with most earrings so I did not mind at all. I purchase the sterling silver hooks on amazon and they really are not expensive at all.

I am thrilled with my new earrings. They are so cute. I can wear them with most outfits as the pale pink goes with almost anything.

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