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Monday, April 15, 2019

Demon Magic and a Martini by Annette Marie

Demon Magic and a Martini
Annette Marie
(The Guild Codex: Spellbound #4)
Published by: Dark Owl Fantasy Inc.
Publication date: April 12th 2019
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy
When I first landed a bartending job at the local guild, I didn’t know a thing about magic. These days, I’m practically an expert on the different magical classes, but there’s one nobody ever talks about: Demonica.
Turns out they have a good reason for that. My guild is strictly hellion-free, because who wants to risk life and limb to control the biggest bullies on the mythic playground?
Well, some people do, and now a demon has been loosed in the city. My three best friends are determined to slay it, but even badass combat mages are critically out-magicked. And that’s not all. The monster they’re tracking—it’s not hiding. It’s not fleeing. It’s not leaving a trail of corpses everywhere it goes.
The demon is hunting too. And in a city full of mythics, it’s searching for deadlier prey.
If we can’t unravel the demon’s sinister motivations, more innocent people will die, but finding the answers means digging into dark secrets … and learning truths I never wanted to know.

Note: The three mages are definitely sexy, but this series isn’t a reverse harem. It’s 100% fun, sassy, fast-paced urban fantasy.


Three Mages and a Margarita (#1)

Dark Arts and a Daiquiri (#2)

Two Witches and a Whiskey (#3)

Demon Magic and a Martini (#4)
“Speaking of worry …” Sin’s eyes narrowed. “I heard all about how you went demon hunting with Aaron, Kai, and Ezra. I have to ask … what the hell were any of you thinking?”
“Um, well—”
“You aren’t combat trained, and demons are the fiercest, deadliest opponents out there! Why would Darius even approve it? You’re all idiots.”
I managed a bleak smile. “Thanks, Sin. Appreciate the vote of confidence.”
She sniffed angrily. “You know you aren’t ready for that, and I’d really prefer my friend not get herself killed.”
Couldn’t argue with her there. I’d also prefer not to get killed.
Lifting the tattered book off her lap, she smacked it down on the bar. “We need to look at options.”
“Uh … options for what?”
“Defensive alchemy.” She cast me a flinty stare. “Since you’re all for the dangerous jobs now, you need to be armed with more than a couple of artifacts. I heard you used a smoke screen. What else did you take?”
Bemusedly, I watched her flip the book open. “Just flash-bang potions. What is that thing?”
“My grimoire. All Arcana mythics have one—where we record all the spells or transmutations we’ve learned or invented.” She turned several spotted, liquid-stained pages covered in handwriting and diagrams. “I can make smoke bombs and flash-bangs easily enough, but you need something to stop an opponent. Personally, I don’t like sleep potions. It’s easy to get it on your own skin and then you’re asleep instead of them.”
“Yeah, that’d be bad.”
She skimmed a few more pages. “Enhanced strength is useful, but it doesn’t last long, and unless you’re in excessively good shape, you’ll crash hard

afterward. Let’s see … amnesia, no. Fasting potion, no. Enhanced speed, no.”
“What’s wrong with speed? I’d like to be faster.”
“It’s hopelessly impractical. Your body gets faster, but your reflexes don’t, so it’s difficult to control without training and practice. You’ll spend the potion’s duration tripping over your own feet and running into things.”
“Oh.” Too bad. “What’s a fasting potion?”
“Drink it and you won’t need food, water, or a bathroom for about forty-eight hours. Good for certain situations, but you pay for it afterward.” She perused more recipes. “Enhanced perception, air buffer, true sight, anti-emotionalizer, allure-fume—none of these are useful.”
“Allure-fume?” I repeated. “What’s that?”
She winced. “Uh, it’s a … um … perfume.”
I stared at her pointedly, waiting for an explanation, and her cheeks turned pink.
“A few drops on the skin will make the wearer especially alluring to the opposite sex. Like pheromones.”
“Why do you know a potion like that?”
“I tried it out when I was younger, okay?” she muttered defensively. “Lesson learned. You don’t have to lecture me.”
“What happened?”
“I wore it on a first date with this guy I really liked.” “Did it work?”
“It worked on him, plus every male who got within twenty feet of me. I spent our entire dinner date pushing random men out of our booth. I’ve never been hit on so many times in one evening. Most of the men were twice my age and married.”
Fighting back a snicker, I asked, “Did you go on a second date with your crush?”
“No.” She hung her head over the grimoire. “An early sign that my love life was doomed.”

Author Bio:
Annette Marie is the author of Amazon best-selling YA urban fantasy series Steel & Stone, its prequel trilogy Spell Weaver, and romantic fantasy trilogy Red Winter. Her first love is fantasy, but fast-paced adventures and tantalizing forbidden romances are her guilty pleasures. She lives in the frozen winter wasteland of Alberta, Canada (okay, it's not quite that bad) with her husband and their furry minion of darkness—sorry, cat—Caesar. When not writing, she can be found elbow-deep in one art project or another while blissfully ignoring all adult responsibilities.


Beautiful Nightmare by L.C. Son

Beautiful Nightmare
L.C. Son
(Beautiful Nightmare, #1)
Publication date: February 14th 2019
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Damina Nicaud, a beautiful, successful art buyer in Washington, D.C., has been plagued by hauntingly romantic dreams of a mystery man every night. While she knows she shouldn’t consider her dreams to be anything more than anxiety brought on by her upcoming nuptials, she can’t help but be lured into its entreat. Unbeknownst to her, the dreamscape that plagues her mind will be all that carries her through eventual heartbreak and learning the truth of her orphaned lineage. She is more than human.

Escaping to New Orleans on the heels of her broken heart, she begins to unravel the mystery of her life while discovering a love powerful enough to unleash an ancient power residing within herself. Weaving through a world of artistic passion, vampires, wolves, and the supernatural, Damina Nicaud begins to take hold of her Beautiful Nightmare.

Goodreads / Amazon

On sale for 99¢ for a limited time!


This is our spot. The place where he comes to see me. I know he can see me because the moonlit sky illuminates the area where I stand like a spotlight. But under the golden oak is shadow cast. I can only see his silhouette.

I’ve never seen his full face. Just his eyes. The look in his crystalline green eyes paralyzes me with awe, fear, endearment, and safety.

He stays in the shadows, waiting for me to come closer. But I cannot. There are stirring shadows all around us. He is unmoved. I am afraid.

My fear keeps me from going closer and running into his embrace. I know that he will wrap me in his arms, and I will be safe. But I stand still. Frozen.

“A well-written paranormal romance, Beautiful Nightmare seamlessly blends the real with the fantastic. The novel delivers with a creative story and the element of fantastic that’s simply put, quite fantastic. Son uses location and setting effectively to convey emotion and atmosphere; her dream sequences are eloquent with a poetic flair, and there’s a careful reverence in the words she’s chosen, elevating the novel over other works in the genre.” Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

“Filled with twist and turns, and an ending that makes me desperate for the next book, this book is definitely 1-click material. The characters, their connection, their journeys, and developments were well crafted and superbly detailed. Enjoy getting lost in this fabulous paranormal fantasy romance.” Bex ‘n’ Books, ★★★★

Author Bio:

Wife of one. Mom of three plus a Beagle.

Well, at least that's how I'm described in the confines of my everyday life.

​Writing has always been second nature to me. I spent my childhood creating short stories and my collegiate years writing for the campus paper (Go TERPS!) Jump twenty years to the present--I'm still writing. At my day job I spend most of my time writing capability briefs, white papers, proposals--you name it.

Then one day it hit me! It was time to access my own creative power and bring to life the characters I've created in my mind.

In addition to enjoying life with my amazing family, I can usually be found with my head in a book, binging my favorite shows, and watching movies with jaw-dropping scores! (I love all things Danny Elfman!)

I hope you enjoy my first book, Beautiful Nightmare. It has everything you'd look to find in a paranormal romance-urban fantasy-new age novel. Vampires. Wolves. Love. And so much more!

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The Perfect Mate series by Brey King


She's searching for her true mate. He's trying to find the true love who's taken over his dreams. Tragedy strikes. Can love bring them together?

Once upon a time...

Destiny is on the run. She knows settling for the shifter that her parents wanted her to mate with, wasn’t going to work for her. Being a wolf shifter, she could feel the pull to her mate. The shifter her parents have picked out is hateful, mean and disrespectful.

As Destiny fought the push from her mother to accept Voss, she knew that she was going to have to leave to find the mate that she has been dreaming of since she was 18. Three years later, she is still searching, but she knows that she is getting closer to finding him.

When she finally she finally sees him across the street she is determined to meet him that very moment.

Luke is the person she has been dreaming about, and he has been dreaming of her too. Yet before they can reach each other...

Join Destiny and Luke as both of their worlds collide, and set in motion a series of events that threaten to tear them apart.

About the Series

The Perfect Mate Series
by Brey King

Paranormal Romance
Urban Fantasy

King Novelettes

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Series on Amazon

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About Brey King

BREY KING – My life as a passionate writer has been hanging around for a while. However, in 2015, I took the leap and self-publishing my first book. I’m so glad that I did because the characters from my books have come to life for me and my readers.

Key to my writing technique is being open to where my characters lead me when I create my ideal writing environment. I love to build in humor that actually makes you laugh out loud along with a little bit of drama spice. The funnier and dramatic I can make my characters, the better for my books.

My hope is that you will check out my books as they become available and then support me by leaving a review. Your feedback and comments are important to me!

Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Goodreads  |  Amazon

Pretty Thing by JA Huss

Title: Pretty Thing
Author: JA Huss
Genre: Contemporary Romance

(Brother's Best Friend)
Release Date: April 15, 2019


My best friend made damn sure I knew the rules. His sister was strictly
off limits.

Growing up it was always the three of us. Me,
my twin brother, Kyle, and our best friend, Aiden. We were inseparable all the
way through high school.

Did I picture myself with Aiden from the first
moment I laid eyes on him back when we were eight? Hell. Yes. I fell in love
with his soul that day. But he was always more Kyle’s friend than mine. And
Kyle made damn sure we both know the rules.

I was strictly off limits. Forever.

But now Kyle is gone. Dead from a freak
accident. And Aiden is still here. Looking hot as hell in his grown-up body.
Looking sexy AF with those tattoos all over his muscular chest. Sad and in need
of comfort.  Just like me.

Every time Kyle caught me lusting after his
twin sister, Kali, he reminded me of the rule. “You were my friend first.”

If you want to get technical about it, I was
Kali’s friend first, not Kyle’s. But that’s not how he saw it. One rule. That’s
all we had between us. Just one. Stay away from my sister.

All these years I’ve honored that. I never
broke his trust. Until now.  Because he’s dead. He left us. And being
with Kali is the only thing that makes the pain go away.

I want Kali. I want to marry her, and have kids
with her, and keep her in my bed forever.

But I want Kyle’s blessing too. And that’s
something I’ll never get.

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99c for release week ONLY!!


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Kali sighs a little. Her shoulders slump and her head lowers
with them. “I’m not using you,” she says.
“Good,” I say. “Because I’m not using you either.”
“I’ve always liked you. And if you’d like to talk about that
someday, we can. But…” She looks at me. Places her hands on the sides of my
face. Blinks twice. “Not tonight, OK? Can we just not think too hard about it?”
It, meaning the sex. Or maybe the funeral. I’m not sure.
I decide to say nothing in response. I’m drunk, I’m sad, I’m
horny, and I’ve got Kali Anderson sitting in my lap.
And we’re naked.
“Come here,” I say, placing my hands on her head. “I want to
kiss you for a while.”
She smiles into the kiss that comes next. It’s a nice kiss.
A slow kiss. One where our mouths fit together perfectly, and move just the
right way, and there’s nothing awkward or distracting about it. It’s just nice.
After a little bit of that I find myself thinking too hard
Maybe slow and careful is a bad thing? Maybe what we really
need tonight is something hard, and angry, and quick?
She reaches down between her legs and begins playing with
herself again. Rubbing her pussy with the flat tips of her fingers as she
stares into my eyes.
Yeah. Slow and careful is for another night.
I reach down and take my cock in my hand. Pulling and tugging
on it. I’m already fully erect but there’s something intimate about
masturbating in front of someone. And doing it together is even hotter.
Her other hand rests on my shoulder and a chill rises up my
This girl. This pretty thing I’ve known almost my whole
life. She is the dream girl. She is the one I’ve always wanted. She might even
be the one I’ve always loved.

Author Bio

JA Huss is
the New York Times Bestselling author of 321 and has been on the USA Today
Bestseller's list 21 times in the past four years. She writes characters with
heart, plots with twists, and perfect endings.

Her books
have sold millions of copies all over the world, the audio version of her
semi-autobiographical book, Eighteen, was nominated for a Voice Arts Award and
an Audie Award in 2016 and 2017 respectively, her audiobook, Mr. Perfect, was
nominated for a Voice Arts Award in 2017, and her audiobook, Taking Turns, was
nominated for an Audie Award in 2018.

She lives
on a ranch in Central Colorado with her family.

Author Links

Kiss and Tell by Athena Wright

Title: Kiss and Tell
Series: Sin and Tonic #1
Author: Athena Wright
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: ME Kusel, SteamyDesigns

Photo: Lindee Robinson

Models: Dimi Bozinovski & Kailey Lundstrom
Release Date: May 13, 2019


He’s completely off-limits.
I couldn’t stand the rumors it would cause. 
But I’m drawn to his dark and soulful gaze, to the
wistfulness and pain in his voice when talking about his past.
His slightest touch sets my skin aflame. My lips beg for his
kiss. My body hungers for his.
He says no one has to know. He says he can keep us a secret.
I’ve worked too hard to jeopardize my reputation, but I want
to believe him. Can I trust no one will find out?
After all, a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell…

Author Bio

Athena Wright is a
USA Today Bestselling author of New Adult and Contemporary Romance. She loves
to write about cocky men and the girls who tame their wild hearts. Hobbies
include cooking, eating and living out her rock star dreams at karaoke bars.
Athena is perpetually on the hunt for her next caffeine fix.

Author Links


The Gordon Place by Isaac Thorne

 photo Gordon-ebook-2_zpsy3yhisk9.jpg

Date Published: 04/15/2019
Publisher: Lost Hollow Books

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Lost Hollow constable Graham Gordon just walked into his abandoned childhood home for the first time in twenty years. Local teenagers have been spreading rumors about disembodied screams coming from inside. Now, thanks to a rickety set of cellar stairs and the hateful spirit of his dead father, he might never escape.

Meanwhile, Channel 6 News feature reporter Afia Afton—whose father is the victim of a local decades-old hate crime—is meeting with town administrator Patsy Blankenship. Her mission is to develop a ghost story feature for a special to air on the station’s Halloween broadcast. When Patsy tells her about the screams at the Gordon place, the past and the present are set on a collision course with potentially catastrophic results.

Can Graham come to terms with his father’s past and redeem his own future? Can the murder mystery that has haunted Afia for most of her life finally be solved?

It’s a fight for the future and the past when spirit and flesh wage war at the Gordon place.



The only net gain for Graham, if it could be considered such, that had come out of the election so far was that he had been able to use the position to convince the town to turn his old homestead over to him for a song and a promise he’d clean up the blight. That had been another lark. In the same town board meeting that had seen him sworn in as constable there had appeared on the agenda a plan to demolish the old place as a means of curbing the juvenile delinquency it seemed to entice. The rumors being spread by the kids in town had reached the board’s ears, and they had come to the same conclusion he had: the place was turning into an attraction for vagrants and ne’er-do-wells. Therefore, tear it down.

When the time came for public input on the matter, he’d suddenly found himself standing—without having previously planned to do so—and arguing that the place had sentimental value for him and that he’d like a shot at restoring it. He might even turn it into some kind of tourist spot, an idea he’d come to by way of town administrator Patsy Blankenship, she whom he’d hung up on moments ago. She had already renovated one old local homestead into a bed and breakfast that hosted the occasional guest or local event. The board had balked at his idea at first, but after he’d promised to either clean up the blight or hand the old Gordon place back to the town for demolition within a year, they’d relented. Now he owned the home: a shelter for rats, snakes, vagrants, and bored teenagers. He had no idea where to begin.

Graham pushed the thoughts away. This was no time to go second-guessing his life choices and cost himself what little nerve he had summoned to search for trespassers. He sidled up the hall. The back of his shirt created a loud scraping sound against the faded and peeling fleur-de-lis wallpaper covering the entry hall, a remnant of his mother’s New Orleans roots. He left his own narrow trail of Wolverine sole prints in the dust on the floor, carefully avoiding stepping on the ones left by the previous visitor. The physical memories of life in the house came flooding back to him. The sound of his footsteps on the hardwood floor. The sound of his father’s footsteps. Even the scrape of the wallpaper against the fabric of his shirt bubbled up memories of him dashing all over the house, running his hands and fingers over the walls as he did, just as any normal wild young boy might do.

The tiny hook and eye latch that had been meant to secure the cellar door was already undone when he got there. Graham didn’t know whether his father had initially installed that latch, but he’d always thought it a silly and unnecessary addition. The door to the cellar was no more than three uneven slats of painted pine carelessly supported along their backs by two horizontal two-by-fours. Large gaps between each slat rendered useless any attempt to keep the cooler air of the cellar out of the entry hall by just shutting the door. Besides, it had always managed to swing shut and stay closed on its own—even unlatched—which was one more reason the cellar had made for such an excellent hiding place.

A small wooden cabinet knob was mounted a couple of inches below the hook. Graham grabbed it and pulled. The door swung open easily on its spring hinges and without much complaint about the new tension; surprising after so many years of disuse. The ray from his Maglite spilled into the opening and revealed three splintery and slowly disintegrating steps, approximately one-quarter of the familiar set of plank stairs leading from the mouth of the door before vanishing into the damp darkness below. Graham felt for the light switch just inside the cellar door and flipped it on, but it produced nothing. He’d had service activated so he could begin work on the place. Maybe the power company hadn’t gotten around to it yet. That would certainly explain the state of the security light out front.

“Hello?” he shouted into the depths of darkness. “Lost Hollow Constable! Is anyone down there?”

There was no answer.

Graham stepped through the door. He’d covered only one tread before the sound of the creaking staircase started to get to him. There he paused, not allowing the door to swing shut behind him and not liking the soft and spongy feel of the tread on which he stood. It had much more give in it than he remembered from his youth.

From this position, the narrow beam of his Maglite enabled him to see the end of the staircase, but nothing beyond. The final step looked black and almost completely rotted away. The one above it didn’t appear to be in much better shape. If he went forward, he risked breaking those steps, which would make climbing out of the cellar much more difficult. If he didn’t go on, and someone was trapped down here, he might lose his job in disgrace. Worse, a real law enforcement officer, like a county sheriff’s deputy, might end up investigating the “screams” and finding a dead body he’d missed out of fear, in which case he could at the very least be accused of neglecting his duties as an officer of the peace.

Maglite secured in his left hand, Graham pawed at his right hip, immediately taking comfort in the shape of the county issue radio clipped to his belt. He ran his fingers along the top of the device until they closed around the volume knob, which he turned to the right. A thin click and a spurt of white noise erupted through the tomb-like silence of the old house. It vanished just as quickly, leaving in its wake the distinct hum of radio silence. Even so, it was reassuring that he had not only remembered to carry his direct connection to the Hollow County Sheriff’s Department inside with him but it also appeared to be in proper working order.

“Let’s hear it for technology. Thank God.”

From somewhere inside his head, he thought, the darkness replied: GOD AIN’T GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

The next thing he felt was the bone-crunching shock of something blunt and heavy striking the back of his head. He heard what sounded like the shattering of thick glass. He was able to stay upright just long enough to feel what might have been a trickle of blood oozing from his scalp to the nape of his neck. A pair of unseen hands at his back thrust him into the darkness of the cellar, launching him down the full length of the rickety staircase. He fell forward, plummeting face first into the densely compacted earth beneath the house. The bridge of his nose exploded in a bright starburst of pain. His upper teeth crashed down on his lower lip, ripping open the pliable flesh. He felt an immediate swelling there. A thin stream of hot blood ran tear-like down his chin from the wound. Dimly, he heard the crack of splintered wood as his shins came down last, disintegrating the deteriorated lower steps in a fireworks show of wood rot and ancient dust.

His radio went flying when he hit. He heard it shatter in a hiss of static somewhere off to his right. The base of his Maglite struck the ground at the same time. It flew from his hand and bounced off the earth once, twice, and rolled some distance over the ground before coming to rest against the farthest cinder block wall of the cellar. The lamp behind the flashlight’s lens flickered madly, creating a nauseating strobe effect, a stop-motion version of Graham’s shadow on the wall beside him as he at first struggled to regain his feet and then gave up, collapsing flat to the earth.

The lamp finally steadied itself at a low burn, illuminating almost nothing about the cellar but the corner in which it had landed. It had come to rest too far from the limit of Graham’s reach. He stretched his left arm out for it anyway, hopeful that the darkness had merely created some sort of illusion of depth. His fingers clawed at the dirt for a second or two before they ultimately surrendered and lay still.

Graham Gordon lay broken and exhausted on the black earth at the bottom of the cellar stairs. In the fading last rays of his dying Maglite, he saw an eye: a disembodied, full white orb broken by jagged lightning-shaped lines of red capillaries. The iris in the center of the eyeball was a murky dark brown color, unshining and nearly black. Its pupil was but a pinprick in the beam from the flashlight.

It stared at him from just beyond the edge of the darkness, unblinking.


The world went dark.

About the Author

 photo JMk-2I56_zpsxzgr4q95.jpg

ISAAC THORNE is a nice man who has, over the course of his life, developed a modest ability to spin a good yarn. Really. He promises. Just don’t push him down a flight of stairs.

You can find Isaac on Twitter or on Facebook

Isaac reviews films for and He is the host of Thorne’s Theater of Terror and Classic

Cuts on 24/7/365 horror-themed SCRM Radio at

More of Isaac’s work is available at and wherever books are sold.

Contact Links

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RABT Book Tours & PR

The Lost Lunason Series by Stacie Sultrie

While My Soulmate Slumbers

The Lost Lunason Series

Book One

Stacie Sultrie

Genre: Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance

Date of Publication: October 20, 2018


Number of pages: 96
Word Count: 41,746

Book Description:

When the love of her life sacrifices himself to protect her from the ultimate evil, Cassia Lunason plunges herself into an enchanted slumber. After two hundred years of blissful dreaming, Cas wakes up to discover that the world has become a very different place. Cars zoom down the streets, lights come on with the flip of a switch, and enchantresses take more than one mate.

Not only does the powerful enchantress need to learn how to navigate the new world, Cassia soon realizes one very important thing - her soulmate is still alive. With the help of her familiar, a majestic white wolf with the ability to speak telepathically, Cassia struggles to reach her lost love. Along the way, Cas is distracted by a handsome man who will stop at nothing to help her get her beloved back.

Will Cassia reach her lost love in time?

Is the evil her soulmate sacrificed himself for truly destroyed?

Can her newly kindled friendship stand up to the scrutiny of her familiar?

Turn the page to see how Cas deals with the multiple men in her life while struggling to get the one man she has always loved back.

**This is a slow-burn reverse harem romance. The action slowly builds throughout the series, and the main character has more than one love interest. Though book one is relatively mild, the following books in this series include explicit language, graphic scenes, and some BDSM action. F/M, F/MM, F/MMM and some MM kissing/touching. This series is not recommended for readers under 18 and may be a trigger for some.

Get it Free April 11-15


Book One:

Excited and
curious, Cassia made her way down a well-worn path in the heart of the woods.
Though unable to see anything through her blindfold, the smell of jasmine and
honeysuckle tickled her senses, and the sound of distant rushing water alerted
her to the fact they were heading toward her favorite place. The waterfall she
loved and visited often was a hidden treasure on her parent's land, and she
regularly spent her free time there. Cassia gripped her beloved's hand a bit
tighter when she stumbled on a jagged stone protruding from the rough earth. He
sensed her misstep and slowed their pace, but he continued to guide her
carefully down the trail. When they finally stopped, he let go of her hand and
commanded in his deep voice, "Don't move.” She sensed her love making his
way behind her, and Cassia’s pulse kicked up a notch when she felt his warm
breath shiver across her neck. Smooth fingertips feathered across her arm
before he whispered, "Are you excited, my love?"
 "Of course," she breathed,
"this is torture." Cas was quivering from the sensation of his breath
in her ear, and goosebumps prickled her skin where his long fingers continued
their exploration of her body. Cassia anxiously waited for him to remove the
scarf from her eyes, enthusiastic to see her surprise as she felt his hands
leave her arms. She let out a gasp of disbelief when his fingers didn't reach for
the blindfold, but instead arrived at the place where the high lace of her
dress met the front of her neck.
 He chuckled and wrapped his sizable fingers
around the nape of her neck. Her beloved’s other hand seized her waist, and
suddenly, Cassia was pulled backward against the hard planes of his body.
"I told you to be patient. Perhaps I should torment you a bit longer.
 "No, please don't," she whimpered,
feeling the first touch of his tongue on her ear. He gradually licked his way
down her neck and lightly nipped at the sensitive skin. His hand on her waist
feathered up the middle of Cassia’s chest leaving tingles in its wake. Soon his
fingers brushed her hardened nipple, and he began tracing slow circles around
the pebbled skin. Her entire body grew warm and moisture began to gather in her
underclothes. Momentarily sidetracked, Cassia relaxed against her beloved's
chest and enjoyed the feeling of his hard length pushing against her back. Cas
let out a low moan, but she loved surprises and could barely contain her
excitement any longer. “I've been such a good girl, I need to see it now,"
she whimpered.
His deep laugh
rumbled powerfully, and she could feel his muscular form shaking in amusement.
The sensual moment broken, he reached up to untie the delicate blue silk scarf
that covered her eyes. "Happy early birthday, My Love."
Cassia looked
around the clearing in wonderment. A soft blanket covered the oversized rock
near the base of the waterfall. Colorful petals from her favorite flowers were
scattered about, and the small fire a few feet away cast a soft orange glow on
the area. She noticed a small chocolate cake with a single blue candle placed
perfectly in the center of the quilt. Other large candles lined the path and
surrounded the blanket, lending the moon a hand in creating a romantic
atmosphere. She looked up at her soulmate and smiled at his adoring gaze. He
led her to the blanket and lit the single candle with a twig from the fire.
"Make a wish, Cas," he said, presenting the cake to her.
She closed her
eyes and thought of the only thing she truly wanted - to see the flame burn
blue at their ceremony. Cassia didn’t need any assurance that he was her
soulmate, but she wanted the world to know that their love was eternal, and the
blue flame would leave no question. She opened her eyes and smiled at her
beloved thinking, "I wish for blue fame," as she blew out the
Cassia's eyes
suddenly surged open, "He's awake," she gasped, and stood from her
bed for the first time in two centuries.

Chasing Cas
Lost Lunason Series
Book 2
Stacie Sultrie

Genre: Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance

Date of Publication: 11/17/18


Number of pages: 168
Word Count: 50,035

Book Description:

Follow Cas and her three powerful protectors in this exciting paranormal tale of magic, shifters, and soulmates.

Cassia, the most powerful enchantress born in centuries, is so busy living her happy new life that she doesn't realize people are searching for her. While Cas spends her time bonding with the boy next door, the soulmate she doesn't remember exhausts every option on his hunt to find her.
Unfortunately, he isn't the only one hunting...

An evil from her past is back with a vengeance and will do everything imaginable to destroy Cassia and her mates - including feasting on unsuspecting humans and tormenting the other enchanted.

Can Cassia's true love find her before evil destroys them all?

Will Braxton finally risk everything and reveal his secret?

Book 2 of The Lost Lunason Series really heats up and will leave you begging for more!

This is not a standalone and should be read after "While My Soulmate Slumbers."

On Sale for .99 April 11-18


Book Two:

Vita licked the
last bit of blood from his empty eye socket, then dropped the fresh corpse and
approached the cell full of humans. She had about twenty left, all of them
dirty and disgusting, rotting away behind bars. ”You,” she pointed to the
healthiest looking male, “you’re next.” She waved her hand releasing her magic
and pulled the man through the enchanted bars. Vita reached for the pair of
heavy cuffs hanging from a hook in the ceiling and locked them around his
wrists. She yanked on the shackles until his toes were barely touching the
floor then secured the chains so he would remain in that position.
The man was
probably 6’3” and had a muscular physique. His sturdy build, dark hair, and
blue eyes reminded her of Ari, and Vita couldn’t wait to take her aggression
out on the revolting creature. Vita reached for the bolt cutters on her table
and approached the man hanging by his wrists. “Don’t move,” she commanded, but
imbued a bit of magic into her words so that the man would remain frozen in
place. Calling a chair to her side, Vita stood on the seat and snipped the
first of the human’s fingertips from his hand. Blood spurted from the wound,
and Vita joyfully opened her mouth, allowing the spewing liquid to coat her
tongue and face. She knew that by elevating his hands, the blood flow would
slow and ensure that he wouldn’t die immediately. Vita repeated the process on
each of his fingers and giggled like a school child as she stood under the
dripping appendages. She felt as if she were taking a shower in the man’s
blood, and to Vita, it was one of the best feelings in the world.
She understood
that she was wasting some of the precious liquid, but at this point, she
couldn’t find it in her to care. Vita had taken all she needed from these
wretched pests hours ago, and now she was just having fun. It was the perfect
opportunity to alleviate her anger at Ari. With blood covering her face, Vita
bent down and stuck her tongue into the mouth of the human, enjoying the taste
of his fetid breath. “I could take you if I wanted to,” she told him, and
cackled like a loon. “There would be absolutely nothing you could do about it,
Ari,” she stepped off of the chair.
Vita reached for
her favorite branding iron and walked toward the fire. She could have heated it
with her magic, but Vita took pleasure going in doing some things slowly. As
the end of the metal became a dazzling orange color, she pulled the iron from
the fire and sashayed back toward her captive. Vita rammed the metal into his
skin, memorized by his sizzling flesh and relishing the scent of burning skin.
She removed the metal from his chest and was delighted by the way his tender
skin turned black and bloated. She stared at the beauty of her name burned over
his heart. “Perfect,” she said, dropping the steel and clapping her hands.
“You behave so
well, Ari, you haven’t made a peep!” She giggled again and kissed his blistered

Claiming Cassia
Lost Lunason Series
Book 3
Stacie Sultrie

Genre: Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance

Date of Publication: 1/18/19


Number of pages: 107
Word Count: 51,977

Book Description:

Just when she thinks it’s safe to concentrate on her relationships, Cassia’s world is turned upside down once again.

The most dangerous enemy of the enchanted is on the loose and nobody is safe.
Celestia has made the ultimate sacrifice for her sister; unfortunately, this is the worst time for her to be so vulnerable.

Secrets are revealed that leave Cas wanting more than just answers, and her three muscular mates hope to give her everything she desires.

If you thought Chasing Cas was hot, you won’t believe the action in book three!

On Sale for .99 April 11-18


Book Three:

Cassia looked as
though she’d been struck, and Vita used the momentary shock to her advantage.
Like a viper, she lunged at Ari and sunk her fangs into his neck. For the first
time since she’d laid her eyes on the sexy Mr. Shoren, Vita finally got to
taste him. His blood poured into her mouth, and she greedily sucked it down,
enjoying the refreshing taste of his untainted magic. Ari was stronger than
even Vita had realized, and she was thrilled at the taste of unfiltered power
flowing through his veins. Knowing it wouldn’t be long before someone reacted
and attempted to stop her, Vita regrettably released her prey’s throat. She
winked at Cas and licked her lips, then called on her magic and began to
disappear. Vita was going to finally take Ari to her bed. She easily could have
killed Cas, but the thought of leaving the pathetic witch to wallow in her
misery was better than the idea of her death.
Cassia watched
in shock as Vita sunk her fangs into Ari’s neck, but as they started to shimmer
and disappear, Cas burst into action. She ran full speed toward them and jumped
onto Vita’s back. The unexpected interruption must have worked to disrupt
Vita’s concentration, and the transportation spell backfired.
As soon as she
released Ari, Cas used her power to propel Vita across the room, smashing her
into the opposite marble wall. “You stupid bitch,” Vita roared, “Ari is mine!”
“I’ll never be
yours, Vita!” Ari sent a powerful blast of fire toward the woman, but she
effortlessly dodged the flame. Cas grew anxious when she realized that Vita
didn’t appear even the slightest bit affected by anything they did to her. Even
the force of hitting the white stone didn’t seem to slow her down. She ran at
Ari and slid across the marble floor at the last second, sticking her feet out
and hitting him in the knees. Cas heard bone crack seconds before Ari howled in
pain and toppled to the floor.
Cas was unsure
how she did it, but immediately after contacting with Ari’s body, Vita shot to
her feet and bounded over a nearby couch. “You like this one better?” Vita
snickered and lunged at Jordan, clutching his throat and digging her nails into
his neck. Cas was horrified as Jordan’s skin began to turn black - she’d never
seen anything like it. Green mist surrounded Cassia’s lover, and a powerful
blast of water shot from his fingertips, forcing Vita to lose her grip and
stumble backward.
Cas used the
opportunity to try and get Vita as far away from them as she could. She called
on her most powerful element and thrust a gust of wind toward the crazed
enchantress. Vita went crashing into an end table, and the force of her body
shattered not only the pristine white lamp but also the white oak of the stand.
Ari sent more fire at her, but Vita didn’t stay down long and quickly cast a
shielding spell. “You idiots,” she screamed, “you are not powerful enough to
destroy me! I will kill you, Cassia Lunason, and your tattooed party boy!”

Portal of Power
Lost Lunason Series
Book 4
Stacie Sultrie

Genre: Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance

Date of Publication: 4/16/19


Number of pages: 117
Word Count: 52,000

Book Description:

The happily ever after you've been waiting for! Or is it?

The bonding of multiple mates, a group of true soulmates, will unlock the ultimate power...

That was the prophecy that changed the way the enchanted mated, the prophecy that gave way to enchantresses taking more than one mate.

When Cas and her men finally complete their bonding ceremony, they are shocked to discover that they've opened a portal to another world. They didn't know that their love would open the door to another dimension, but they are also clueless about what's on the other side.

Will monsters flow through the newly opened gate, or is this the world they were destined to live in?

Though the quartet has no idea what to expect, they certainly didn't think that the portal would draw the evil from their own dimension to their doorstep.

Can Cas and her mates finally defeat Vita?

Who is the mysterious Addie and why did the portal call to her?

Did Cassia and her mates finally find their happy ending, or will new problems threaten the happiness they've worked so hard for?

Find out these answers and more in this thrilling conclusion of The Lost Lunason Series!

Book Four:

The guys had
been silent during her exchange with Vita, but Jordan soon exclaimed, “Where
the fuck did she go? We need to find that bitch before she does something
“She could have
gone anywhere,” Brax responded. “We could try to follow her transportation
trail.” He stepped closer to the area Vita had recently vacated.
Ari shook his
head and looked back at the portal, “We can’t, Brax. We have no idea what
this,” he motioned to the still glowing circle, “even is. I think it appeared
to us for a reason, and I don’t think we should ignore it. Vita will come back.
She always comes back.”
 “Ari’s right,” Cas agreed, “she always comes
back.” Cas sighed and looked into the portal, briefly wondering if the trees
really were made out of gold. She couldn’t believe that only a few hours ago
she swore her life to her men, she’d experienced the joy of joining with them
and the intense emotions that had flowed through the bond when they made love
for the first time. It was the happiest night of her life, and she shouldn’t
have been surprised that Vita attempted to ruin it. She didn’t know what the
portal was exactly, but it appeared to them for a reason, and she would protect
it until they could learn more. If they went chasing after Vita, the portal
could close, or people from the other side could enter their world. There was
no telling who or what could come through, and there was no way that Cas could
unleash more monsters on this world. Vita was wicked enough. “Now that she
knows where we are, I have no doubt that it won’t take long for her to try and
destroy us.”                
"No, I
don’t think it will take long at all,” Vita laughed from directly behind Ari,
“did you miss me, lover? I know I missed you,” Vita proclaimed before plunging
her fangs into Ari’s neck.
Cassia was
furious that this woman dared touch her mate.
“How dare you touch my mate?!” Her enraged yell seemed to tear everyone
from their stunned immobility, and Jordan and Brax rushed toward Ari.
Cassia was
closer, however, and she felt Ari’s fire flowing through her veins. She snagged
Vita’s floor-length red hair and watched in shock and horror as the strands
engulfed into flames. Cas new she was angry, knew she could feel the power
flowing through her, but she didn’t even intend to use the magic. She quickly
realized that she needed to learn how to control the power now surging through
her before she harmed someone that didn’t deserve it.
Vita screamed in
agony as she released Ari from her death bite, and the guys swiftly pulled him
from her reach. Cas called on her most powerful element and sent a blast of air
at the flaming vampire. The fire died quickly, and though Cassia wanted Vita to
meet her end, she couldn’t stand by and watch while someone burned to death.

About the Author:

Stacie Sultrie was born and raised in the United States and currently lives in a tiny Midwestern town. She has a loving and supportive husband who always encourages her to follow her dreams. Stacie has an amazingly athletic son that habitually hauls the family around the Midwest for sporting events. She also has two darling dogs that stay up late with her while she works on her books. Stacie is a stay-at-home mom, has earned her bachelor's degree in psychology, and plans to continue writing while pursuing a master's degree. She enjoys watching her son play sports, is an avid reader, and has a myriad of artistic hobbies. Stacie has always appreciated horror, paranormal, and romance books, but after reading her first reverse harem, was hooked on the genre. She hopes to publish a book every two or three months, and is grateful to everyone that supports her!

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