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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Venus Shining by Jennifer Alsever

Author: Jennifer Alsever

Narrator: Moira Todd

Series: Trinity Forest Series, Book 1-2

Publisher: Sawatch Publishing

Released: Sep. 7, 2017; TBD

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal

"From across the fire, a grin spread over her face, combining delight and pure, raw power.

I could not deny the power of the chanting, the swirling red hair, my painting prophecy and the - holy crap - electric bubble around us.

This was real. Her power was real."

Triumphant at last, Ember has fought her way back from the evil witch's curse and reclaimed her identity, her sense of self. Now she must stop Xintra from hurting the boy she loves, even as she uncovers the truth behind her mother's dark, twisted past.
Rejoicing in her power over the human race, Xintra is closer than ever to achieving her father's dream - a dream she sacrificed her own life to realize. But when key members of her team defy her, she must scramble to enact her plan before obedience gives way to anarchy.
Breaking free from the chains that once bound her to a life of wickedness, Zoe must face the past she once sought to escape in order to save the futures of those she doomed. Will she make amends with the dead in time to save the living?

A teenager still lives inside author Jennifer Alsever. She spent two decades as a professional journalist, contributing to such publications as Fortune Magazine, the New York Times, Inc Magazine and the Wall Street Journal, before letting her imagination run wild in 2016. The result is Ember's story told in the three-book Trinity Forest Series, her first published fiction work.

When not absorbed in writing, Alsever enjoys a good hike, doing some yoga, hanging with her boys, some moguls on skis, a rigorous mountain bike ride or indulging in the simple pleasures of life. Her favorites: untouched snow, frozen chocolate chips, savasina on a yoga mat and yes, bowls of pan fried brussels sprouts. Jennifer is working on her upcoming novel, Psychic Monkeys, to be released in 2019.

Narrator Bio

A teenager still lives inside author Jennifer Alsever. She spent two decades as a professional journalist, contributing to such publications as Fortune Magazine, the New York Times, Inc Magazine and the Wall Street Journal, before letting her imagination run wild in 2016. The result is Ember's story told in the three-book Trinity Forest Series, her first published fiction work.

When not absorbed in writing, Alsever enjoys a good hike, doing some yoga, hanging with her boys, some moguls on skis, a rigorous mountain bike ride or indulging in the simple pleasures of life. Her favorites: untouched snow, frozen chocolate chips, savasina on a yoga mat and yes, bowls of pan fried brussels sprouts. Jennifer is working on her upcoming novel, Psychic Monkeys, to be released in 2019.


By Author Jennifer Alsever

  • Tell us about the process of turning your book into an audiobook.
    • As an avid audiobook fan, I knew when I finished my trilogy that I wanted my books to be an audiobook. But finding the right voice was going to be key. I went into ACX, Audible’s back-end system for authors, and I listened to dozens of sample narrators until I found Moira Todd, an actress in Oregon. I wrote her an email and said, ‘You are Ember!’ She had a gorgeous voice, youthful with the perfect amount of snark and authenticity plus, I didn’t know it at the time, but she could sing. Working with Moira has been a dream, as she sent me samples along the way, and I ate the chapters up as we went.
  • Was a possible audiobook recording something you were conscious of while writing?
    • No. While I was writing, I was conscious only of the voice on the page. I was fully engrossed in the logistics of the writing and pacing and ensuring readers could see what I saw in my mind’s eye.
  • How did you select your narrator?
    • I listened to Moira’s sample on ACX, the backend of Audible, and loved her voice. She had a youthful voice that exhibited the kind of intellect, angst, snark, strength and sweetness of my main character Ember. When I heard her audition, I emailed her saying “You are Ember!”
  • How closely did you work with your narrator before and during the recording process?
    • Moira gave me periodic updates on her editing and chapters as she finished them. We collaborated, but really, Moira just nailed it with no revision requests on my part.
  • Did you give them any pronunciation tips or special insight into the characters?
    • I didn’t give her insight into characters-- nothing more than what was on the page. I gave her some pronunciation tips when asked, places and names and some weird Egyptian words.
  • Were there any real life inspirations behind your writing?
    • I drew on my experiences walking around the real-life town of Leadville and the scenery of the Colorado mountains where I live, plus took nuggets of scenery from my past visits to Utah, California and L.A. I also peppered in small bits and pieces of real stories from people gathered and heard over the years. To get into the teen head, I invited a group of seniors at a local high school for pizza when I was writing the book, and I listened to them talk. I got a lot of good perspective and a few nuggets of stories from them. They were so generous with their stories and time. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. The general plot, too, is taken from real-life theories from crazy websites about the Annunaki, energy vortexes and Egyptian mysticism. I did a lot of research and drew on interviews with people who had experienced what Ember did-- mainly a friend who lost her parents as a teen.
  • How do you manage to avoid burn-out? What do you do to maintain your enthusiasm for writing?
    • When I get stuck, I give myself time and space to do something else. I hike, read, ski, watch smart TV shows or I write other things. I don’t feel like I honestly can get burned from writing. I was obsessed with my story and it just flowed out of my fingers. It’s my most favorite thing, outside of my family and friends.
  • Are you an audiobook listener? What about the audiobook format appeals to you?
    • I am an audiobook listener for sure. As a slow reader, I love listening to a book while I get other things done, whether it’s chores around the house, a long drive or a hike. I am very picky about the narrator of the books I consume, and the voice can make it or break it for me. I’d listened to enough YA books that had similar voices or tones I liked, and I knew Moira would be perfect for my series. She had a voice I personally could enjoy hearing for hours.
  • Is there a particular part of this story that you feel is more resonating in the audiobook performance than in the book format?
    • Ember is a singer-song writer, and so that was a challenge for me to write lyrics to songs. Some of the lyrics had a loose tune in my head but not really. It was so fun to hear Moira take the lyrics, make a song and then sing it in the audio recording. She has a beautiful singing voice.
  • What do you say to those who view listening to audiobooks as “cheating” or as inferior to “real reading”?
    • I say a story is a story, heard or read. People say they don’t have time to read. So if listening is an easier way to dive into a imaginary story without sitting in front a screen, then go for it.
  • In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of writing a stand-alone novel vs. writing a series?
    • Pros of a series: You have more time to develop a storyline and a character, and you can fall more deeply into that world. People can binge your books just like they can binge watch TV.
    • Pros of standalone: You’re done with one and can dig into another entirely new idea next.
    • Cons of a series: Some people hate series and so maybe they read one book and may grumble about having to read another two to find out all the answers. It’s harder to market the other books in the series because they’re a continuation of the story so you end up having to tout your first book over and over, when you really might be proud of the writing or the story in the second and third too.
    • Cons of standalone: Sometimes, it can be hard to get everything you want in the book and it feels rushed. As a reader and an author, you’re sad to leave those characters behind and close the book to move on to the next idea.
  • Have any of your characters ever appeared in your dreams?
    • The genesis of my book came from a dream. I was running through a forest, but I wasn’t myself. I was someone else. I came to a gate, went inside and met three of my characters, Tre, Lilly and Zoe, and after spending time there, they whispered how I could never go home, despite the world spinning forward on the outside.
    • When I woke up, I told my son about the dream because it was so vivid and striking to me, and he told me to turn it into a novel. So I did.

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Enchanting Yuletide: A Multi-Author Anthology

Enchanting Yuletide: A Multi-Author Anthology
Jena Baxter, Raven Williams, Ellie Lieberman, Barb Lieberman, Guy Donovan, CK Brewer

Genre: Holiday / Fantasy

Publisher: Pipe and Thimble

Date of Publication: November 15th, 2017


Number of pages: 184

Word Count:

Cover Artist: Raven Williams

Tagline: Tis the Season for Magic

Book Description:

Six stories of the holiday season, guaranteed to put you in a festive mood. So, grab your hot chocolate and snuggle up to experience the season as you've never done before. After all, tis the Season for Magic!

About the Author Raven Williams

A prolific writer, Raven began her career in 2010 with a blog and non-fiction, then moving to fiction in 2014, when she began Elven-Jumper, the first book in the Realm.

Jumper Chronicles. She now has 30 books to her name, spanning the Realm Jumper Chronicles, Raven’s Twisted Classics, and the Demon Stones Saga, as well as her non-fiction, with more planned.

When Raven is not writing, she is creating art in the form of abstract paintings, fractal designs, and jewelry pieces that tie into her stories. She is also a caregiver for a disabled family member and two cats. She physically resides in the Northwest Florida Panhandle, but spends most of her time mentally in her Mystic Realms.

Will you join her?

Sign-up for Raven’s Newsletter here:

Raven’s Mystic Realms FB Page:

About the Author Jena Baxter

A prolific writer, Jena Baxter creates characters with depth and stories filled with action, emotion, and a little bit of romance. She loves building fantastical worlds and cultures.

Living in Northern California with her husband, Jena enjoys soapmaking, her pets, and writer's conferences. She also reads for a screenwriting contest on an annual basis.

Guest  Post:
I love special soaps and toiletries and sugar scrubs
are on the top of my list. There are all kinds. Some require special attention,
and others are downright easy. I don’t recommend the traditional oil and sugar,
unless you want to slip and slide, then spend the day cleaning your tub. I
think this one is much better, and the ingredients are easy to find. They make
great gifts too.

Glycerin Soap Sugar Scrub Cubes

Once you have all your ingredients together prepare
to work fast.

The first thing you need is a glycerin melt and pour
soap base. Most craft stores carry it. Michael’s now carries some great
detergent-free bases

You’ll also need a skin friendly oil. Fractionated
coconut oil is a great choice and can be found in your supermarket. Sweet
almond oil, avocado or olive oil will work well too. Macadamia is wonderful,
but not as easy to find.

A SKIN SAFE scent and colorant if you want them.
They will be available in the area you find the glycerin soap. Read the label,
they MUST be skin safe. Don’t use candle colorant. Choose a nice fragrance for
the season. Peppermint, pumpkin, cookies, or gingerbread.

Sugar – Sugar can have large or small grains. For
this recipe, I use regular white granulated sugar. For a face soap, I would
probably use brown sugar. For a foot soap, I’d use demerara sugar, because the
granules are larger.

You will also need a mold. No need to run out and
buy one for this recipe however. You can use a silicon mold or ice tray, or a
sanitized milk carton cut to size; the box quarts are pretty perfect. Line it
with saran wrap. You want the mold to give, so you can push the scrub out once
it’s set. If you use the milk carton, you can carefully rip the paper off.

make your Sugar Scrub

Cup Oil

Cup Melt and Pour base

Cups plus Sugar

drops or a half teaspoon to get the fragrance you want. Be cautious not to use
more than necessary because even skin safe fragrance can be harsh on your skin.
1 teaspoon per pound of soap base is the limit.

Have your mold ready before you start and remember to work fast.

Melt your soap base on very low heat. A double
boiler is good, or you can microwave it in 30 second pulses. I use 30 seconds to
start and stir. If I need more time, I do 15 second pulses. You don’t want it
to get too hot, because soap can burn.

When the base is completely melted, pour into a
large bowl, add your oil. Mix well.

Add your colorant one drop at a time until you get
the shade you want but use as little as possible; too much colorant can stain
washcloths. Mix well

Add up to a half teaspoon of fragrance. Mix well.

Add your sugar and mix fast; You don’t want it to
harden on you.  You want to pour it as
soon as possible. When it’s incorporated pour it into your mold. If it’s too
thick, spoon it in and press it down.
Once the soap is set. (I’d give it at least a couple
of hours. I leave mine overnight). Carefully remove it from the mold, placing
it onto a plate, or anything oil can’t seep through, because there is always
some oil that seeps out of the soap. Work gently because the scrub will be

Carefully cut it into 1-1 ½ inch squares.

If there is a lot of leftover oil, I cover and leave
it, so it can soak some of that up. There will usually be seeping oil.

Your sugar scrub soap is finished and ready to
package. You can use cellophane wraps or jars, label it, and add trinkets or
bows to the top. Be creative. Just remember to use something the oil can’t seep
through. I also place a note on the label telling people to be careful in the
shower or tub, because oils can make it slippery.

Instructions: Break off a piece from the cube. Scrub
an area until the sugar is gone. Rinse well, and pat dry. It usually takes one
or two cubes per shower.

Have fun with it. Once you’ve tried these, I think
you’ll be addicted.

If someone is allergic to a food product, (Like nuts, avocados, etc.) they will
be allergic to the oils produced by that item as well.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Love on the Rocks (Cobble Cove Mystery) by Debbie De Louise

Love on the Rocks (Cobble Cove Mystery)
by Debbie De Louise

About the Book

Love on the Rocks (Cobble Cove Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
4th in Series
Solstice Publishing (October 17, 2018)
Paperback: 241 pages
ISBN-10: 1625268505
ISBN-13: 978-1625268501
Digital ASIN: B07JHV9FJC

It’s February in the small town of Cobble Cove. Love is in the air . . . but so is murder!
When Alicia helps plan a Valentine’s Day Party at the Cobble Cove library that also includes a surprise for her newlywed friend, Gilly, things go wrong when a mysterious box of chocolates addressed to the director turns out laced with poison.
Clues Lead to A Dead Suspect
Although Alicia promised John she’ll no longer meddle in crime investigations, she and Gilly set out to find the person threatening Sheila who murdered the courier of the deadly candy. The three people they suspect include the professor from California who’s been romancing Sheila while she assists him with research for his book; the obnoxious patron Rhonda Kleisman who threw coffee at the director after refusing to pay for a damaged book; and a visiting widow staying at Gilly’s inn who’s unnaturally curious about Sheila and earns the nickname of Madame Defarge for her interest in knitting.
New Cat in Town
While Alicia and Gilly are trying to solve this new Cobble Cove mystery, Sneaky is introduced to Gilly’s new kitten, Kittykai, a calico she brought home from her honeymoon in Hawaii. It’s not like at first sight, but the two cats eventually become friends. They also both play a part in foiling the killer’s murder attempts, but will Alicia and Sheila survive unscathed?

About the Author

Debbie De Louise is an award-winning author and a reference librarian at a public library on Long Island. She is a member of Sisters-in-Crime, International Thriller Writers, Long Island Authors Group, and the Cat Writer’s Association. She has a BA in English and an MLS in Library Science from Long Island University. Her novels include the three books of the Cobble Cove mystery series: A Stone’s Throw, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, and Written in Stone. Debbie has also written a romantic comedy novella, When Jack Trumps Ace, a standalone mystery thriller, Reason to Die, and a paranormal romance, Cloudy Rainbow. She lives on Long Island with her husband, Anthony; daughter, Holly; and cat Stripey.

Author Links




Amazon Author Page:

Website/Blog/Newsletter Sign-Up:

Sneaky the Library Cat's blog:

Debbie's Character's Chat Facebook Group:
Purchase Links: eBook & Kindle Unlimited:
Free Offer from Debbie DeLouise
The characters from Debbie De Louise's Cobble Cove cozy mysteries gather in the Cobble Cove library to celebrate the holidays. Each character receives a gift from the author, and Alicia, the main character, reads some excerpts from the first book, A Stone's Throw, and the new release, Between a Rock and a Hard Place.
It will be free from Thursday, December 13 to Monday, December 17!

Interview with Debbie De Louise

Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reigns of the story?

I think it’s a balance. I don’t create any detailed plots for my books, so I let the characters and the story guide me as I write. Sometimes a character will lead me in a different direction than I planned, but I welcome this because it often adds a twist to the story.

Convince us why you feel your book is a must read.

Love on the Rocks really has something for everyone. There are a few romances in the book (nothing explicit because I write cozy mysteries). There’s a touch of humor and also some drama. The subplots open the door to the next book in the series. I introduce several characters including a kitten, a teenager and her family, and a mysterious professor from California. Some backstory is shown from the previous books, but also some information never before included, and it can certainly be read as a standalone. The mystery is puzzling, and there are red herrings with three major suspects. Sneaky, the library cat, helps thwart the killer along with the new kitten, KittyKai. It’s a fun yet suspenseful read.

Have you written any other books that are not published?

I have two unpublished manuscripts – one for a first book of a new cozy series and one for a thriller. I’m currently querying them to agents in the hope of publishing them with a larger publisher. I’m also completing a gothic type mystery.

Pen or type writer or computer?

Computer. I used to handwrite all my books, but I taught myself to write and edit on the computer. It saves a lot of time, and, since I’m a fast typist, I can think as I type.

Anything you would like to say to your readers and fans?

I appreciate all their support. I love feedback from them. I especially would like to thank those who’ve written reviews. Being a writer is a tough job, and the rewards are slow in coming. However, hearing from fans and knowing that they’re reading your work is gratifying and motivating. I also welcome all readers to join my Facebook character chat group where a character from one of my books or stories hosts each month. The group is located at

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VBT Dickensen Academy by Christine Grabowski

Dickensen Academy
by Christine Grabowski


GENRE: Young YA - fantasy



Dickensen Academy isn’t a typical boarding school. The faculty is hiding an unbelievable secret within their fine arts program. When Autumn Mattison receives an invitation to attend the high school, she yearns to escape her overbearing father yet remains reluctant to leave her mother and brother. Her doubts fade away when a vivid dream convinces her she belongs there.

Away from home, Autumn discovers a unique school environment that awakens her creative potential, and her new friends become like a second family. However, as she uncovers more about the dark side of the school and struggles with its curriculum, she questions whether Dickensen Academy is truly where she belongs.

When tragedy strikes, Autumn must learn to believe in her own power and stand up to her greatest fear or risk having her memories destroyed to protect the school’s secrets. Caught between secrets and dreams, can she find her true self?


Excerpt Two:
Clues to the secret existed from day one, yet they appeared to belong to separate puzzles. Most students either missed these signs or chose to ignore them. We were busy acclimating—as the faculty called it—to a new environment. Some outsiders might call what they did to us those initial weeks a form of brainwashing or fostering a cult-like mentality.

But not me.

I agreed with Principal Locke. We weren’t ready. We needed time to separate from our families and become a cohesive group. And some of us, myself included, even needed a little nudge to accept the invitation. If someone had told us the truth on Day One why they’d brought us to Dickensen Academy, we would have never believed it. We’d think they were crazy. Or worse, we’d turn around and run back home. But if we left, we would have missed out on something extraordinary. Something worth the wait.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Dickensen Academy is Christine’s debut YA novel. After graduating from the University of Washington, she earned her MBA at the University at Albany. She honed her technical writing skills in marketing and consulting but attributes the creative part of the process to her passion for reading.

When she isn’t reading or writing, Christine can often be found running, skiing, or hiking. She lives in Newcastle, Washington, with her supportive husband, two avid teen readers, and their energetic wheaten terriers.

Buy Links:

Interview with Christine Grabowski
1. What is your favorite part of this book and why?

I love when Autumn arrives on campus and immediately has a sense of déjà vu as she tours the campus, meets her roommate, and runs into Ben. And then when she looks down at her phone after her parents leave and discovers she doesn’t have a signal, we know, uh-oh, something is up.

I like this scene because it took me so long to get it right. I probably had six completely different starts and ended up beginning the book as Autumn arrives on campus and the mystery begins to unfold. I originally began about 80 pages earlier before she had even heard of Dickensen Academy. I had wanted to tell the whole story but learned from my early readers that many of those early pages could simply be background material. However, it took me close to a year of cutting to finally get to the ideal starting point.  

2. If you could spend time with a character from your book whom would it be? And what would you do during that day?

I’d love to hang out with Ben Coleman. I fell in love with him while writing the story. He is very intelligent and easy to talk to. We’d probably go on a long hike in the mountains.

3. If you could have been the author of any book ever written, which book would you choose?

Definitely Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for about a thousand reasons.

4. Are your characters based off real people or did they all come entirely from your imagination?

The only character based 100% off of real life is Zoey, Autumn’s Welsh terrier. Zoey is based off of the younger version of our late dog, Rylie.

Two characters are based partly off of real-life people. Autumn is a combination of myself and my daughter, and Aditi is based off of a good friend I met in my 20s. Everyone else is imagined.

5. What made you want to become a writer?

Books have always played an important part of my life, so over the years I began to fantasize writing one of my own. But it wasn’t until I had kids that I felt compelled to do so. I wanted them to fall in love with reading too, and I found that if they liked a book (or series), they would read like crazy, but if they didn’t care for it, they hated to read. That inspired me want to write books that would keep kids reading, so they would develop the love of reading for a lifetime.



Christine Grabowski will be awarding $25 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

Follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here:

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Scream Muddy Murder (Big Lake Murder Mysteries) by Lesley A. Diehl

Scream Muddy Murder (Big Lake Murder Mysteries)
by Lesley A. Diehl

About the Book

Scream Muddy Murder (Big Lake Murder Mysteries)
Cozy Mystery
3rd in Series
Creekside Publishing (September 27, 2018)
Paperback: 352 pages
ISBN-10: 9780997234954
ISBN-13: 978-0997234954
Print Length: 272 pages
Digital ASIN: B07H2NZQ7C

EMILY RHODES DOES IT AGAIN! This time she nosedives into a mud puddle at a Seminole War battle reenactment and finds she’s sharing the muck with a dead body. As usual the hunky detective she loves to aggravate, Stanton Lewis, cautions her against getting involved in the case, and as usual she ignores him. Emily’s sleuthing pays off, revealing disturbing information about the victim’s past. Is it the reason behind his murder? With the help of her family and friends, Emily sets out to uncover secrets kept too long and puts herself and the people she loves in the killer’s path. Too late she realizes Detective Lewis was right. Her snoopiness proves to be a deadly idea.

About the Author

Lesley retired from her life as a professor of psychology and reclaimed her country roots by moving to a small cottage in the Butternut River Valley in Upstate New York. In the winter she migrates to old Florida—cowboys, scrub palmetto, and open fields of grazing cattle, a place where spurs still jingle in the post office, and gators make golf a contact sport. Back north, the shy ghost inhabiting the cottage serves as her literary muse. When not writing, she gardens, cooks and renovates the 1874 cottage with the help of her husband, two cats and, of course, Fred the ghost, who gives artistic direction to their work. She’s presently interviewing for a coyote to serve as her muse for her books and stories set in rural Florida.
She is the author of a number of mystery series and mysteries as well as short stories, most featuring her quirky sense of humor and a few characters drawn from her peculiar family.
Author Links

Twitter @lesleydiehl




Purchase Links - Amazon B&N

Recipe Post
By Lesley A. Diehl

Scream Muddy Murder is the third book in the Big Lake Mysteries and now on this blog tour. Sharing a recipe at this blog tour stop is perfect for a book that includes recipes in the back following the story. This is the first time I’ve included recipes, but I couldn’t resist because my protagonist’s next-door neighbor always arrived with a wonderful dish just when it’s needed such as after a long night being questioned at the local police station or when the protagonist has been chasing down a killer in the nearby swamps. There’s nothing like a Key Lime Pie to make everything all right.

The recipes at the back of the book are Vicki’s, and I hope you’ll try them. There’s a little bit of something for every palate from appetizers to desserts. Don’t expect to lose weight when eating these!

I thought it might be fun to have my protagonist, Emily Rhodes, share one of her recipes. When I suggested it to her, she was horrified.
“I don’t cook,” she said.
“Everyone cooks,” I insisted. “Just jot down something simple.”
So this couldn’t be any simpler. You may have heard of it before. Or made it at one time. Emily thought you might like it because it’s so easy to throw together and dirties few pans. So simple even a busy amateur sleuth can make it with one hand as she arms wrestles the killer to the ground with the other.

Impossible Pie

Toss all the following ingredients in a blender (Those are Emily’s words, not mine):

4 eggs
¼ c margarine
1 c sugar
½ t baking powder
½ c flour
¼ t salt
2 c milk
1 c coconut
1 t vanilla

Pour into pie pan. Pie pan will be full, so place a baking sheet under it. Bake in 350 degree oven for 1 hour. Pie will come out puffed and shaky in the middle. Makes crust in bottom and coconut rises to top to make topping. It’s best to chill in fridge before cutting.

For more information on Lesley Diehl’s books and stories go to

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