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Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Brothers of Brigadier Station by Sarah Williams

Audiobook Tour: The Brothers of Brigadier Station by Sarah Williams

Author: Sarah Williams

Narrator: Myles Pollard

Length: 5 hours

Series: Brigadier Station, Book 1

Publisher: Serenade Publishing Audio

Released: May 17, 2019

Genre: Romance

She came to the outback to marry the love of her life. She just didn't expect him to be her fiancé's younger brother.

When Meghan Flanagan, a vet-nurse from Townsville, moves to Brigadier Station in outback Queensland to marry the man of her dreams, she is shocked to discover that perhaps her fiancé isn't the man she wants waiting for her at the altar. The man she's destined to marry, just might be his younger brother.

Cautious of women after a disastrous past relationship, Darcy is happy living on his beloved cattle station, spending his spare time riding horses, going to rodeos and campdrafting. He didn't expect the perfect woman show up on his doorstep. Engaged to his brother.

With the wedding only hours away, Meghan must make the decision of a lifetime. But, her betrayal could tear the family apart. She knows all too well the pain of losing loved ones and being alone.

Now that she has the family she so desperately wants; will she risk losing it all?

Set in the drought stricken plains of Julia Creek, North Queensland and the coastal city of Townsville this is a rural romance that will leave you asking: Will she marry the right man, for the right reasons?

The Brothers of Brigadier Station is the first in the Brigadier Station series and can easily be read as a standalone. Each of Sarah's stories are linked so you can find out what happens to the other brothers and your favourite characters in future books.
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Sarah Williams is the bestselling author of Australian romantic fiction including the successful Brigadier Station series.

Sarah Williams spent her childhood chasing sheep, riding horses and picking Kiwi fruit on the family orchard in rural New Zealand. After a decade travelling, Sarah moved to Queensland to raise a family and follow her passion for writing. She currently resides in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Australia.

When she's not absorbed in her fictional writing world, Sarah is running after her family of four kids, one husband, two dogs, a horse and a cat. She is CEO of Serenade Publishing, hosts the weekly podcast/vlog Write with Love, runs writers workshops and retreats, mentors and supports her peers to achieve their publishing dreams.
Narrator Bio

Since Graduating from Edith Cowan University in 1994 with Bachelor of Arts degree in Education, Myles was selected to attend the prestigious drama school, NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) and graduated in 1998.

He has appeared in many Australian television series including Water Rats, Home and Away, All Saints, Wildside, Double Trouble, Packed to the Rafters, Underbelly 2, East West 101, Rescue Special Ops and Sea Patrol. It was playing Nick Ryan in the internationally acclaimed television series McLeod’s Daughters that secured him a place in the hearts and minds of millions of people worldwide.

Myles has also worked as an actor with respected Australian theatre companies such as Bell Shakespeare, Ensemble and Black Swan.

He appeared in the box office hit, Wolverine, had a lead role in the critically acclaimed feature film, Thirst, a lead role alongside Sam Worthington in DRIFT (shot in WA), appeared in Tim Winton’s “The Turning” alongside Rose Byrne and Miranda Otto, featured in “Foreshadow” (also shot in WA) and has just completed filming alongside Richard Roxborough in Western Australia.

Myles has produced two short films for Trop Fest over the years and a short film called Jubulj, directed by Wayne Blair of (The Sapphires) and recently made his feature film Producing debut with Drift.

Myles continues to work in the corporate arena as a coach/facilitator and runs numerous acting classes in Perth, Margaret River and Bunbury for developing actors and children. He also runs classes on auditioning, private lessons and general workshops for acting to camera.

Dream Cast
Dream Cast By Author Sarah Williams
If The Brothers of Brigadier Station were being turned into a movie or television series, who should be cast as its characters?

Since The Brothers of Brigadier Station was actually inspired by them, I’d have to say the Hemsworth Brothers! Chris as Lachie and Liam as Darcy. These guys are not only amazing actors but about as Aussie as they come! Not to mention gorgeous!

Shailee Woodlea is the actress I would love to see play Meghan. I think she is an incredible actress who plays the quiet, shy type really well. Plus she and Liam would look so cute together.

Q&A With Author Sarah Williams
  1. What inspired your book? I have always loved Cowboy romances and after meeting another Australian author I decided to write one set in Australian. I was inspired to write about brothers after seeing a picture of Chris and Liam Hemsworth together and thinking how good they would look in jeans and an akubra, fighting over the same girl.
  2. Will you turn the rest of the series into audiobooks? Yes. Myles has already signed on to record the next two in September.
  3. How did you select your narrator? I happened to be attending a charity event for my kid’s school which Myles was being paid to attend. Myles Pollard is a very well known Australian actor. He was on the hit Australian TV show McLeod’s Daughters which was very similar to my books - set on a cattle property in the Outback. I got to meet him and asked if he would be interested. He said he was so a few days later he auditioned and I was incredibly impressed with what I heard. He really is the best choice for my Brigadier Station series.
  4. How closely did you work with your narrator before and during the recording process? Did you give them any pronunciation tips or special insight into the characters? I am an Indie author without any staff so I project managed every detail. I even flew across the country so I could attend the recording sessions. I did need to direct Myles a little bit and correct a few words. On the whole he picked up the different characteristic and quirks very quickly and brought them to life on a whole-nother level.
  5. How do you manage to avoid burn-out? What do you do to maintain your enthusiasm for writing? I sit down to write every morning as soon as the kids leave for school. After about two hours I take a break and do other things and usually come back for another session before the kids come home.
  6. Are you an audiobook listener? What about the audiobook format appeals to you? I spend a lot of time driving so listening to audiobooks is fantastic. I go through at least one per week.
  7. If this title were being made into a TV series or movie, who would you cast to play the primary roles? Chris and Liam Hemsworth (two of the hottest guys in Australia in my opinion!) and Shaileen Woodley.
  8. What bits of advice would you give to aspiring authors? Find a genre you like and read it extensively. Then do some workshops and courses. There is so much to learn and you don't know what you don't know!
  9. Do you have any tips for authors going through the process of turning their books into audiobooks? Make sure you read the script aloud before handing it over. I spotted a lot of mistakes like repetition and had to change them in the book. Making an audiobook is expensive so you need to get it right the first time.
  10. What’s next for you? I’m still writing! #4 in the Brigadier Station series will be out before Christmas. I’ll be back in the studio with Myles in September for more audiobook adaptation and I’m travelling to the USA for the Romance Writers of America conference in July. I also host a weekly podcast called Write with Love, so that keeps me pretty busy too.
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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

IVY The Montgomery Sisters Series by Kat Flannery

Book Details:

Book Title: Ivy (The Montgomery Sisters Book 3) by Kat Flannery

Category: Historical western romance, 164 pages

Genre: Adult Non-Fiction

Publisher: Picco Press

Release date: November 11, 2018

Tour dates: July 1-31, 2019

Content Rating: PG + M (swearing and mild violence)

Book Description:

Ivy Montgomery is tired of her sister’s constant nagging and protectiveness. Blind, she decides to escape in the middle of the night when she is captured and brought far from home. With no understanding of the outside world, Ivy must use her keen abilities to navigate the wilderness around her. Anger and hopelessness are her only defenses against the things she cannot do.

​Until she meets a strong-minded Lakota Chief, who will not let her cower to the blindness any longer. Lakota Sioux Chief of the Paha Sapa, Hotah is on a hunt for his brother, Kangi. Cast from their tribe five years before, Kangi has grown a dark spirit and a hatred for all white people. Now on reserved land, Hotah makes a deal with the General to capture his brother in return for his people to have the provisions they need. After rescuing Ivy, he promises to take her home, but danger is near and Hotah soon realizes it is not just his brother he should fear.

Meet the Author: 

Kat Flannery’s love of history shows in her novels. She is an avid reader of historical, suspense, paranormal, and romance. A member of many writing groups including the National Romance Writers of America (RWA), Kat enjoys promoting other authors on her blog. When she’s not busy writing or marketing Kat volunteers her time to other aspiring authors. She’s been published in numerous periodicals throughout her career and continues to write for blogs and online magazines. A bestselling author, Kat’s books are available all over the world. The BRANDED TRILOGY is Kat’s award-winning series. With seven books published, Kat continues to write two novels a year.

Connect with the author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Instagram

Interview with Kat Flannery
Do you snack while writing? 
Yes, and no. I mostly drink coffee.

Favorite snack? 
Cookie, or chewies. 

Where do you write? 
Mostly at my kitchen table, but if it’s hot outside I’ll sit at the patio table.
Do you write every day? 
Yes, when I’m writing a novel. I make sure to meet my word quota no matter what.

What is your writing schedule? 
When I’m writing a book I usually write in the evening when the house is quiet. I do most of my research during the day, and other writing projects then as well.

Is there a specific ritualistic thing you do during your writing time?
Oh yes! I have candles burning, music on (I usually make a new playlist for each new novel I write) I have a foot heater that I use no matter the weather outside and the house is quiet. 

In today’s tech savvy world, most writers use a computer or laptop. Have you ever written parts of your book on paper?
I used to do this, but now I type faster than I can handwrite and believe it or not the ideas and story come to me easier while typing verses writing on paper. 

If you’re a mom writer, how do you balance your time? 
I am a mom writer…I have three boys, two are young adults now but they weren’t when I started my career. Family always came first, so if I had to go to hockey, lacrosse or basketball they came first…writing was second. I wrote when they were in school or in bed. 

If you could go back in time, where would you go?
I love this question! But honestly, I’d go to so many places. First on my list would be Rome in the 1500’s…then I’d skip over to England, Scotland and Ireland. 

Favorite travel spot?
Anywhere I am with my husband and sons

Favorite dessert?
Chocolate cake…yum! 
Thank you so much for having me on your blog!

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Darkbeam by Adrienne Woods

Audiobook Blog Tour: Darkbeam by Adrienne WoodsDarkbeam by Adrienne Woods

Author: Adrienne Woods

Narrator: Kevin T. Collins

Length: 10 hours 57 minutes

Series: The Beam Series, Book 2

Publisher: Fire Quill Publishers

Released: May 23, 2019

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Everyone in Paegeia knows that only one Rubicon dragon lives at a time. If more than one, they will destroy Paegeia and eventually the rest of the world as they crave that constant power for dominance.

Blake Leaf is this era's Rubicon and is destined for great things if his darkness can be won. Darkbeam Part I follows the story of the Rubicon and how he tries to keep his beast, the darkness, at bay.

Buy on Amazon

Adrienne Woods is a USA Today Bestselling author. Firebolt, her debut novel, was published in 2013, followed by four more that complete the entire Dragonian Series. Darkbeam is the Spin of series from the Dragonian Series. She has written Dream Casters, her second series, too and is currently expecting the release of the third and final novel to be published in 2019.
Narrator Bio

KEVIN T. Collins: A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Kevin T. Collins began his career on the stage at the ripe old age of six, performing throughout his childhood and adolescence across the Bay Area in theaters such as Theatreworks in Palo Alto and San Jose Civic Light Opera, now the American Musical Theater of San Jose. He received numerous awards for Drama and Singing throughout Middle School, Junior High and High School, including AMT's Best Actor award for his portrayal of Groucho Marx in A Day in Hollywood, A Night in the Ukraine, and two Best Musical wins, for A Day in Hollywood, and The King and I(in which he played the King).

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

A DEATH IN DUCK The Mount Moriah Mysteries by Mindy Quigley

The Mount Moriah Mysteries by Mindy Quigley

Author: Mindy Quigley

Narrator: Holly Adams

Length: 9 hours 13 minutes

Series: The Mount Moriah Mysteries, Book 2

Publisher: Mindy Quigley

Release date: Dec. 22, 2015

Genre: Cozy Mystery

With the new year approaching, hospital chaplain Lindsay Harding heads for a much-needed break in the peaceful resort town of Duck on North Carolina's outer banks. Her plan to attend the wedding of her friend, Anna, runs aground when a boatload of trouble washes ashore, and as the old year ticks down, the body count goes up. Thrust into the path of an increasingly desperate killer, Lindsay must uncover a sinister secret before she winds up swimming with the fishes.

Old family scandals, sunken World War II U-boats, obscene desserts, and a stolen Doberman all guarantee a far from restful break for the irreverent reverend, who makes her second appearance in this lively mystery.

Mindy Quigley is the author of the Mount Moriah cozy mystery series, which is based in part on her time working with the chaplains at Duke University Medical Center. Her short stories have won awards including the 2013 Bloody Scotland Short Story Competition and the 2018 Artemis Journal/Lightbringer Prize. Her non-writing career has been stranger than fiction, taking her from the US to the UK, where she worked as the personal assistant to the scientist who cloned Dolly the sheep, and as project manager for a research clinic founded by the author J.K. Rowling.

She now lives in Blacksburg, Virginia, with her Civil War history professor husband, their children, and their idiosyncratic miniature Schnauzer.
Narrator Bio

An actress and physical theatre performer for many years before becoming a Voice Actor, Holly continues to divide her time between stage, screen, circus, and audiobook narration.

Holly began her VO career doing radioplays and audiobook characters with the amazing Full Cast Audio company. Since then, Holly has voiced radio and web commercials, various e-learning projects, documentary shorts. . . and of course, audiobooks! She has been nominated for Best Fiction and Best Female Narrator. Holly has conservatory training; her attention to tone, energy and rhythm make her work personal and dynamic. Holly’s performance projects abroad (Italy, Afghanistan, Haiti, Russia, the UK, France, and the Middle East!) support her training and skill with dialects and languages.

Holly records for Audible, Deyan Audio, Christian Audiobooks, Tantor, and more. Holly loves telling stories!

When she’s not in the recording studio, she is on stage or screen; favorite projects include Richard II, A Midsummer Night's Dream, As You Like It, the films "Here Alone", "Gotham Blue" and "Your Loving, Virginia", working with girls in Kabul for the Afghan Children's Circus and with performers in Balan, Haiti, as well as with her ‘home circus’ Circus Culture. Holly is a SAG-AFTRA performer, a graduate of the International Dell 'Arte School, and holds a Master's in Theatre, Education and Social Change. Https:// and on IMDb as Holly Adams III.

Interview with Mindy Quigley, Author of the Mount Moriah Mysteries
  • Was a possible audiobook recording something you were conscious of while writing? 
    • Not remotely. Audible was still a fairly young company when I started writing the first book, and it wasn’t really on my radar screen. For a while, Amazon had a program where they offered to cover the costs for authors to have their books made into audiobooks using professional actors and production staff. I was lucky enough to be selected for that program.
    • Can I admit something terrible? As an author, you face so much rejection, so it was pretty great to have the tables turned. I got to audition narrators, negotiate terms, and make the ultimate decisions. It was an awesome experience to have the buck stop with me for a change!
  • How did you select your narrator?
    • I received dozens of audition tapes and had started to make a short list of possible narrators. When I heard Holly Adams’ audition, however, it went right to the top of the list. Her command of her voice--tone, accent, humor, diction--just blew away the competition.
  • How closely did you work with your narrator before and during the recording process? Did you give them any pronunciation tips or special insight into the characters? 
    • In my second book, A Death in Duck, there are a few characters who speak with an Outer Banks (of North Carolina) accent. That accent is a trip! It sounds like an Irish accent and a Southern accent had a baby, and that baby was born with a mouth full of marbles. :) Holly and I talked a lot about how to render it accurately, but still make it understandable for the purposes of the recording.
  • Were there any real life inspirations behind your writing? 
    • The fact that my main characters are ministers and chaplains was drawn from real life. Two of my college roommates went on to become ministers, which was strange given that we didn’t go to a religious college and neither of them had particularly religious upbringings. My two roommates now provide wonderful, heartfelt pastoral care, all while taking irreverence to new and hilarious heights—traits I stole for Lindsay.
    • Having been young women in our late teens and early twenties together helped me to see that ministers really are just humans, prone to all the same flaws and worries as anybody else. When you’ve seen someone eating dry pancake mix straight out of the box with a spoon, it really takes them off their pedestal.
    • For the sake of my poor mother, I should take this opportunity to clarify that my main character’s mother, a no-good criminal sleazebag, is NOT based on her.
  • Are you an audiobook listener? What about the audiobook format appeals to you? 
    • I know this is cliche, but OMG the Harry Potter audiobooks narrated by Jim Dale are THE BEST. I also quite liked Eddie Izzard’s reading of Great Expectations. I knew Izzard as a quirky comedian who often performed in drag, so I was extra impressed by his skill as a narrator.
    • For me, a good audiobook is all about the sharpness of the characterizations. With the Dale and Izzard readings, you can tell who’s speaking almost as if you were listening to dozens of actors rather than just one.
  • If you had the power to time travel, would you use it? If yes, when and where would you go? 
    • I’ve seen enough sci-fi movies and TV shows to know that time travel always ends badly. I’ll have to be content with time traveling through books and movies, because I sure as heck am not going to be the one responsible for setting off a catastrophic chain of events by accidentally stepping on a butterfly in 1722.
  • What do you say to those who view listening to audiobooks as “cheating” or as inferior to “real reading”?
    • That question is best answered by punching those dumb-dumbs in the face. Seriously, though, whatever way someone chooses to inject narrative content into their brains is okay by me. Some people have long commutes, and audiobooks provide a great companion. Some people, like my grandmother, have vision impairments that prevent them from reading. Audiobooks are her lifeline. Personally, I love reading, listening to audiobooks, and watching movies and TV shows. I even like hearing storytellers at events and festivals. A great story is a great story, no matter how it gets from one person to another.
  • How did you celebrate after finishing this novel?
    • I never really feel like writing projects are finished, so I don’t celebrate. I mean, are you supposed to celebrate when you finish the draft? The corrections? Submit it to your agent? Return the page proofs? See it in print? Register your first sale? Get your first review? I’d be hungover for months, if not years!
    • I just finished a full draft of a middle-grade novel I’m working on, and I’ll tell you exactly how I celebrated. I went into the bathroom, where my husband was brushing his teeth and said, “Well, I think I’m done with that book I’ve been working on for three years.” We high-fived and then went to bed.
  • What's your favorite:

    • Food- Butter. I used to eat sticks of butter like lollipops when I was a kid.

    • Song- Too many to name. I love all kinds of music--rap, country, pop, rock, indie. I’m a musical omnivore. I’m not sure if I have great taste or no taste at all. My teenage daughter is really into Billie Eilish, so one of my current favs is Bury a Friend.

    • Book- Murder on the Orient Express. I first read it when I was eleven. I think people forget how clever and groundbreaking it was.

    • Television show- The Sopranos. I usually don’t go for violent TV shows, but that one really resonated with me. Vivid characters, fabulous acting, riveting tension. My husband and I watched the whole thing on VHS when we first got married. On Saturday night, we rushed to the video store at 8:55pm to rent the next season before the store closed. I also like nerd porn like Star Trek and Dr. Who.

    • Movie- The Princess Bride. As the movie says, it’s got fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles. What more could a person want from a movie?
  • What bits of advice would you give to aspiring authors?
    • Your first draft is probably not good.
    • I’ve also learned that there’s a reason most writers don’t achieve success at a young age. Writing well, for me, involves a deepening of wisdom, a broadening of life experience, a honing of the skills of observation and concision, and a hell of a lot of practice. A few very gifted, very lucky individuals write fantastic first books at an early age, but obviously those people are freaks of nature who should be isolated from society to keep the rest of us from looking bad.
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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

No More Time (A Dodie O’Dell Mystery) by Suzanne Trauth

No More Time
(A Dodie O'Dell Mystery)
by Suzanne Trauth

About The Book

No More Time (A Dodie O'Dell Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
5th in Series
Lyrical Underground (July 23, 2019)
Paperback: 214 pages
ISBN-10: 1516107241
ISBN-13: 978-1516107247
Digital ASIN: B07JYQD61M

Restaurant manager Dodie O’Dell has found her niche in the cozy New Jersey town of Etonville, creating menus that make a delicious double-act with the community theater’s productions. Now she’s ready for a vacation at the Jersey Shore town she called home before a hurricane hit. Sun, salty air, and seagulls make for a nostalgic escape from regular life—until a contingent from Etonville arrives to compete in a Jersey Shore theater festival.
Roped into helping her former boss cater the event, Dodie also gets a visit from her old flame, Jackson, who’s hoping to revive his charter boat business and is looking for a place to crash. Before Dodie can tell him that ship has sailed, Jackson’s partner is found murdered on his boat. Dodie knows her ex is a mooch, but she’s sure he’s no killer. But as she follows a trail of evidence that leads into her own past, Dodie stumbles on a dangerous conspiracy theory that could bring the festival to a shocking finale…


By noon we were both hot and famished. I suggested a break from the sun at the tiki bar and we gathered our beach gear and trudged through the sand to the Polynesian music. We were halfway through our bucket of steamed clams when an elderly twosome at a table next to ours gasped in shock. We couldn’t help noticing.

“Is everything okay?” I asked gently.
The woman’s head bobbled and her wide-brimmed sunhat swung from side to side. She picked up the newspaper she’d been reading, the Candle Beach Courier, a local rag, and shoved the front page at us. “He was such a nice boy. We knew his parents years ago.”
I smiled sympathetically and scanned the sheet. Then I gasped.
“Dodie, what’s the matter?” Lola said.
“Were you acquainted with him too?” the woman asked.
I nodded numbly. Was I ever. The headline read LOCAL MAN DEAD. Underneath was a photo of the victim: It was Vinnie C. I rotated the paper so Lola could see the front page. “It’s him,” I said hoarsely.
Lola blinked. “Vincent Carcherelli,” she read.
I scanned the story. Apparently his body had been washed up on the beach sometime overnight and was discovered by a jogger early today in time to make the mid-morning edition. The police were calling it a drowning and speculating that he’d fallen off his boat, The Bounty, which had drifted half a mile off the shoreline. No foul play suspected at the moment but the investigation was ongoing.
I offered to return the newspaper but the couple refused to accept it, saying the story was too upsetting. They picked up their bill and left.
“Wow. What a coincidence. We were talking about how Jackson saw him yesterday …” Lola stopped. A light bulb went on. “The police will want to speak with Jackson. He might have been one of the last people to see Vinnie alive.”
It was Lola’s last word that brought me up short: alive. Jackson had been steamed during that meeting on the boardwalk. Did he know anything about Vinnie’s last hours? If Bill were here he’d tell me to mind my own business, let Jackson alone, let the police determine the actual cause of death. Bill was right, of course. But something about the whole event didn’t sit right with me. Why did Jackson lie about what happened when he met Vinnie?

About the Author

Suzanne Trauth, Harvard Studio, Montclair, NJ. 06/27/2014 Photo by Steve Hockstein/[/caption]
Suzanne Trauth is a novelist, playwright, screenwriter, and a former theatre professor at a university. She is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, the Dramatists Guild, and League of Professional Theatre Women. When she is not writing, Suzanne coaches actors and serves as a celebrant performing wedding ceremonies. She lives in Woodland Park, New Jersey.
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Interview with Suzanne Trauth

1. What is your favorite part of this book and why?

No More Time is a part of the Dodie O’Dell mystery series. Most of the series takes place in Etonville, New Jersey, a small town close to New York City. But Dodie grew up down the Jersey Shore and lived and worked in a town called Candle Beach, where No More Time is set. She is on vacation with her current love interest, Etonville’s chief of police. I love that Dodie is involved in solving the murder of her ex-boyfriend’s former business partner. I enjoy the way her mind works and watching how her instincts lead her down an investigative path. However, I must say I get a kick out of Dodie’s Etonville friends, members of the Etonville Little Theatre. The theatre is in Candle Beach performing at a festival and their presence adds fun and chaos to the story as they rehearse for their big moment on the Candle beach stage. They make me laugh!

2. If you could spend time with a character from your book whom would it be? And what would you do during that day?

I love these characters…they’re like family. So choosing one is difficult. Of course I’d like to spend time with my sleuth-protagonist Dodie – I feel as if she’s my alter ego! We could hop in her red MINI-Cooper and drive around Candle Beach, following suspicious strangers, or hiding out in some location where Dodie believes the murder suspect might show up, or just hanging on the beach. It is the shore after all…the possibilities are endless. We could end the day at her favorite seafood restaurant run by an old friend.
I would also love the to spend the day with the members of the Etonville Little Theatre. Having spent many years in theatre as a director, actor, producer, and writer, I’d love sitting in on their rehearsals—observing the chaos and bedlam!

3. If you could have been the author of any book ever written, which book would you choose?

There are so many. But here’s what comes to mind: I would love to have written All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. It is beautiful…the language, the story, the characters fully created. And it takes place during my favorite historical period—World War II.
I would also have like being the author of the Harry Potter series…

4. Are your characters based off real people or did they all come entirely from your imagination?

Most of my characters are the result of my active imagination—Dodie, her boyfriend Bill, her BFFs Lola and Carol, Henry, her boss at the restaurant she manages, and the quirky small-town characters who populate the Dodie O’Dell series. The theatre characters, however, are sometimes composites of, or based on, folks I knew throughout my theatrical career: the obsessive director, the loyal sidekick stage manager, the diva, the egomaniacal leading man…I had plenty of material to draw from!

5. What made you want to become a writer?

Reading a lot all of my life influenced my wanting to be a writer. I’ve been interested in writing most of my life. In grade school I wrote short stories and experimented with writing plays. In high school I entered a writing contest and won first prize for a short story. That was great encouragement, that and an English teacher who supported my scribbling. I loved giving expression to my imagination, making people come alive on the page. So I wrote on and off for many years, moving from one genre to another: plays, screenplays, and finally novels.
But probably the fact that I loved to read books as a child provided a strong foundation. I was most interested in biographies, I loved reading about famous people’s lives. And then I got hooked on mysteries like Nancy Drew and the Bobbsey Twins before I graduated to adult mysteries and thrillers. When I began writing novels, a mystery series seemed a natural choice of genre. I also still enjoy writing plays.

Thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed!

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July 20 – A Wytch's Book Review Blog – CHARACTER INTERVIEW

July 21 – Baroness' Book Trove - REVIEW, INDIVIDUAL GIVEAWAY

July 22 – Here's How It Happened – SPOTLIGHT

July 22 – eBook Addicts – SPOTLIGHT

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