Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Minseng Direct Toddler Hallloween Skeleton Outfits Skull Costume

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This super cute Toddler Little Boys or Little Girls Halloween Skeleton Outfit Skull Costume Long Sleeve T-Shirt is from Minseng Direct. It is a 2 piece outfit. You get the long sleeved t-shirt that is fully decorated with bones, a spider, pumpkins, and candies. The pants are long and also a t-shirt material with bones down the front of the legs. I love the brightly colored candies and pumpkins and even the bones. They are very bright against the black material. The stitching is very high quality and looks like it will outlast your child in size. The top does seem to be a bit larger then the bottoms.

The outfit is made from very soft cotton. The decoration is a vinyl like decal. The outfit is safe for machine wash and drying. I would turn it inside out when cleaning and also not over dry to make the decals last longer. You can get the outfit from sizes 2T to 6. This would make an awesome Halloween costume. But your little one can also wear it throughout the Halloween season, or as pajamas year round. 

I personally love Holiday outfits that can be worn everyday other then just as a 1 day costume and this outfit does just that. 

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