Sunday, September 6, 2020

Blizzard (The Brotherhood Journals) by Addison Jane

Blizzard (The Brotherhood Journals)

Blizzard is another Awesome MC book by Addison James.  I am really enjoying all of the books in all of the series featuring the Brothers by Blood MC. This book was included in the set of The Club Girl Diaries that I was given as part of a book tour and I am so glad it was. I have to admit I am kind of in love with Blizzard. He is a man that seems to take care of his family both blood and MC with no second thoughts.

Earlier in the Club Girl Diaries series he meets Rose who seems to have stabbed the whole MC in the back but there is just something about her. Now she is under the clubs protection and as much as he wants her away from him the feelings to pull her near are stronger. This story is basically how their feeling grow into love, oh yea and that his estranged mother shows up asking for help asking from Blizzard and the MC to help her to get her Daughter back who was kidnapped by another MC. 

Blizzard's mom took off when he was a kid leaving him to be raised by his drunken abusive father. Now she is back. She is part of another MC and has a daughter Blizzard knew nothing about. Blizzard and the Brothers decide to help but it is Rose who will do the most work. She is trained to be a stripper to get the VP of the MC's attention so they can try and get the girl back. She is a crucial part but she has to make sure they do not suspect her as being a part of the Brothers by Blood. All goes well for  while but they do learn she is there as a spy. Now Blizzard and the MC has to not only get the girl but also Rose out and all of them keep breathing as well. 

Can't wait to read the next books in these Series. I Love Addison Jane's writing. She is doing a great job of making the characters in the books real people. I also love that these books can be red as stand alones but are so much better as a series. You get to follow each of their stories through out. The Characters are not just in one book. 

I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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