Thursday, August 20, 2020

Non-Contact Digital Medical Thermometer by Sinocare

With no quick end to Covid 19 in sight I think we all need a good thermometer. This one seems like it fits the bill very nicely. Not just for covid but also if you have a cold or a teething baby.

This is a forehead thermometer. So you do not have to worry about passing around germs by using a oral thermometer. This features a High-definition LED large screen display. The screen is very easy to read. You can even read it in the dark. It has a fever warning alarm, so it beeps if you have a fever. It has a temperature log. It can save your measurement values well. Convenient for comparison. This is designed with the latest thermopile sensor technology.

I like that it can take your temperature from 3 centimetres away so you don't have to physically touch your skin to get a reading. It will read your temperature in 1 second. So very fast. The thermometer is very light weight and a little on the small side compared to a lot of infared thermometers.

You get the thermometer, your first set of 2 AAA batteries, and an instruction book in the box. So this is pretty much ready to go when you take it out of the box, just install the batteries.

#sinocareofficial #sinocare #Infraredthermometer #thermometerforbaby #nontouch

#sinocareofficial #sinocare #Infraredthermometer #thermometerforbaby #nontouch

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