Thursday, July 30, 2020

Leash by Brett Schumacher

and Other Short Horror Stories
Brett Schumacher


"Creepy Ghost Stories" YouTube channel, Narrator and Writer
Brett Schumacher.

LEASH And Other Short Horror Stories is a
horror anthology of thirteen short creepy, scary and sometimes
gruesome monster stories. These hair-raising stories will make your
mind tingle and your paranoia kick into over-drive.

chilling set of frighteningly strange and weird stories are tales of
the unexpected, of deceit and of unspeakable beings that hide in the
recesses of the mind and the shadows of dark forests.

A tale of a gas station attendant and the creature that stalks him in
a storm like he had never witnessed before. The newly found journal
entry of Robert Tolliver's nightmarish dreams that ravage his life
after a horrific accident in the swamps of Louisiana. A butcher's
child was created of steel and blades used to cut meat. A story about
a new embalming fluid with a terrible side effect. The tale of a man
and his friends on a camping trip, A leather collar and a vile beast
that reigns over a pile of corpses. Plus many more.

The Horror in the Swamp
Brett Schumacher


★★★★★ "S79
has a super fun plot. You’ve got swamps, abandoned military base,
science experiment gone wrong, conspiracy theories, urban legends,
pitch dark atmosphere, snakes, gators, rednecks, revenge, and a
pretty epic creature." - Aimee M. - Goodreads

"Creepy Ghost Stories" YouTube channel, Narrator and Writer
Brett Schumacher.

Salesman and father Robert Tolliver’s life
is about to change. He was traveling through Louisiana and a few
missed turns, a few hours later, he finds himself facing a horrible
fate. All Robert knows is that he is stuck in an abandoned military
bunker in the wild swamps of Louisiana. There is something stalking
his every move, a scary horror unlike anything he has ever seen.

The creature in the Bunker, The Horror Novel of the Swamps.

Robert survive the living nightmares and make it back home to his
wife Julie and his daughter Lillie? Will he uncover a bigger horror
mystery that the small town of Montegut had been hiding for years?

Writer and Narrator for the "Creepy Ghost Stories" YouTube
Channel. Brett has a deep love for horror with a particular interest
in Isolation and Cryptid based stories.

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  1. Brett Schumacher is a new author to me. I look forward to reading some of his work. Thanks for the introduction.