Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Charlock's Secret by Leah Moyes

Leah Moyes is from the sunny state of Arizona. She is a wife and a mother, a former teacher, and a coach with a background in Archaeology. She loves popcorn and seafood (though not together) and is slowly checking off her very long bucket list.  

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Desperate to hide, Kat flees. Now, trapped in time, her survival and return are threatened by her tortured heart.
Ensnared by hopelessness and grief, twenty-four-year-old Kat Shelton accepts a position as the curator of an old English estate with the sole purpose of running away from her memories and to bury life’s pain.

What she finds on her journey is much more than she bargained for—an arrogant employer, patronizing staff, and a chaotic system to name a few. Then to top it all off, an unforeseen tumble down the antiquated cellar steps brings her to a sudden halt.

Waking up in the year 1878, and mistaken for the children’s new governess, Kat scrambles to navigate nineteenth-century British lifestyle and culture. An impossible feat if it weren’t for the help of the Gilford girls and their charming and handsome brother, Merritt.

Will Kat find the strength, love and forgiveness she yearns for in the past? Or will her path bring her back to the reality she fears?

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As the door cracked open, I quickly threw the covers over my body once more and pushed upright against the carved back of the bed frame. Hesitantly, the face of my graceful savior appeared through the entry. He smiled as he stepped through the doorway. He was properly dressed in nineteenth-century attire, amazingly real—stunningly handsome.
My lower lip separated from the top one with no attempt to close it. The small silver tray he balanced in his hands, held a single teacup and a saucer with a scone-like pastry on top.
“I supposed you could use some cream tea this morning,” his voice floated, “but I can have Ana arrange an ample breakfast if you prefer.” He set the tray on the table next to the bed. My eyes scanned every amazing detail of his features and form. He shifted awkwardly under my stare and then continued. “It’s a pleasant surprise to see you arouse after your fall several nights ago.” He bent slightly forward. “I feared you might not recover.”
“Several nights ago?” I gasped.
“Yes, the night before last. You tumbled down the stairway.” His eyebrows curved inward. “You don’t recall?”
My fingers massaged my temples to grasp any sense of reasoning, but at this point, overthinking was most likely the cause of my pain.
“My apologies, Miss. I have not formally introduced myself.” He shifted upright, and boldly extended one hand forward to greet me. “I am Merritt G—”
“Gilford.” I finished his sentence. He took a step back, meeting my eyes with those endless pools of blue.
“Of—of course,” he stammered sweetly. “You would already be acquainted with the name of the family for your employ.” He chuckled at himself with what appeared to be unintended charm.
Shame on you, Kat! I scolded myself for enjoying this hallucination a little too much.
Merritt fumbled with the hem of his jacket in momentary silence until I asked the question that lingered on the tip of my tongue since I awoke.
“What year is it?” The words released slow and full of apprehension.
Merritt’s eyes narrowed. I cowered under his stare. “The year?”
“Yes.” I glanced down at my hands and waited.
“It’s 1878.”
My eyes rolled back, and my head hit the wood with a thump.

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