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Wedding at White Sands

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This is my stop during the book blitz for Wedding at White Sands by Catherine Mann. This book blitz is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. The book blitz runs from 22 till 28 June. See the tour schedule here.

Wedding at White SandsWedding at White Sands

By Catherine Mann

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Age category: Adult


Private Investigator Allie St. James needs the case of the century to pay her bills. She doesn’t need a seven year old client who claims someone’s trying to kill his dad. But somehow her soft heart lands her at a corrupt Florida Key’s resort and into a fake marriage with the boy’s hunkish – widowed – father.

Entrepreneur Jake Larson lost his wife in a car accident that left him with injuries ending his career as an agent for the Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations. He has no use for relationships, not even for his matchmaking son. But since White Sands Resort scammed his parents, Jake reluctantly agrees to assist state police in their investigation. Even when protecting his cover means getting close to a pretty female private eye who’s disrupting not only his case, but also his very peace of mind!

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Garment bag slung over his shoulder, Jake walked though the Miami International Airport parking lot, clearing his senses with a breath of sticky, saltwater air. He peered through his sunglasses to check the rental tag. He jingled the keys with a toss and a catch while he searched the lines of vehicles.
Two cars in, he heard a woman singing softly. The hair on the back of his neck prickled. A sense of foreboding gripped him by the throat. Even lilting along the breeze, the voice held a too-familiar quality.
Three cars later, he spotted a flash of brown hair bobbing in time with the off-key crooner.
Up a row and one car over, he found Allie St. James sitting on the hood of a green sedan. His green sedan. Why wasn’t he surprised?
She tipped her face to catch the late-afternoon rays, knees clasped to her chest, eyes closed. Her singing dwindled to a hum, drawing his attention to the graceful arch of her neck.
She rocked almost imperceptibly, her feet arching and relaxing within leather sandals. A stray curl caressed her shoulder. The ever-present backpack dangled from her elbow, a small suitcase resting beside her on the hood. Apparently, she planned to stay a while.
And her arrival couldn’t be coincidental.
“Afternoon, Ms. St. James. Lost again?” Jake draped his hang-up bag over the roof of the car. Her lashes fluttered, and she directed the power of her near-purple eyes toward him, rattling his already shaky restraint.
“I guess I should have turned left instead of right at the Florida panhandle.” Allie unfolded her legs, stretching her arms overhead and yawning with the lazy reach of a kitten warming in the sun. She presented a dangerous mix of innocence and sensuality.
Still, he couldn’t trust her. Too many people depended on his visit proceeding without a hitch. “And you’re here because?”
“I have a case in the area.” She slid off the hood, landing with a hop beside him. Her hair threatened to spill loose before settling off-center.
“Oh, really?”
Her gaze scurried away from his. What was she hiding?
Allie plucked at her shirt. “Whew, the sun was really starting to heat up that metal. Anyhow, I’ve had this trip planned for a long time. And yeah, when I was, uh, browsing around your office yesterday I noticed you had a ticket to the same place. Is that bizarre or what?”
“Or what.”
“Well, I think it’s closer to divine providence.” She shrugged her backpack into place. “Some creep stole my wallet while I was buying lunch which leaves me officially stranded. I cried all the way through my burrito, mind you. Then I remembered that little ticket sitting on your desk and figured you could help me until I can get some money wired.”
This was almost fun, wondering how her mind would twist around the next convoluted story. He leaned against the driver-side door, instinctively favoring his right ankle. “Is it just another coincidence that brought you to the hood of my rental car?”
“Don’t be silly. What kind of rock head would believe a story like that?”
“Only an idiot.” Jake pulled a tight smile.
“Absolutely.” She nodded, another lock of hair sliding free from the lopsided topknot. “I told the lady at the rental desk that I’m your wife.”

Catherine MannAbout the Author:

USA Today bestseller Catherine Mann writes contemporary romance for Harlequin, Tule, Sourcebooks and Berkley. With over seventy-five books released in more than twenty countries, she has won a RITA Award, the Romantic Times Magazine Reviewer’s Choice Award, and the Bookseller’s Best Award. She’s also celebrated six RITA finals, an RT Reviewer’s Award finalist, three Maggie Award of Excellence finals and a Bookseller’s Best win. After years moving around the country bringing up four children, Catherine has settled in her home state of South Carolina. The nest didn’t stay empty long though as she is active in animal rescue. Catherine enjoys hearing from her readers and can be found online frequently on Facebook.

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