Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Three Strikes by Allana Walker

My Review:
Three Strikes by Allana Walker is the first book in the Demon Disciples Series. It is also the first book I have read of hers. I am really not totally sure how I feel about this book as you will see in this review. Let me start with the language in this book, I never did figure out exactly where this book was set at, but by some of the language in the book I'm not sure it was set in the USA, I mean we just do not talk that way. Jake in the book does commute back and forth to New York a lot for work though. 

The book is written in first person alternating chapters. There is a chapter from Daria's prospective then one from Strikers. A few of the chapter endings and beginnings are confusing. They do come back around but they take you out of the moment when it switches between Daria and Striker. 

I guess I should add trigger warnings too. There are suicide attempts, domestic violence, actually lots of violence period. Attempted murder, murder, kidnapping, graphic sex scenes, and tons of fowl language. This is a very dark read. With a lot of the triggers happening at the hands of Striker I do not get why anyone would think these 2 are a perfect match. 

I personally did not find myself in love or even like with any of the main characters in this book. Daria seriously needs a therapist, and Striker needs a bullet between the eyes. 

In the book 17 year old Daria ends up at the Demon Disciples Clubhouse with her friend Jess who is dating one of the members. As she is trying to get away from one of the bikers who is pawing at her she runs into Striker's room. He basically rapes her.  

Later she finds out she is pregnant from that one night. She tries to tell Striker but is told to go away by another biker at the Clubhouse gate. Fast forward 10 years. Striker is out of prison, Emily the baby born from the one night stand is now 9. Daria married her best friend Jake and has passed Emily off as his since her pregnancy was confirmed, at his request. Daria and Emily run into Striker at the ice cream shop, after 1 look Striker knows she is his. This is where the story turns very dark. The things he does to Daria while demanding his right to spend time with his daughter is just almost to much to bare. If it had of been me I would of taken my daughter and been long gone. This is no where the end of this book but I do not want to give to much away. 

Everything about Daria's life seems dark and she never stands up for herself really. She allows physical violence, it's almost like she enjoys it. She would rather be beat on then to open her mouth and answer a simple question. And to keep going back to a person who has abused you so badly is just beyond my grain of thought. 

This book does end with a cliffhanger of sorts as there will be a continuation of their saga in book 2. I am not dying for this second book personally though. I just cannot fathom more of the happenings in this book in the next one. 

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