Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Nine Minutes Nine Minutes Series #1 By: Beth Flynn

You would think this book was a non fiction memoir this book is written so realistically. Parts of this book were hard to listen to but I couldn't make myself turn it off. Beth Flynn has done an excellent job with this book and Monique Makena does an exceptional job narrating it. I will be looking for more books written by Beth Flynn and narrated by Monique Makena.

Gwendolyn Lemon was kidnapped in 1975 by a biker when she was 15 years old. She thinks she is getting a lift home, he took her home but not to her home. He tells her she is a gift for his MC's President Grizz. Over the next several years she falls in love with Grizz and he has been in love with her from a distance since she was a child. The MC is a very rough group of bikers that have there hands in pretty much anything and everything that is illegal. But Grizz is extremely tender, patient, and loving to his captive. I'm not condoning the actions of this story but I was able to see how Gwendolyn, who is now called Kit, falls for Grizz. It's pretty much a Stockholm syndrome story. It is very well written a powerful, if you get past the part that its starts out with her only being 15.

I have book 2 of this trilogy downloaded and ready to go. 

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