Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Monkey with a Tool Belt Blasts Off! by Chris Monroe

Chico Bon Bon is an adorable Monkey and the star of this Children's book. In the book he is blasting of to Space on an adventure. He and his friend Clark are headed to the Superstar Space Station to fix the broken Moon Malt Machine in their snack bar. Chico Bon Bon has his trusty tool belt with him which is equipped with all the tools a Monkey would need to fix just about any machine. When they get to the Space Station and take a look  at the malt machine, Chico Bon Bon couldn't find anything wrong until a small purple things zipped out the machine and took off around the stations. When they finally catch it they find out it is alien named Zootie. Her ship has broken down and she landed on the station, but was hiding because she didn't know if she was safe or not. Chico decides to go look at her ship and fix it so she gt back home.

This is a fun story and if you think about it teaches a bit about helping others and being friendly.

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