Monday, March 30, 2020

everyday Blood Pressure Monitor by Sinocare

This Blood pressure monitor is by sinocare. It is simple to use. The hardest part is getting the cuff in the right orientation and that was easy. The blood pressure monitor seems pretty accurate. I tested it against the one I have been using and it was spot on. This BP unit can monitor 2 users, store up to 90 readings with date & time stamps for each, and  displays the average of last 3 readings. It also has an irregular heartbeat detection.

I have high blood pressure and a fast heart beat. I take 2 different pills a day to keep me in reasonable rates. A good and accurate blood pressure monitor is important to me. I check my blood pressure at least once a day every day, so I need one that is accurate. This one seems to work very well for me. 

This is very easy to sue. Make sure the pressure tube is attached to the machine fully. Put the cuff on your arm, the left gives the most accurate readings according to my doctor. I adjust the cuff to where the tube coming off the cuff is about center to the bend of my arm. Sit back with your feet flat on the floor, I usually have my arm setting on the desk, then push the button.

It even talks to you. It tells you to sit still and do not talk when you start. Then when you are done it tells you your readings. There is a settings button so you can turn the voice off/on. You can also set the date and time. The LCD screen is back lit, and the readings are quite large and easy to read.

It takes 4 AA batteries that does not come with the machine. But any AA batteries should work. I honestly do not know how well rechargeable batteries would do though.

Compact for travel.The monitor is 4 1/2 inches long, 4 inches wide, and about 2 3/4 inches at its tallest point. I do wish this came with a carrying case.


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