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Custodian of the Spirits by Brownyn Long Borne

Title: Custodian of the Spirits
Series: The Valley of the Heart's Delight
Author: Bronwyn Long Borne
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: February 5, 2020

Left penniless after her husband’s death, Fiona Lenihan and her two young children set out for California in search of a fresh start. Ten years ago Fiona fled the Irish Potato Famine. She has crossed an ocean, why not a continent?

Kier Moran is a loner with a reputation for being the best tracker, best shot, and best guide. As a favor to his aging parents, he is leading their wagon train west to the Santa Clara Valley, known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight.

Kier intends to deliver his parents safely to California then resume life under the sun and stars. But meeting Fiona Lenihan threatens his simple plan.

This was my first book by Brownyn Long Borne. I loved every page of this book, but the ending. I literally wanted to throw my kindle across the room. The ending left the book wide open for a part 2 and I just hope there is one. This story was no where near finished. There are way too many unanswered questions, at least for me. There could of least been an epilogue. I probably would not have read this book if I knew how it was going to end. I am basing my star rating on the book not the ending. 

Other then the ending I really enjoyed the book. I enjoyed the descriptions of the country the travelers were crossing. I could picture the places they traveled through. The romance was very sparse for most of the book but the many trials the characters went through more than made up for that.
The book is about Fiona Lenihan and her two young children. Her husband passed away and his family basically threw her out. She had a choice either to leave or her and her children be banished to work in her husbands families fields. She had already lost a brother to those fields. 

She was an immigrant from Ireland. Her brothers and her set out for America during the Great Hunger in Ireland. Fiona has survived so many things in her life, her abusive father, loosing her whole family, coming to America, loosing one brother aboard the ship, the other in the fields, an abusive husband, and finally her In Laws betrayal. When she heard about the families crossing the country to go to California she felt it was her only option for her children to have a life. Along the way she meets many families and makes many friends. They go through Indian attacks, storms, deserts, and more. Many of the trials ending in death. 

Her first friends along the way are a Doctor and his wife, she becomes a nurse for him. She is also the companies cook. She also falls for the leader of their company Keir, and he for her. Keir is a loner though and warns Fiona when they reach California he will leave again. 

I received this book from the Author or Publisher to read and review. The gifting of this book did not affect my opinion of it.

Bronwyn Long Borne is a nurse by day and writer by night. She grew up in Wyoming, where you can still see the wheel ruts carved into the land by the thousands of covered wagons headed west.

Her first novels are the self-published Shalemar Trilogy--Length of Days, Poetry of Days, and the forthcoming Wonder of Days--under the pen name Rohret Buchner.

Bronwyn and her husband live in Denver, Colorado. They share a love of food, wine, the mountains, and the arts.

Please visit to learn more about Bronwyn and her books.

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