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Valentine Countdown Blitz The Promise by Jean Oram Day 8

Jean Oram grew up in an old schoolhouse in a Canadian town, population 100 (cats and dogs not included). She is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author of feel-good, tingle-inducing, heartwarming romances.

Jean lives in Canada with her husband, two kids, cat, dog, and the pesky deer that wander into her yard to eat her rose bushes and apple trees. She can often be found outdoors or reading a book. (And of course at her laptop writing your next irresistible read!)

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When worlds collide...opposites attract

Devon Mattson has never been as captivated as he is by Olivia. She’s smart, witty and rich. But above all is the fact that even though they come from different worlds she understands him, his small town charm and his need for speed.

He knows that to be together they’ll both have to give up a lot, but he’s promised to always be there for her. Now, in college, and afterward too. Forever.

Olivia Carrington has never felt more alive than when she’s with Devon. She no longer feels the suffocating weight of expectations—just the freedom and support to follow her secret dreams and to become the person she’s always been afraid to be.

But when reality comes knocking their dream world begins to collapse. Will these two young lovers find their way back to each other or will their hearts become shattered beyond repair?

Fall in love with this prequel novella--a bonus companion story for Devon and Olivia's novel The Surprise Wedding--about opposites attracting. Grab your tissues and start reading today!

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Q&A With the Author:

1. Why do you choose to write romance? Do you write any other genres?

I write romance because it is fun! I love it when my characters banter and fall in love. But it’s hard, too. Right now my characters are supposed to be breaking up and I don’t want them to.

2.How long does it take you to write a book, typically?

 Some first drafts take me a few weeks to write and some take me months and months.

3. Since a lot of romance books show both male and female perspectives, share with us the most difficult thing about writing the perspective of the opposite gender?

Sometimes figuring out what the male character wants is tricky. If the heroine has made the story very much HER story sometimes it is hard to figure out what the man wants and why he’s not getting it and how his story fits into hers. But otherwise, writing the opposite gender is fun!

4. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I have absolutely no idea what an interesting writing quirk of mine would be!

5.Tell us a bit about a future project you are working on? Do you have any little sneak peeks you can share?

Right now I am working on a Texas series which will release later in 2020. It’s still unnamed and the sneak peeks are very rough drafts so I will keep those hidden for now. But what I can say is that it is about a close knit family of five brothers set in a small town. Some want to keep the family ranch and some do not. Like brothers they are all very different…and also very alike. Lots of fun and conflict as well as history between them!

6.What is the most romantic date you have ever been on? Or, what is your idea of the perfect Valentine Date?

My husband and I don’t do a big thing for Valentine’s Day. We’re actually kind of unromantic about “events.” We do try to go on dates every week or two and I always kiss him every day and tell him that I love him. And honestly, that constant love that continues to grow and strengthen between us (20 years strong!) is probably the most romantic thing I can think of.

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