Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Heartbroken by Gabrielle G.

Title: Heartbroken
Series: Gritt Family #1
Author: Gabrielle G.
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: February 25, 2020


I’ve avoided
my hometown for twenty-seven years for one reason.
Now that
I’m back in Springs Falls, I’ll do my best not to run into him.
But if I
do, let’s hope he isn’t as hot as he was at eighteen. 
But the
universe is funny that way. 
My life is
proof of it—secrets and all.
So I’m not
surprised when he stands before me in my class as the parent of one of my
students. Forgiving him to have walked away had always been hard, but not
harder than to finally tell him the truth.


Can you
forget your first love?
I never
Even if I
didn’t recognize her right away, the girl with a star-shaped birthmark was
always somewhere on my mind. 
But she
isn’t the competitive and driven seventeen-year-old captain of the girls’
hockey team I loved anymore.
I don’t
know what happened, but she has lost her fire and never made it into the pros
like she dreamt of.
And then I
know. And it’s my turn to decide if I can forgive her. 

second-chance, small town romance novel you won’t be able to put down.

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Author Bio

Gabrielle G
will do anything for a hot cup of tea, still celebrates her half birthdays and
feels everyone has an inner temptuous voice.

Born in France and having lived in Switzerland, Gabrielle currently resides in
Montreal with her husband, three devilish children and an extremely moody cat.

After spending years contemplating a career in writing, she finally jumped off
the deep end and took the plunge into the literary world. Writing consumed her
and she independently published her work.

Gabrielle's style is fiercely raw and driven by pure emotion. Her love stories
leave you out of breath, yearning for more, while at the same time wiping away

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