Monday, February 24, 2020

FORID 1.2 Gallon Small Garbage Bags 150 Count Compostable Material

These are really great trash bags from FORID. These are the 1.2 gallon size. They fit perfectly in my small trash cans I have in the bathroom, bedroom, and living room. In the box is 5 rolls of 30 trash bags. They are approximately 17 inches long and 12 inches wide when unfolded. They have absolutely no smell at all to them. They are very strong bags even though they do not look very thick. These bags re a green color but you can still see through them. But the best part of all is these trash bags are made of Plant Starch Materials (PSM) They are biodegradable and compostable. They are great for collecting your trash and for the planet.

These bags are great for all the rooms of you house. Perfect for the kitchen for bagging up food waste. If you compost you can toss your waste food and the bag right into your compost area. Great for changing the cat litter. I keep a roll in my car. They are perfect for taking trips. You have some place to keep the water and soda cups and bottles and the snack wrappers. So when you get where you are going or back home you have all the garbage bagged up and not all over the floor board of your car.

I have used other bags from Forid before and they have all been exceptional and very strong. And with 150 bags, I won't bee needing bags for quite some time.

I either received this product for free or at a discounted price and have chosen to leave this honest and unbiased review.

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