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Dirty Brilliance by Lea Bronsen

Dirty Brilliance 
by Lea Bronsen 
Genre: Billionaire M/M Romance

Kace Karrington is a wealthy, self-made investor with no qualms about steamrolling others to achieve his goals. He’s attracted to men, but picks up beautiful women, giving the cold, unfeeling world of Finance the appearance he’s successful...powerful. That is until he meets a smoking hot street punk eager to show him there’s more to life than making money. 

Award-winning author Lea Bronsen likes her reads hot, fast, and edgy, and strives to give her own stories the same intensity. After a deep dive on the unforgiving world of gangsters with her debut novel Wild Hearted, she divides her writing time between romantic suspenses, dark erotic romances, and crime thrillers. 

She's signed with Evernight Publishing, Decadent Publishing, and Insatiable Press. She has also self-published half of her works and participated in the making of several anthologies. 

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Scarlett XOXO by Autumn Reed

Some stories should never be told. Others have to be—it’s the only way.
Since moving back to my hometown of Hastings, Texas, I’ve been called a whore, tramp, and homewrecker. And maybe I’m all of those things and more.
But those people don’t know me. They don’t see me. They only see my mistakes.
My little brother is my entire world, and if I can give him what I never had—love and security—then returning to the town that hates me will be worth it.
I’m prepared for the whispers and stares, but the moment a knight in a black truck crosses my path, it’s clear that I’m not ready for kindness. As he, my brother’s sexy teacher, and the town’s golden boy work to break down my walls by standing between me and the hate, I find myself beginning to hope again.
Maybe redemption is within reach...if I share my story.
**Scarlett XOXO is a 125,000 word, standalone reverse harem romance. Though cheating is a theme throughout the book, there is no cheating between the main characters.

About the Book

Scarlett XOXOby Autumn Reed
n/a; standalone
New Adult
Reverse Harem
Contemporary Romance
Publication Date
January 23, 2020
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About the Author

AUTUMN REED is a lifelong bookworm with a penchant for sarcasm. She loves cloudy days, fluffy dogs, and murdering succulents. When she isn't bringing daydreams to life on the page, she can be found behind the lens of a digital camera or binge-watching Veronica Mars.
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Claiming His Charge by Susan Horsnell

M/M Rockstar Romance
Date Published: January 24, 2020

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Jordan Phillips, ex-military,he now co-owns a security company with his ex-team leader.
He works covert operations, removing marks from foreign countries where government forces cannot go.
The last thing he wants to do is babysit an opinionated rock star.

Dallas Munroe is the opinionated rock star.
After a death threat, his manager beefs up security, by hiring Jordan's  company.
Dallas is not impressed. He feels the threat is a hoax and the last thing he wants is a guard shadowing his every move.

Will these two ever get along?

Who is behind the death threat, and is it for real?

Travel the cities of Australia as the band tours. Meet up with the stars from the Outback Australia Series when the band performs at a charity concert in Bourke and learn what part they play in events as they unfold.

About the Author

I live in sunny Queensland, Australia and retired after 37 years of Nursing.

My husband of 45 years, together with our elderly Jack Russell Terrier and extremely opinionated 26-year-old Cockatiel, enjoy exploring the country with our caravan.

When we are at home, which is a small rural village, we spend our time renovating our home.

I write a variety of stories including Western Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Male/Male, Ménage and Shapeshifter.

Each book has a strong focus on the storyline with romantic interest building throughout.

I explore real-life issues from kids on the streets to motorcycle war and put my own twist on each one.

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Falcon by Emma Nichole

Title: Falcon
Series: Own the Skies #3

Author: Emma Nichole
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 24, 2020



2,465 miles stand between me and the reprieve I need.

One coast to the other: Los Angeles to Savannah.

Only to wade through the reality my career may be ending sooner than I thought.

Instead of bringing the clarity I sought, it leads me to Faith Morgan.

When all is said and done, she may be the reason I keep fighting after all.


496 miles stand between me and the chaos I left behind.

Nashville, Tennessee to Savannah, Georgia.

They say fate is a real thing, but I never believed it until now.

Then this hulking, beautiful stranger showed up at my door by mistake.

Falcon Masen is everything I should avoid, but no matter what I tell myself, no
matter how hard I fight,

I just can’t say no to him.

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Author Bio

After years
of living vicariously through so many characters and stories created by others,
Emma Nichole has taken the plunge herself.

A southern girl born, raised, and still residing in Tennessee, she holds the
quirks of this area of the world close to her heart, and showcases it in her

She's a
wife, a mother of two, an avid college football fan (Go Vols), a best friend, a
sister, a lover of all music, movies, and above all else... a lover of books.

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Chandelier by Annie Dyer

Title: Chandelier

Series: Tarnished Crowns Trilogy #1
Author: Annie Dyer
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: January 24, 2020


Lovers. Liars. Traitors. Thieves.

We would become all of these.

The first time I meet Isaac, I’m on my knees in front of another man.
The second time, I discover I’m a pawn in our countries’ wager for peace.
A promised princess.
The sister to the heir to a tarnished crown.
A pretty chandelier, born to sparkle, distract.
My country is at war, just like my heart.

Two men. Three sides.

No happy endings.. 

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Author Bio

Annie lives in the north of England, not too far from the
amazing city of Manchester. She is owned by several cats and many hens,
narrowly avoiding being a mad cat woman by enslaving a very understanding husband.
She's an avid reader of many genres and if she's not writing a book, she's
usually reading one!

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Breach of Contract by Elizabeth Miller

Title: Breach of Contract

Series: Kavanagh Family Romance #1
Author: Elizabeth Miller
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs
Release Date: January 31, 2020


bombshell Maisie Walker loves sex. The problem is she’s never had it—not with a
real live person anyway. Her vibrator, Vinnie, and keep Maisie’s
nights busy, but she’s itching to lose her V-card—with her boss, Jayce

As managing
partner of the hottest legal firm in New York City, Jayce Kavanagh likes to
win—in court and in the bedroom. With his mind set on legal perfection, he
doesn’t have time for the killer sway of his assistant’s assets or her sinful

One late
night in the office changes everything.

your associate after-hours is not ideal, but with proper boundaries, Jayce
makes it happen. Enter in Exhibit A—the contract. General terms and conditions
are set in place, satisfaction is guaranteed, and oral persuasion commences.

As they
test their limits in and out of the office, feelings surface and amendments are
made. But just when an extension is proposed, Jayce strays outside of the
contracted lines and Maisie must decide if their flourishing relationship can
survive a breach of contract.

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minutes later, I enter the library double doors. I’ve worked my ass off for
every volume lining the walls. There’s something about holding a leather-bound
book—the weight, the texture of the page, the subtle hint of coffee and ink.
Drake thought I was crazy to invest in paper, but today it’s been proven—every
dollar spent is worth its weight in gold.

As I turn
the corner of an aisle, Maisie laughs. The sound is low, vibrant, the auditory
translation of a simmering sun sliding through the horizon. Sunset in Venice. Monet’s masterpiece
brought to life in the color of her voice.

From behind
the end cap, I look. Blindsided.
That’s what I am when I see her. The curves, the hips, that ass, her face, her
ivory skin and those full lips. I forget everything. All of the worries
swirling in my mind disappear. I focus on her and it’s a relief. A long hiss of
air loosens from my chest and I’m breathless.

She stands
on the stepladder, stretching for a book. Her arm reaches higher until the
pearly white flesh of her midsection is on display as her sweater rides up. I
stare, silent and stupid with incomprehensible words flashing neon in my brain.
You. Me. Dinner. Date.

Why? Why does she make me insane?

The tips of
her bare toes hardly hold her in place. There’s that laugh again, a short burst
as she teeters on the last rung. Her footing slips. Arms whirlwind to find
balance or a shelf to grab onto, but instead find nothing but air.

I rush
forward. Her back slams into my chest with a breathy “oomph.” Then my hands are
on her. Christ. My fingers burn where
they curve into her hip. The line of my forearm molds around her stomach,
pressing her against me. When her spine stiffens I say, “I’ve got you,” and her
head falls to my shoulder. She sighs. She
and I hold on tighter.

That’s all we have. Maybe five. The subtle hint of peaches and youth, the scent
of summer and innocence reaches my nose. I breathe her in for one second, my
exhale moving the soft wave of her hair in the next.


My ribs
constrict around my lungs, squeezing the air out when her hand slides over my
arm. Scraping her nails over my skin, her fingers stumble over my watch until
finding mine and tangling. The instant ache in my groin shifts my attention
from our joined hands to her ass. The same ass that rubs against my zipper. Shit. My dick swells against her
backside and a low moan vibrates through her. Goddamn, a moan.

What the hell am I doing? I should leave. The
inappropriateness of this situation is not lost on me, but I can’t move. Too
intoxicated by her to do anything but squeeze her closer and berate myself for
doing so. I’m her boss. She’s . . . Jesus Christ, she’s everything I shouldn’t
crave yet I do. For a hundred foolish, selfish reasons, I want this woman.

She may
make me insane . . . but I’m not crazy. Not yet anyway. And to keep my sanity
intact, I grip her hips and push her forward, forcing some distance between us.

turns, flattening her shoulders against the bookcase. “Thank you. For saving
me.” She clears her throat and waves at the ladder. “Heights are not my thing.”

In another
second, her eyes dart from my thighs to the engorged cock in between them and
then to my chin. Her gaze flies to the shelves behind me and then up, up to the
rows of books. “Such a great library. I wouldn’t have thought . . . Not in a
firm this size, not that it’s small. No, God no, it’s not small. Not by a long
shot. I can see that. I mean, I know how big. No, that’s not right.” She shakes
her head and starts again. “I know how stiff . . . uhm, staff . . .” Her voice
trails off when she sucks her bottom lip between her teeth.

breathless laugh erupts from her mouth. And that fucking smile.

“That was
all wrong,” she says, grinning like a loon.

Perfection. She is that—flawless and undeniably
beautiful. Real.

I clench my
teeth and block the urge to reach for her. Bring her flush with my chest, to
feel her soft curves wrap around me.

Kavanagh.” Her hand shoots out. “We haven’t officially met. Maisie Walker,
newest and best—I assure you—legal assistant in the office. It may not seem
that way. The brief—this morning. However, I promise my review is top-notch.
All morning I’ve done nothing but think about it. The contract. I’ve worked on
you in my mind. Ugh, the research. I’ve worked on the research.”

I stare,
dumbfounded, at her perfectly painted pink nails and her long fingers stretched
between us. That breathless laugh sounds off again and then she whispers so low
I barely hear the words, “I don’t bite. Not too much anyway.”

My gaze
jerks and narrows in on her sparkling blue eyes just before our palms connect. Fuck that tremor racing down my spine.

“What did
you say?” I step in, hovering over her until she has to crane her neck to stay
connected with my eyes. Her hand is gripped in mine. Trapped. Just like I feel
when we’re in the same room.

mentioned my research.”

“There was
something else.”

“No, I was
definitely referencing my review. It’s taken all morning and now it brought me
to the library. Your very large, well-endowed library. I’ve not encountered one
in real life that’s hung in quite this way, only seen them on TV.”


She bites
her lip and the dimple, the one in her right cheek, dips into her porcelain
skin and then disappears as she fights a smile.

“Of course
I didn’t say hung. That would be a highly inappropriate adjective to describe a
library. It’s strung with books, volumes
and volumes of big, massive books. Color me impressed, Mr. Kavanagh.”

“Are you
able to speak coherently?”

But you’re standing really, really close to me. And you smell good too. Like
cinnamon and leather and big, brutish man. You’re also holding my hand and
although I’m not complaining, I have no idea what’s happening right now and I
babble when I’m confused. So.”

Almost in
spite of itself, the corner of my mouth tips up. “You like my library.”

Maisie nods
and uses her free hand to tuck a curl behind her ear, but her eyes never leave
mine. “Truly, I do.”

A part of
me, the lawyer, wants to tell her how wrong this is, that it verges on a
violation of firm policy. Then again, I’m enjoying every word out of her
delicious mouth. And as the managing partner, I make the rules.

“Are you
flirting with me, Ms. Walker?”

depends,” she says in that low breathy voice that gets me hard. “Were you
staring at my breasts during the staff meeting, or just appreciating the faux
mohair in my sweater?”

Author Bio

She wears many hats. Some include wife, mother of two boys,
writer, reader, lover of gummy bears and Henry Cavill. She’s a proud Indie
author who adores a broken hero, a feisty heroine, and lots and lots of sexy

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A Widow's Tale by Frances Paul

Title: A Widow's Tale
Author: Frances Paul
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Release Date: January 21, 2020
Cover Design: Michele Catalano

Karina Navarre is a Cuban national with a thorny background. After witnessing the brutal murder of her parents, Karina’s life spiraled out of control—until a former KGB officer agreed to take her under his wing and train her.

Eight years later the girl who has been discarded and forgotten is introduced to the underworld, resilient and ready to take her life back. But when tragedy strikes again, Karina turns into a force to be reckoned with, a woman out for revenge.

Fueled by her grief, Karina sets off on a lethal mission, fighting in a world where women are deemed inferior. But she’s determined to avenge the deaths of those she lost, and the underworld is about to encounter a wrath like no other.

Karina Navarre has a kill list, and she’s crossing off names…one by bloody one.