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Cursed by Serafina Silk



Book 1

Serafina Silk

Genre: Erotica/Supernatural/Thriller

Publisher: Serafina!

Date of Publication:  15 November 2019
ISBN: 9781916066427

Number of pages: 198
Word Count: 35,000

Tagline: How far would you go to help someone get over their ex?

Book Description:

When Chris gives a deathbed kiss to her best friend her safe world is turned upside-down as a strange sexual obsession and compulsion begins.

But what is driving it? And how will it affect her safe but boring marriage?

The Sex Samaritan series combines erotica and mystery as Chris' journey takes her into a dark and sensual world in which more than her family life is suddenly threatened.

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Book 2     Book 3


With a hand on
Evan’s shocked face, I reached in and pressed my lips against his. He was
shaking, like he was trapped. When our lips touched, he became still. Once
again, it was as if there were two worlds: the one in which we were Evan and
Min, and the one in which Evan and I were sexless old acquaintances. There
wasn’t time now to wonder how or why.
Unable to cut the Min side out, I just wanted to savour not being Chris
the Reliable, Chris the Predictable, Chris the Wife.
I could feel it.
The incredible heat between Min and Evan was something exciting I had never
experienced in my own sex life. Sure, when Arron and I first got together, he
took me to new places. Sex with him in the early days was mind-blowing, but
this was an upgrade, no question. No wonder Evan had given up trying to match
the experience in the years since she left him.
He broke from
increasingly urgent kisses to whispers. “Why did you leave, Min? God, I love
you. You will always be the love of my life.” After every line he returned to
my mouth, unable to keep from the “sweet communion of a kiss,” as Judee Sill
memorably described it.
It’s interesting
that we kiss and eat with our mouth, isn’t it? It means that you can say things
like, “we devoured each other.” It makes perfect sense - I understood that now.
We were devouring each other. Our arms pulled each other tighter. We were both
slim. Only my swelling breasts separated us. Our hands strayed across each
other’s backs, giving our arms the support they needed to pull-in a fraction
closer. The kisses, the sighs and the whispered phrases of loss from Evan,
seemed to go on, deliriously, forever. Yet, my body needed more. Min may have
been driving this, but Chris also had to know - I knew I could not carry on
without feeling what Min and Evan had felt together.
It was me who
lowered my hands first, to squeeze Evan’s arse. His soon followed suit and his
hands pushed flat against my back and dove behind my jeans, under my panties.
He tease-bit my lip, upping the ante. I groaned as, for the first time in 15
years, a man who wasn’t my husband, touched my aroused, naked flesh. And boy,
was it aroused.
Constricted by
the material, Evan could do no more than feel and knead my cheeks, but my pussy
throbbed at the thought of what I hoped was to come. Unable to wait, I brought
my hands to the front, unlatching the clasp of his trousers, pulling the zip
down an inch or two. There was just enough room to slip my right hand into the
top of his boxers.

About the Author:

Like the hero of the Samaritan series, Serafina Silk has been a highly successful reporter and journalist, working both local and national newsrooms in America and the UK.

Like Chris, Serafina has two children and is happily married.

Also like Chris, she has interviewed many celebrities.

Cursed is her first novella – Book 1 of the ongoing Samaritan series.

Interview with Serafina Silk
Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reigns of the story?
Oh, there’s no question who is writing the book – my heroine, Chris is. I’m not sure what I did? Correct the punctuation or something. 
Convince us why you feel your book is a must read.
I read a lot (2-3 books a week). I’ve been writing professionally (like my heroine) since I was 18. My list of favorite books is huge, but no-one had written that book designed explicitly for me, just me, that features all my loves: mystery, the supernatural, comedy, erotica. As a journalist I know a few agents. There is a prejudice against erotica, so Serafina is my nom de plume. I took two agents into my confidence. One said (to summarize): this is brilliant, sexy, funny, and I couldn’t put it down – what the hell happens next? Oh by the way, I’m not taking it on, I don’t know what shelf it would go on. The second said something similar. I knew that would be the case, I’ve read plenty on the rules of marketing books. But, as I said, I wanted to write the book I would like to find myself. Hopefully, others will enjoy it too. 
Have you written any other books that are not published?
Oh yes. I started writing at 12. It wasn’t until 20 years later that I thought I should take it seriously. And then I wrote nothing for a year. Why? Because I read a couple of books on writing and realized I hadn’t taken it seriously at all up until that point – just treated it as “whatever comes from thy pen shall be mighty and beautiful.” I think I did the equivalent of a PhD on creative writing that year! I was much better for it when I came out the other side. Under my real name, I’ve written a couple of thrillers that are doing ok☺ 
Pen or type writer or computer?
Pen on giant sheets of newsprint for the plotting. Pen for the notebooks of backstory. Computer for the drafting. I love Scrivener actually. 
Anything you would like to say to your readers and fans?
Approach Samaritan with some confidence. It may not be your story but it is well written. I have only taken three friends into my confidence about these. It was important I felt free to write whatever I wanted and not feel embarrassed at the reaction of friends and family. So it was pretty gratifying to get feedback from those three friends. 1) Yes, it was sexy and pushed all their buttons (I spared them going into details). 2) It was a page turner. The developing mystery was nail-biting for them. 3) When it was funny, they laughed out loud and 4) (the one that surprised me) two of them were brought to tears by the losses at the heart of the first book. 

I really loved writing these books, freed from being, well, me. But I brought all of my experiences to bear on the plot. Although it has a supernatural element, I’d say at least 40% of the main plot has happened to me. Once you’ve read it, you’ll see why I was keen not to tell my colleagues! 

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