Sunday, December 15, 2019

4 in 1 Portable Leak Proof Refillable Travel Toiletries Accessories Kit

This 4 in 1 Portable Leak Proof Refillable Travel Toiletries Accessories Kit is perfect for anyone who travels and just handy in general. Inside this really nice durable plastic sleeve are 4 TSA approved sized spray bottles. The bottles are removable and refillable. There are 4 bottles inside, perfect for shampoo, conditioners, hair sprays, lotions, oils, and any other beauty products you may use. These are spray bottles and to me conditioner and shampoo does not spray well but with the outer lid it will open easily for you to remove the bottle and pour the contents out into your hand.

The inner bottle is made of baby-grade PET environmental protection materials. The outer sleeve is made of rugged ABS materials. Each reusable bottle has a capacity of 40ml or 1.4 ounces, so is within the range of TSA rules. The bottles are Leak-proof and shock-proof, so is perfect for travel. It also can clean off your bathroom vanity at home by filling them with your daily creams, lotions, and oils. I usually have 3 to 4 bottles of stuff setting on my counter, now I have 1.

I love how the lid of the outer shell easily spins around to get to the bottle you are wanting to use. This also comes with a set of sticky labels so you know what is in each bottle without having to open the lid to see. The outer shell is just big enough to be comfortable and easy to use with 1 hand.

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