Tuesday, November 26, 2019

CUCUBLUE Oil Pastels

This set of 12 oil pastel crayons from CUCUBLUE comes in a nice plastic case. There are 12 crayons in highly pigmented colors. The colors go from light to dark depending on the pressure you use on the crayon. The are safe and non toxic. They are oil based crayons. They are CE & ASTM approved. Unlike some oil bases crayons these are quite stiff, they do not bend in your hand while using them.

To me they do have a bit of a waxy build up if you go over the area to many times. But they are great for rubbing with your finger for excellent shading. They colors do mix well to make other colors.

I like the plastic box, it has ridges inside to keep the crayons in their place. The lid of the box has a nice plastic clip to lock it when the crayons are not in use. The lock keeps the crayons safe inside and they do not spill out during storage. The crayons are about 3 inches long and about 6/10's of a inch wide, bigger around then a pencil, .

These are good for kids and beginning artists. They would make a nice gift as well.

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