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Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu Audio Set by Kaitlynzq

Song de Light Lovecontu Audio Set
Adult Literary Fiction, poetry, Romance 

stories within
Lovecontu Song de
Light Lovecontu
unfold, interweave many character’s stories
feelings, desires, dreams

words of

a cocoon of soft cashmere
by sweet aroma
to intimate nearness
a velvet kiss

threads as two crescent moons
under the firelights
layer the chords, and form the lyrics

of you entered my world as dawn’s awakening sky of soft palette
garnet heart melted in iridescence to bloom in sun’s rays
in night’s depth as the stars echo the rhythm of my heart
insides sigh and expand in delight
blend as our lives
the melody

a cocoon of soft cashmere
by sweet aroma
to intimate nearness
a velvet kiss

What is your author name and where do you currently live?

author name is my first name, Kaitlynzq, and I currently live in
northern California, and have a love for soft, gentle breezes and
calm climates. Trees, flowers, the ocean, and mountains are all
extremely important to me with how I connect.

Can you share more about the concept of your book?

writing forms into books that are connected as a set of
interconnected stories with elements from each
that interweave in one another as heart’s wave, heart’s song,
heart’s breath. Characters with the
feelings, needs, dreams, desires while each book holds its own unique
form. Instead of a chronological set, the books included in a series
are inter-connected, meaning interior connected.

first series, Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu includes
Ancient Script of Lovecontu audio poem, Legend
Song de Light
audio book, Legend of Song de Light audio
play, and Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu

interior poetic stanzas hinted at in Legend of Song de Light that
bloom into full poems in Ancient
of Lovecontu
to then step within notes of love within Legend
of Song de Light,
as a “Yes, ..., I, ..., will
you tonight.”

all three of these books are held gently in my book Lovecontu Song
de Light Lovecontu
audio set, and written with poetic prose and
touches of romance.

And, even more details?
Song de Light Lovecontu
audio set holds the internal vocabulary
of a character’s heart, that beautiful space of needs, desires,
dreams, feelings, with the undercurrent of the depth of lovecontu a
continual rhythm within a heart.

touches as flowers, sounds of a pink glow, song of radiant chords,
and continues within the series of interconnected stories Lovecontu
Song de Light Lovecontu.

the vocal synopsis of this audio set, and more about the series, the
following link will guide you to the playlist on my audio streams for
Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu

What inspired you to write this book?

my books, I include delicate symmetry of colors, music, and flowers.
Sometimes as symbolic metaphors, and
times as literal connections, within a character’s experiences that
at times, link with another character’s
Moment by moment, layer by layer, that become a story.

inspirations come from the interior spaces within my heart, within
other people, and within precious natural
like the layers inside of a tree. And, in the night time depths of
my heart the idea for this series continued to unfold to join in the
daylight hours to reveal even more as I wrote.

Do you have an author website and/or blog?

& audio streams newsletter signup form:

What genres do you like to read? Are you open to reading new authors
and reviewing their work?

love adult literary fiction, poetry and romance, and these are the
same genres that I write in. New authors are as wonderful as any
author along the spectrum of their life and artistry.

don’t review authors’ work; however, I have created a collective
book box subscription that focuses on the beautiful depths of poetry,
and highlights the full color wheel of poets. If any poets are
interested in being included in one of the editions for
information is available here

would be honored to have a conversation with you about the
opportunities to include you in hearts’ poetry...

special extension and collection of the artistry of poets
of their heart’s natural language, imagination’s dance
words stream into sounds of lyrical compositions that form the
and notes that connect together into poems as their unique
wave, heart’s song, heart’s breath
breath, heart’s song, heart’s wave

are woven into each month’s hearts’ poetry

As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit

is difficult for me to explain within one animal, because I connect
with many animals...butterflies gentle way they float in the air,
snow leopard and their soft, intense depth of their eyes, horses and
their elegant way, bigfin reef squid and its beautiful way of
bioluminescence in the sea, a hummingbird’s dance, eagle’s long
wingspan, axolotl and their kind expression, little blue penguin’s
precious tenderness, and my list goes on and on.

my love of these precious beings are part of something that I’ve
designed called giving tree, where 25% of sales goes to a
charity within books, theatre, radio and nature. For more
information about this community sharing extension, and to
synchronize your purchase with the current month’s giving tree
moments, please visit these pages


the tour HERE

Winter Wishes

Limited-Edition Collection for Romance Lovers
stories by
Morgan, Desiree Holt, McKayla Schutt, Kat Parrish, Erin Lee,
Cino, T. Elizabeth Guthrie, Carmen Fox, Abby Gordon, Shaye Harting,
Hayse, Elvira Bathory, Deelylah Mullin, Krista Ames 

romances to embrace your every emotion. This compilation of winter
tales will warm you from your soul all the way down to the very tips
of your toes.

comes in many forms, shapes and all sorts of sizes. Relationships
aren't perfect and love isn't always easy. There are those ups and
downs and obstacles along the way. So, whether it is love at first
site, or enemies to lovers, there are no limits to where these
stories will take you.

never know, you may find yourself falling in love again and

stories from:
Author, Nicole Morgan
Author, Desiree Holt
Author, McKayla Schutt
Author, Karen Cino
Author, Kat Parrish
Author, Erin Lee
Author, T. Elizabeth Guthrie
Author, Carmen Fox
Author, Shaye Harting
Bestselling Author, Deelylah Mullin
Bestselling Author, Krista Ames
Bestselling and Multi-Published Author, Breanna Hayse
Author, Abby Gordon
Author, Elvira Bathory

.99 cents***

through the slideshow to find out more about the authors!!**

the tour HERE
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Flannel plush blanket by Sedona House

This Flannel plush blanket by Sedona House is amazing. It is so soft, it is very lightweight but yet very warm. It is like cuddling with a plushed toys that wraps around you and brings comfort and warmth.

I have the twin size it is 60 X 80 (it covers my Queen sized bed though) but they have a full line of 9 color choices and 7 size options, so you can match it to the size you want and your room decor colors.  This blanket is Wash machine safe.

The blanket is made of Plush Velvet that is 100% microfiber. I ran this through the dryer on medium heat and also set under the blanket in dark clothing and the blanket did very little to no shedding. There was a bit in the lint catcher of my dryer but none on my clothing. The blanket did not shrink much if any either.

This blanket is great for on the bed or even on the couch. It would make a great gift for holidays or house warming. Sedona House even offers a no questions asked guarantee if you do not love your blanket for any reason you can return it for a full refund. I don't see that happening though. I love my blanket.

Check it out on Amazon

I received this product for free or  at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Write a Book That Doesn't Suck by Jaimie Engle

Date Published:  Hardcover November 30th

Your Book Might Suck…

But it doesn’t have to.

You are an awesome writer with an incredible fiction story the world needs to experience. But your book… well, it kind of sucks. So let’s fix that.

Setting your novel apart from the rest is a choice.

Fiction is more than a character doing stuff in a place you’ve invented. There are rules to magic and seasons to setting and double meanings to words, and a cadence to sentence structure if you want to write a book that doesn’t suck.

I guarantee you will find tricks and treats you’ve never heard or read before in any other writing book. If not, let me know and I’ll refund your money. But if I’m right, and my book helps you to write a novel that doesn’t suck, then I’m asking you, in return to leave a positive review. That’s fair, isn’t it?

Ready to get started? Great! There are questions with space to answer at the end of each chapter to help you along your journey. I’m super excited for you and wish you all the luck in writing your novel!

 photo Weekly Post Write a Book_zps8j8t1don.png

About the Author

Jaimie Engle writes fantasy thrillers for teens and tweens. Her anti-bullying message has reached tens of thousands of students throughout the US, and her books have hit #1 on the Amazon New Release List.  Before publishing her first novel, Jaimie danced at the Aloha Bowl halftime show, was an alien on Sea Quest, and modeled bikinis for Reef Brazil. When not writing books, screenplays, and comics, Jaimie can be found cosplaying at comic conventions. Learn more at

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Enigma Dragon by Bleakfield and Burkey

 photo The Enigma Dragon A CATS Tale 9_zpsu6dtlaqq.jpg

Book 9 in The Enigma Series
Date Published:
September 2017 (Paperback and eBook)
Jun 10 2019 (Audio Formats on Audible and iTunes)
Publisher: ICABOD Press

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Mike and Marge control ePETRO, an oil shipping business with offices in London and New York, but they don't have the same business goals in mind. Marge intends to sell the North Koreans uranium in addition to oil obtained illegally from the government sanctioned Middle East. But Mike may have other plans, mainly, keeping the profits of these sales for himself.

Then there is the shadowy Steven Christopher, who oversees the information runners who are charged with staying off the grid, is working several angles behind the scenes. Steven is the only one trusted by both Marge and Mike, but why?

Do the vast amounts of information and technology available hold humans’ hostage? Do analog communications sidestep your vulnerability in a digital world?

As Juan and Julie Rodríguez send their operatives, Ernesto, Tyler, Summit, Mercedes, Brayson, and George out across the globe to track down these foot soldiers also known as Analog Information Mules, they'll discover the horrible potential treats, and learn about each other along the way.

Julie heads to London to fill the gap undercover inside ePetro, when she finds herself in the center of all the trouble. When Julie disappears, Juan drops everything to find her.

Even with all their information gathering sources and machinery, the R-Group fears she is lost.

Award winning authors, Breakfield and Burkey, take readers on a new techno thriller adventure with their 9th book in The Enigma Series. The Enigma Dragon is chilling journey across four continents, and twelve cities that uncovers terrifying possibilities of what is to become of our world if the CATS team cannot defeat our enemies.

What are Readers saying

Kirkus “Astute prose and an unwavering pace energized by first-rate characters and subplots.”

“The action could be considered exciting and visceral, but the antagonists are the selling points for this book, lifting the plot out of multiple perspectives and scene-shifting (the action takes place across four continents).”

“Any lover of thrillers or techno-thrillers will enjoy this book a lot.”

“The clever ingenuity in this book astounds me (the holy man... so quickly creative!)”

 photo book 9_zps2izwe803.png

About the Authors

 photo Untitled_zpsdjsjlnjq.gif

Breakfield – A renowned technology solutions architect with 25+ years of experience in security, hybrid data/telecom environments, unified communications, enjoys leveraging his professional skills in creating these contemporary TechnoThriller stories. He likes studying World War II history, travel, and cultural exchanges everywhere he can. Charles’ love of wine tastings, cooking, and Harley riding has found ways into The Enigma Series. He is convinced that being a part of his father’s military career in various outposts, has positively contributed to his many characters and the various character perspectives he brings into the series. He has accepted the challenge to try to teach Burkey humor and has added this to the stories in an unexpected manner.

Burkey – A renowned customer experience, business architect optimizes customer solutions on their technology foundation. She has been a featured speaker, subject matter expert, interviewer, instructor, and author of technology documents, as well as co-author of The Enigma Series. It was revealed a few years ago that writing fiction is a lot more fun than white papers or documentation and Rox took it to heart. As a child she helped to lead the other kids with exciting new adventures built on make believe characters. As a Girl Scout until high school she also contributed to the community in the Head Start program. Rox enjoys family, learning, listening to people, any kind of travel, outdoors, sewing, cooking, and imagining the possibilities.

Breakfield & Burkey – Combine their professional expertise, knowledge of the world from both business and personal travels, many characters whom have crossed their paths are a part of the series character universe. They find it interesting to use the aspects of technology people are actually incorporating into their daily lives and make it one aspect a primary theme for each story. Breakfield & Burkey claim this is a perfect way to create stories that pit the cyber good guys versus the cyber bad guys. The books in this award-winning series can be thoroughly enjoyed alone or in sequence.

You can invite them to talk about their stories in private or public book readings. Burkey also enjoys interviewing authors through the Indie Beacon/iHeart Radio programs with dates of interviews showing inside the calendar page of their website Followers can see them at various book fairs, book Stores, Comic Book events, libraries and other fun venues.

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The Underground by Roxanne Bland


Genre: Paranormal Urban Fantasy/
Romance/Science Fiction Hybrid

Publisher: Blackrose Press

Date of Publication: Oct. 1, 2019

ISBN: 9780996731621 (print)
ISBN: 9780996731638 (electronic)

Number of pages: 376
Word Count: 100,261

Cover Artist: Zelena

Tagline: There’s no room for morals when survival is at stake.

Book Description:

In an alternate Seattle,
communities of “exotics”—shapeshifters, witches, elves and vampires—live among
the murderous human population and are ruled over by the cruel vampire Master,

The powerful alpha male of the
werewolf pack, Parker Berenson, is one of the Master’s enslaved servants and he
would like nothing more than to hasten the downfall of the vampire overlord who
stole his love, the beautiful mage Garrett Larkin.

But in a night city already on
the razor’s edge—in the midst of a spate of bloody murders—Parker’s passionate
encounter with a stunning interstellar assassin could upset the very delicate
balance and ignite a war neither exotics nor humans can survive

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human. Stay human. Stay human.”
Berenson, alpha of Seattle’s werewolf pack, slammed the door to his aging brown
Chevrolet Caprice. “Stay human. Stay human.” Hands clenched into fists, his
feet pounded the icy pavement leading from the driveway to his blue-gray stucco
house. Though the February fourth night was unusually bitter and he wore
neither overcoat nor jacket, he didn’t feel cold. Sweat streamed down his face
and neck. His white dress shirt was soaked, as were his trousers. Tiny tendrils
of steam rising from his muscular shoulders made him look as if he were
wolf’s hard push against the mental bonds that held him inside their shared
body and mind made Parker stumble. Fuck staying human. I want out! he roared.
his balance, he ignored his beast as best he could and kept walking. “Stay
human. Just stay human.”
least wait until we get inside,” he said through his teeth.
porch light was out again, but Parker could see by the streetlamps’ ambient
glow. He shoved his key into the front door lock and gave it a savage twist.
The bolt didn’t move. Using more pressure, he tried again and nearly snapped
the key in two. “Open, you sonofa…” he muttered, jiggling the key in its slot.
it, his wolf snarled and gave another hard mental shove. Tear the sucker off—
key finally turned. Parker threw the door open, stormed over the threshold,
then banged the door shut.
day, I swear-to-God, I’m gonna kill that—
and me both.” He leaned against the door, panting. “Now calm down, will you?
down? After what he did to us tonight? Again? Calm down my—
up. We need a drink.”
don’t need a drink. I need—
up, I said.”
wolf didn’t reply. That was a good sign.
strode away from the small patch of faux-slate tiles that served as a tiny
foyer. The room he marched across comprised nearly all of the main level. White
walls supported glass and metal sculptures with jagged edges sharp enough to
carve a holiday roast. These stood in stark contrast to the rest of the sparse
furnishings—the clean, straight lines and ninety-degree angles formed by industrial-grade
steel pipe. The black leather cushions on the sofa and chairs did little to
soften the interior’s threatening appearance.
decor wasn’t pretty but it had its uses. The lack of furniture allowed enough
space for all of his wolves to sit when the pack met at his place. And in case
his neighbors discovered what he was and decided to do something about it, the
wall hangings and furniture could be broken into makeshift but lethal weapons.
headed for the freestanding bar about twenty feet away. He grabbed the
jumbo-sized Jack Daniel’s bottle from the counter and then snatched a double
shot glass from a nearby rack. Pouring the glass full, he drank it in one gulp,
ignoring the liquid fire searing his throat. He tossed down two more shots.
his fourth drink, he felt at least some of the tension leave his shoulders.
Holding the glass in two large, strong, and trembling—but very human—hands, he
set it down on the upper counter. Leaning against the marble, he closed his
eyes. “Okay. We’re okay now. Right?”
wolf remained silent. Another good sign. The last thing he wanted was to morph
into his other, a gargantuan man-wolf eight feet tall. A forced morph was
triggered in werewolves by the full moon and sometimes, like now, by powerful
emotions. And the greater the size differences between the human and were
selves, the more agonizing the change. Parker-the-human stood six feet, six
inches tall in his stocking feet. Morphing into his eight-foot were hurt like a
knife-wielding bitch.
had been just about to let out a sigh of relief when he caught a whiff of
cologne clinging to his shirt. It wasn’t his. He ripped the still-wet shirt off
and threw it across the room. His broad, hairy chest heaving with anger, he
watched the discarded garment land in a crumpled heap about ten feet away.
we’re not okay, his wolf growled. Human, when are you going to wake up and
smell the blood? That bastard is driving us insane.
bastard” was Kurt, the vampire Master. Old and extremely formidable, Kurt
extended preternatural protection from Seattle’s human horde to just about
every exotic—zot—that lived there. The smell Parker had picked up was the
vampire’s favorite scent.
poured a fifth shot of whiskey into the glass. “Quit calling me ‘human.’ Besides,
what do you suggest we do about it? We’re Kurt’s servant. Bound to him by
blood. Day or night, he calls, we come, and then we do whatever he wants.” He
downed his drink and grimaced. “Like we’re his damned dog or something.”
wolf’s anger surged. Guess you like it, huh? Like this, maybe? A mental picture
flashed in their shared mind’s eye, one Parker would rather not have seen.
Kurt’s grinning face was poised above him. He heard the seductive whispering in
his ear and felt the sweet ecstasy of fangs piercing his flesh.
face reddened. “You think I wanted to go down to Kurt’s nightclub tonight?” he
shouted. “You think I wanted his hands on me? No. You know what he does. Takes
over my mind and twists my head around until I’m practically begging for it.”
He tossed down a sixth shot. “And while he’s doing it I sure don’t feel you
trying to stop him.”
bull and you know it.
up.” He poured himself an seventh shot and drained it, which was followed by an
eighth. But Jack wasn’t doing the job. The humiliating images of what had
happened to him and his wolf in Kurt’s office beneath the vampire’s Last Chance
nightclub refused to fade.
gripped the shot glass harder. His blood pressure skyrocketed. Rivers of sweat
burst from his pores and ran down his face and chest. His wolf’s snarling
inside their shared mind swelled into a howl. He started grinding his teeth, a
sure sign he was going into a forced morph.

the Author:

Award-winning author Roxanne
Bland was born in the shadows of the rubber factory smokestacks in Akron, Ohio
but grew up in Washington, D.C. As a child, she spent an inordinate amount of
time prowling the museums of the Smithsonian Institution and also spent an
inordinate amount of time reading whatever books she could get her hands on,
including the dictionary. A self-described “fugitive from reality,” she has
always colored outside the lines and in her early years of writing, saw no
reason why a story couldn’t be written combining the genres she loved and did
so despite being told it wasn’t possible. Today, she writes stories that are
hybrids of paranormal urban fantasy, romance, and science fiction. Enamored of
Great Danes, she has been owned by several and lives in Maryland with her
current owner, Daisy Mae.


Interview with Roxanne Bland
Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reins of the story?
Yes, sometimes they do. I wrote a science fiction/romance that was supposed to end at the close of the planet’s spring season. The characters had other ideas, and the book went all the way through the entire planetary year. Other times, the characters don’t so much hijack the story as they nudge me into a different direction. Not necessarily anything major, but when I edit, I realize they were right. Like putting a scene together so it’s more coherent, or having me rewrite the character’s reaction to an event. It’s like they whisper “c’mon—you know me. Do you really think I’d do or say something like that?”
Convince us why you feel your book is a must read.
First, The Underground, a hybrid of paranormal urban fantasy, romance, and science fiction is different from the usual fare and that alone makes it worth checking out. It’s also a world of moral ambiguity, where morally ambiguous characters engage in what one might think are evil behavior to bring about a greater good—their survival in a human society that wants to eradicate them. The book doesn’t justify any of these actions; that is left for the reader to think about and judge. In short, I’ve taken the real world and substituted paranormals for persecuted peoples and provided the paranormals with tools that better their chances of staying alive. I guess I’m not doing a very good job of convincing anyone read my book but honestly, The Underground isn’t for everyone. There is a level of violence in words and deeds that will deter some readers. But if you approach The Underground with an open mind, I can guarantee you’ll have an enjoyable—and memorable—experience.
Have you written any other books that are not published?
I have two works in progress. The Final Victim is set in The Underground’s world and though it’s related to the main saga, it stands apart. I should mention The Final Victim is exclusive to me and my gift to the reader who signs up for my email list on my website—you’ll never see it on Amazon or anywhere else. My website is The other work is titled When Gods Die, and is the sequel to a book I wrote about 4 years ago. The plan is to have both books finished by summer 2020. That’s the plan, anyway.
Pen or type writer or computer?
Oh, my—computer! I’m so used to typing now, I can’t even recognize my own handwriting. As for typewriters, well, in my youth I had many traumatic experiences with them so forget it.
Anything you would like to say to your readers and fans?
The book world isn’t just about the big publishers anymore, like Tor or DAW. I think the stories independents are releasing to the market—authors and presses—are just as good, and sometimes better, than anything the “established” publishers are doing. Indies have changed the publishing industry in so many ways. Readers have access to a much larger pool of writers. Indies are free to experiment with genres (maybe even creating new ones), writing styles and more that big publishers won’t touch because it’s too risky to their bottom line. Because an indie’s margin is so much less, we have much more freedom in our writing—resulting in stories than are wilder and more fantastic than anything you’ve ever read. Readers, step off the path and take a walk on the wild side. You won’t regret it. 

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