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The Merculians by Caro Soles

Danger Dance
Merculians Book 1
Caro Soles

SciFi Adventure 

and death action and intrigue aboard a military space vessel!

startling command from the dreaded Praetan brings chaos into the
tranquil lives of hermaphrodites Eulio and his lover Orosin. Using
the tour of the Merculian National Dance Company where Eulio is a
star as cover, they board the Wellington, a militaristic starship
that values nothing they believe in. Someone is passing secrets about
fleet movements and weaponry to the enemies in the Troia, but the
efforts of the two Merculians to unmask the spy only stir up a toxic
mix of hatred and violence. Who will have to die before the Praetan
is satisfied? The Danger Dance is a futuristic space adventure with
enough swashbuckling action and intrigue to keep even the most jaded
science fiction addict enthralled.

crackerjack SF novel––moving, eloquent, and richly textured. I
recommend it highly.” - Robert J. Sawyer, award-winning science
fiction writer

tingling subversity of gender, sexuality and goosebumping excitement.
Even better, Soles can rally write, with wit, sensuosity and depth.”
- Perry Brass, author of The Harvest, Angel Lust, etc.

well written novel, full of sexual and political intrigue, it grips
from the very first page and is difficult to put down….” -
Annette Gisby, author of Silent Screams.

Abulon Dance
Merculians Book 2

on tour to the mysterious planet Abulon, the pleasure-loving
hermaphrodites of The Merculian National Dance company are intrigued
by the virile patriarchal society they discover there. The natives
seemed friendly enough at first but when the star’s young lover is
kidnapped, the Merculians find themselves plunged into a brutal alien
Civil War they are ill-equipped to survive.

Memory Dance
Merculians Book 3

Merculian is usually
a peaceful world of artistic, fun-loving and sensual hermaphrodites.
The planet has always been safe, most Merculians blissfully
unfamiliar with the dark powers that lurk beneath the surface of
familiar things.

The trouble starts when the aliens arrive.
Celebrity dancer Triani picks up a mysterious Terran male in the
Pleasure Gardens, and an Ultraati rope dancer dies. Seemingly
unrelated, these two events unleash powerful forces that disrupt the
lives of everyone around him. Secrets from his carefully hidden past
boil to the surface, flooding him with fear. When his beloved Giazin
is threatened, he risks his life to save his child. Yet the
mysterious group known as the Watchers will not let go. Can Triani
free himself from the grip of these formidable beings or will they
force him to betray his human lover?

Soles wrote an opera when she was 10. It was short. In the '60's she
wrote two musicals and a few other stage pieces. She took part in
protest marches and gave up Paarl sherry and California grapes. With
several degrees under her belt, she taught French and Spanish in
universities, community colleges, a few private schools and
collegiates. Her only regret is that she didn't have much time for
free love.

the '70's, she went all domestic, got married, had two kids, acquired
two dogs and threw great dinner parties. In the '80's, she organized
fundraising events, did media relations work and sat on the Board of
Directors of the AIDS Committee of Toronto. She also marched in the
early Gay Pride Day Parades, and had her first novel accepted for

the 90s, she wrote a serialized soap opera under another name. She
gave up trying to write Harlequins and turned out a gay S&M
adventure instead, thus becoming a hot item in gay male erotica
circles. Five novels, four anthologies and a short story collection
later, along came the dreaded writers' block. So Caro organized The
Bloody Words Mystery Conference. Thus energized, she wrote her first
mystery- The Tangled Boy. Her next, Drag Queen in the Court of Death
was short listed for a Lambda Literary Award

then came the new millennium! Caro switched from teaching languages
to teaching creative writing. Now that her students could understand
her jokes, the classroom was much more jolly. She has taught writing
in Community colleges, Berkeley University and given workshops at
such varied places as the OutWrite Conference in Boston and the Tool
Box Leather Bar in Toronto. She now teaches several courses at George
Brown College, appropriately called Writing a Novel 1 and Writing a
Novel 2.

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