Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Sweetheart Wedding Game Gift from Elenato

The Sweetheart Wedding Game Gift from Elenato is a super cool idea for any wedding. In the box is a super huge linen backdrop measuring 79 inches by 71 inches. It is about the size of a queen size bed top sheet. You get a pink and a blue pair of small scissors, 90 stuffed silk hearts in white, pink, dark pink, purple, and red, and you get an instruction booklet. The instruction booklet gives you a couple variations on how to play or use the game.

The main theme of the game is to give the bride and the groom both a pair of scissors and they start cutting the center heart out from the bottom up and the first to get to the top center wins. All the while the Maid of Honor and the best man is tossing the little silk hearts towards them, like confetti.

Other variations of the game can be instead of using it as a game you could use it as a photo prop to take pictures in front of, you could have all of the wedding guests sign the backdrop with wishes or whatever. Which would make a great keepsake.

This is such a cute idea for any wedding. The game is new and unique. I have been to many weddings and have never seen a game like this.

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