Thursday, September 5, 2019

Memoirs of a False Messiah by Pamela Becker

of a False Messiah
Pamela Becker

Women's Fiction

knows she is meant for something greater. She has a God-given
mission. This belief, together with tragedy, moves her from the
mixed-religion home of her early childhood to Orthodox Judaism in her
teens, to the establishment and development of her cult in the
Israeli desert. MiMi draws from the women in her life, in the Bible,
and in other ancient texts, weaving modern and biblical dilemmas, as
she shapes a truly unique place for her followers and herself. When
her life and utopian community grow more turbulent and even violent,
she questions her mission.

affecting and thought-provoking, Memoirs of a False Messiah is the
richly told story of a woman's struggle to find her place in a world
reluctant to accept her.

of a False Messiah is Pamela Becker's debut novel. Originally from
New York, she has enjoyed a long career as a marketing executive and
consultant for some of Israel's leading technology companies. After
she was widowed with three small children, Pamela co-founded and
remains the active chairperson of the Israeli charity Jeremy's
Circle, which supports children coping with cancer treatment or
cancer loss in their immediate families. A graduate of the Writing
Seminars program at the Johns Hopkins University and the Arad Arts
Project artist residency program in Israel, she earned an MBA from
Tel Aviv University. Pamela lives with her husband and their five
children in Tel Aviv.

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