Friday, August 30, 2019

My Madame by Savvi V

Title: My Madame

Series: Cameo Gentlemen's Club #1
Author: Savvi V
Genre: Sexy Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs

Release Date: September 20, 2019


The king of
the Vegas underworld may have everyone else fooled with his dark, brooding
eyes, hard body, and expensive suits, but not me.

I knew
Gideon Kane back when he was a mere prince under his father’s twisted thumb.
Back when he wanted nothing more than to escape that legacy and this town, and
take me with him . . .

As princess
of the elite Cameo Gentlemen’s Club, I was raised in a world of sensual
pleasures and sinful fantasies. My own tarnished legacy, created by strong,
independent women who understood where true power lies.

Who also
happened to be in business with the mob.

And I
stupidly fell for the heir to that empire, heart and soul.

Until he
shattered me.

ancient history now that I’m at the helm of Cameo and someone is viciously
murdering my dancers and escorts. It’s my bad luck that Gideon’s organization
heads up my security, so I’m forced to work with him until this killer is
brought to justice—or until I spontaneously combust from the sizzling chemistry
we still can’t escape.

Sex is just
sex, however. And nobody said a thing about love. Or trust. After all, the
princess learned a few tricks from her prince once upon a time . . .

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“Charli.” The word
was a warning, heavy and gritty. Laced with anger and passion and everything I
should run from.
Too bad for him I
stopped running a long time ago.
“F*ck you,” I
I was off my feet
before I could register that I’d moved.


I picked her up, and
in two big paces, I had her back pressed to the huge floor-to-ceiling window
that overlooked her kingdom below. It was empty and pale, much like my life had
been since I pushed her away all those years ago.
Her nails dug into
my neck as her dress hiked around her thighs, her breath fanning hot against my
throat. I shoved her harder against the glass with my body, then grabbed both
of her wrists in one hand and yanked them above her head.
“No. F*ck you,
Miss Vaughn.”
She should have just
gone home like a good little girl, and JD could have made sure she was safe, so
I’d be safe from this raging need for her that had been licking through my
veins, eating me alive for weeks. There was a reason I’d stayed away, damn it.
No, instead, she’d insisted on staying for the duration, which meant I couldn’t
walk out that door either. And now, here we were.
I sunk into a savage
kiss, not bothering with any of the niceties I might have once upon a time. I
raked my teeth and tongue across her like a man starving, because that’s
exactly what I was. What I had been since the moment she spun back into my
orbit the day her mother and grandmother died.
She fought being
pinned, bucking like a hellcat on fire and nearly biting my tongue in two, but
I kept up my assault, intoxicated with the taste of her after all this time
apart. I moved to her cheeks, tasting the salt of her tears. Her eyes. Her jaw.
Her throat.
Lust and pure animal
need roared through my system like a livewire. I typically prided myself on
being the one in control, a man of restraint. With Charli, it was nearly
impossible. It always had been.
Her fighting became
writhing. Her curses, moans as we found our old rhythm. It was like we’d lost
no time. Our heartbeats found their echo.
I released her
wrists and cupped her round hips, tracked down her thighs, drawing her skirt up
to feel thong and bare flesh. God, her skin was still impossibly soft, like
velvet. I traced a fingertip around to find her bare and already wet and needy
for me, but I pulled back, even as she pressed forward, her breath catching as
she sought more.
I drew back, and her
eyes fluttered open, showing me entirely too much, though I knew she never
intended to. Not my Charli.
My Charli?
F*ck, this woman was going to be the death of
Or I would be the
death of her.
Either way, we were
going down in flames. It had probably been inevitable since the moment we met
when we were kids, our families forging our futures without our consent.
Even then, however,
I’d known there was something special about Miss Charlotte Vaughn with those
wide, icy blue eyes and innocent smile that spoke of a million pretty promises.
Promises I was too
tainted to deserve.

Author Bio

Savvi V is a dynamic writing duo of two friends who came
together over their shared love of hot, alpha heroes, feisty, smart-mouthed
heroines, and smexy, melt-your-panties romance. We also love ogling tatted up
guys, coffee of all kinds, and indulging in dessert first! We hope you'll join
the fun because it's all about the V with us! 

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