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Piece of My Heart by Sydney Logan

Title: Piece of My Heart
Author: Sydney Logan
Genre: Contemporary Western Romance

Release Date: July 26, 2019


They say true love never fades.

I’ve spent the last decade, and a fortune in paint,
making sure of it.

Amber Tucker never
dreamed she’d return to Cedar Grove, but when she finally finds the courage to
leave her abusive husband, she knows her old hometown is her only option.
Desperate for a new life, Amber takes her ten-year-old son and moves in with
her aunt. She prays for a fresh start while hoping to avoid her childhood
sweetheart—the man whose heart she broke nearly a decade ago.

Noah Murphy has
spent the last ten years trying to forget Amber Tucker. He’s had a hard time
letting go—as evidenced by the big red heart on his farm’s grain silo. Noah
painted it when he was sixteen and crazy in love, and every spring, he gives
the heart a fresh coat of paint. It’s all he has left—the only reminder that
Amber was real.

That is, until she
returns to Cedar Grove.

When her husband
comes calling, Amber knows she has to break the cycle of abuse, once and for
all. But, when she takes matters into her own hands, can Noah protect her from
the consequences of her actions? Or, will he lose her all over again?

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I walk into the barn
with every intention of looking for the horse, but my feet have other ideas,
and suddenly, I find myself standing at the rickety old ladder that leads up to
the hayloft.
nervously, I slide my hand along the wood.
How many times
did I climb this ladder?
I give it a little
shake and decide it’s sturdy enough.
Then I climb.
The last thing I
want to do is fall.
Or drop the wine.
That would be a tragedy.
I make it to the
top, and as soon as I do, a tidal wave of emotions and memories wash over me.
Staggering to the nearest bale of hay, I sit down and close my eyes.
Our hayloft was
sacred. It was where Noah kissed me for the first time. One year later, it was
where we lost our virginity. For more than two years it was our hiding
place—our little sanctuary from the nosy eyes of the world.
Something in the corner
of the loft catches my eye. Its royal blue and white—our high school colors—and
I know it’s our blanket. We tried to remember to lay it down every time, but it
didn’t matter. When you’re naked, hay manages to find its way into places where
hay just shouldn’t be found.
I sigh deeply and
lean my head back, lifting the bottle to my lips. It’s fruity and cool and does
nothing but conjure more memories.
His gentle hands. My
soft moans. Our heated kisses.
They play like a
symphony in my head.
As promised, the
storm moves in. The wind howls and the downpour rattles the roof. As the
thunder rolls above my head, the barn lights start to dance.
But I’m not afraid.
This is home.
Through the thunder,
I hear Noah’s voice calling my name, followed by the sound of hooves.
I sneak a glance
over the side of the loft, just in time to spot Noah as he leads Midnight
inside, talking quietly to her as he guides her to the stall. He’s soaked and
cursing the storm.
I close my eyes and
curse my own stupidity.
“Her car's still
here, but she's not in the office . . .”
I can hear the
concern in his voice, and it breaks me. I can’t let him worry, no matter how
embarrassing this is going to be.
And make no mistake.
It’s gonna be awkward.
Leaning over, I take
a deep breath and look down. He’s standing just below the loft, his face turned
toward the open barn doors.
“Noah . . . I’m up
He freezes, spins
around, and looks up.
“Umm . . .
“What are you doing
up there?”
I hold up the bottle
of strawberry wine and tell him the truth.
Noah’s shoulders
sag, and he bows his head. I hold my breath while he looks out at the storm.
Then, he lifts his eyes to meet mine once again.
"Want some

Author Bio

Sydney Logan writes heartfelt stories that feature strong
women and the men who love them. In addition to her novels, she has penned
several short stories and is a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul. She is
a Netflix junkie, music lover, and a Vol for Life. Sydney and her husband make
their home in beautiful East Tennessee.

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