Wednesday, June 12, 2019

You Are Psychic: Develop Your Natural Intuition Through Your Psychic Type by Sherrie Dillard

I have always heard everyone is psychic in some way. I have always seen things, or known things, or felt things about places, objects, and definitely people. I just never knew exactly how to put this thought, feelings, or visions to work or in a useful manor. I have told strangers about themselves, basically read them without even touching them in the past. I've gotten some pretty shocked looks by doing this. I have felt stuff by picking up an object. So I know I do have abilities, and I have them my whole life. So I have been reading books lately to rain in these abilities and to make sense of the visions, thought, and feelings.

This book is written with the beginner in mind, but does not make you feel like a beginner or an idiot.. It is written in straight forward easy to understand language. It does not give you outlandish ideas or make crazy promises to you if you read the book. It does give you tools and exercises to explore your own abilities. A lot of the things in this books I have read in other books already, but that just makes me feel like I am getting more of the right information is others are saying the same things.

This is also one of those book you read it once and keep it around for a reference in the future. Instead of discarding it.

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