Tuesday, June 18, 2019

THAT’LL DO PIPPIN! by Anne Kaufmann

THAT'LL DO PIPPIN! by Anne Kaufmann


Author: Anne Kaufmann

Publisher: Brownridge Publishing

Pages: 68

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Pippin and Nigel are two charming puppy brothers who live on a
wonderful farm. They are best buddies and do everything together. They
are full of mischief, energy and fun! Pippin is the smaller puppy who
wants with all his heart to be like his brother Nigel. Nigel is brave.
Nigel is strong. Nigel is smart. One day, the puppies escape from their
yard into the woods where they experience many adventures. Nigel is
always there to help and protect Pippin. Then Pippin solves a dangerous
problem all by himself and learns that it is okay just to be Pippin.

This story teaches young children the importance of believing in
themselves and that they each have their own wonderful gifts and

My review:

This is a cute Children's book written by Anne Kaufmann. It is about dogs. Who doesn't love dog's? I do I have 2. When the book first begins 5 of 7 Boarder Collie puppies leave the liter for new homes. Nigel and Pippin remain. This is Pippin's story. Nigel and Pippin are brothers and best friends and they are opposites. Nigel is loud and rambunctious while Pippin is meek and quiet.  Pippin wants to be just like Nigel. The main idea of the story to me is finding your hidden courage. When Nigel gets in trouble with a large ram Pippin saves the day.

This is an amazing feel good story and the kids loved it. The pictures in the book which there are a lot of them are all done in watercolor. They are adorable pictures. We all enjoyed the book and can't wait to see what adventures Pippin and Nigel get into next.


Pippin had a
wish. He wanted to be like Nigel. Nigel was brave. Nigel was strong. Nigel was
smart. Everyone admired Nigel.


Anne Kaufmann is both the illustrator and author of the Pippin and Nigel
adventure series for young children. She is the also the author of
“Glenn Gould: Sketches of Solitude.” Anne is a former teacher librarian.
She studied English Literature at Wilfrid Laurier University and the
University of Toronto. Her passions include music, books, animals and
creating nature journals. She has shared her life with dogs, horses,
cats and birds.A nature lover, she spends many hours exploring the
forests north of her home and walking her dogs, Indy, Maya and Pippin.
She loves spending time with her horse, Aria. Some of her favourite
childhood memories include summers at her cottage on Lake Simcoe,
settling back on the family couch reading while listening to her dad’s
weekly String Quartet group, playing with her dogs and wishing for a
horse. She is currently working on the third book of the Pippin and
Nigel Adventure series and  a historical fiction novel on the great
Canadian horse and Kentucky Derby winner, Northern Dancer. She lives in
Ontario, Canada.

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