Monday, June 24, 2019

Haunted Charlottesville and Surrounding Counties by Susan Schwartz

Charlottesville and Surrounding Counties
Susan Schwartz

Ghost Stories

Virginia, and its 12 surrounding counties are filled with history and
charm. They also hold spirits who aren’t ready to leave their
beloved homes or families behind. Visit more than 75 haunting
locations with this experiential and historical guide. Shiver your
way through haunted graveyards, mansions, parks, private residences,
and other locations as you discover the past and learn of current
lingering ghosts and the havoc they continue to instigate. Have you
ever pondered about the spiritual implications from murders of olde?
Think you might like to be pinched by a ghost or have your name
called when no one is there? Interested in what a paranormal
investigative group might find? Then make plans to explore these
strange and frightening locations. Contact information is provided
for those places allowing visitations. But when you visit, be ready
for a haunting good time!

I love ghosts! I am a huge fan of ghost books. When going places if there is a ghost tour offered I am there. I have a box full of ghost hunting equipment and have been in a few ghost hunting groups. I love books that feature hauntings. But I really love True haunting books the best.  Susan Schwartz has done an amazing job of bringing the true haunted places together in this book. This book is about the haunted places in Charlottesville North Carolina nd the surrounding counties.  

Charlottesville has always been on my bucket list of places to explore and to investigate for ghosts. I have several books on the town. Most of which are books about the history. After reading all of those books I knew it had to be haunted. 

This book takes you on a armchair tour of Charlottesville point out the different places where hauntings have been reported. Some of the places are even open to the public. For these public places Susan even lists the address and if known hours. She recommends restaurants and more. She gives you some history of the place and tells you about the hauntings reported. I really enjoyed reading this book. I will be passing through Albemarle next week for a few hours to see our Grandson on our way north for our vacation. I may have to try to convince my husband to use a day so I can visit some of the places in the book. 

Schwartz RN, MSN, MSHA has been an avid writer for around 10 years
doing everything from writing freelance articles to editing
manuscripts for other authors. She loves to write horror stories that
have a twist at the end.

alter ego is a former Operating Room Nurse, current Nurse Educator
who loves creating tales from the interesting and weird things she
has seen. She is a member of the Horror Writers Association and the
Virginia Writers Club where she has served as President of the
Richmond Chapter in the past. She also has two novels in the works, a
paranormal romance and a medical thriller. In her spare time, she
loves to read, crochet, and travel to such places as Italy, Spain,
Australia, and Korea.

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  1. Thank you for the awesome review and promotion. Please let me know if you get to visit any locations, I hope you enjoy the trip.