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Audiobook Adopt-A-Thon 35 Miles from Shore By: Emilio Corsetti III

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35 Miles from Shore
The Ditching and Rescue of ALM Flight 980
By: Emilio Corsetti III
Narrated by: Fred Filbrich
Length: 7 hrs and 48 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 12-26-16
Language: English
Publisher: Odyssey Publishing, LLC

Publisher's Summary

Winner of the 2018 Audiobook Listeners Award for Nonfiction  

On May 2, 1970, a DC-9 jet with 57 passengers and a crew of six departed from New York's JFK International Airport en route to the tropical island of St. Maarten, but four hours and 34 minutes later the flight ended in the shark-infested waters of the Caribbean. It was, and remains, the only open-water ditching of a commercial jet. The subsequent rescue of survivors took nearly three hours and involved the coast guard, navy, and marines. This gripping account of that fateful day recounts what was happening inside the cabin, the cockpit, and the helicopters as the crews struggled against the weather and dwindling daylight to rescue the survivors, who had only their life vests and a lone escape chute to keep them afloat

©2008 Emilio Corsetti III (P)2016 Emilio Corsetti III

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ALM Flight 980 was the first and only airplane to be open-water ditched of a commercial jet ever. On May 2, 1970 the flight was landed in the ocean just 35 miles from its diverted destination. There were 57 passengers and 6 crew on board heading for St. Maarten from New York’s JFK International Airport. The plain had been in the air 4 hours and 32 minutes when the Captain made the call to land in the ocean. It is unknown if he would of tried making that last 35 miles if the outcome would of been disastrous.
This book is so well written if takes you back in time to the airplane itself. The book is told not from the Authors point of view but from everyone involved that day. I love that there are reenactments in the book. They really make you feel like you were there. The research taken to make this book is outstanding. 

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Audiobookworm Promotions on behalf of various authors, narrators, and publishers. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

Top 10 List
Jess the Audiobookworm's top 10 Recommended Audiobook Activities
  1. Relaxing. This isn't so much an activity as a lack of an activity, but it allows for total audio immersion.
  2. Roadtripping. I love a great road trip playlist, but who says it has to be all about the music? Set cruise control and hit play!
  3. Exercising. Nothing takes my mind off of the pain of an intense workout like an even more intense story. A high-paced action thriller will still have your heart racing long after the cardio ends.
  4. Beaching. Audiobook listening is the ultimate summer fun. We've been bringing books to the pool and beach with us for decades, why not upgrade? Listening frees up your hands and you won't have to worry about a book blocking your sun or some kid splashing your pages.
  5. Working. Why count the hours in your work day when you could be counting the hours you've knocked off of your current audiobook? Turn 8 hour work days into 8 hour listening sessions. Just check with the boss first!
  6. Running errands. I always have an audiobook loaded up on my phone when heading out to run errands, especially if doctor visits are involved. I actually look forward to hanging out in waiting rooms now. I've also been known to accidentally LOL while listening in such situations… #awkward
  7. Coloring. Coloring is the perfect mindless activity to pair with audiobook listening. It's super relaxing and the combo keeps both your mind and hands occupied.
  8. Sleeping. I don't personally suffer from insomnia, but I've heard that audio listening has helped those who do. Listening to a great audiobook is the perfect way to drift peacefully off to sleep. Just remember to set a sleep timer on the book before settling in!
  9. Reading. Studies have shown that maximum comprehension is obtained through listening and reading simultaneously. This should end of the book versus audiobook debate once and for all. They’re both winners!
  10. Flying. Fear over flying? Pop an audio into your ears and lie back. I recommend choosing something relaxing like a nice Nicholas Sparks-esque romance. There's no need to heighten your anxiety with an adrenaline pumping Thriller.

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