Thursday, May 30, 2019

The House by the Cemetery by John Everson

I have taken my time in writing this review. I am still not totally sure how to rate it though. The Prologue is amazing, the epilogue is amazing and there are part of the book that literally made my hair stand on end. But... there is a lot of fluff in the book, and the fact that it kind of bashes fat people and seems a bit strong on mentioning race. It does not bash race just mentions it for no reason at all. I am not racist at all and do not care what color or nationality characters in the book or in life are, so why bring it up. Also Mike is a strong character in ways but a total waste of time in others. When he meets Katie who is way to young and to me for him but he gets totally lost in the fact that he wants to get into her pants and overlooks all the weirdness surrounding her.

There are some good points to the book as well and I did get through the whole book. This is a haunted house story. There is an old house that has been abandoned for years and has been reported as not just haunted but very haunted. When Perry a friend of Mike's buys the house and property to build a Halloween Haunted house attraction he hires Mike to do the restoration in order to make the house safe and to bring it up to code. Almost immediately things happen in the house from subtle noises to full on apparitions. Mike needing the job overlooks it all and pushes on.

This would be an amazing horror story with a bit of rewriting. The concept is awesome.

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