Friday, April 26, 2019

Past & Present A Marketville Mystery, Book 2 By: Judy Penz Sheluk

Calamity has decided to open her own business. She's named it Past & Present. After delving in the past in book 1 to find out what happened to her Mother she has decided to help other people break down some brick walls from their families past. Her first client comes with a handful of items and lots of qyestions as to what happened to her Grandmother who was murdered in 1957. 

Judy Penz Sheluck has done a great job with both books 1 & 2 in this series. I have been working on my family tree for years. I've spent many hours on ancestry and other sites looking for clues into my family. I've found some interesting facts. During the civil war one side were horse theives. They stole horse from the Yankees and sold tgem to the Rebels and then they stole from the Rebels to sell to the Yankees. Also being poor Kentucky Farmers from what I can tell none of them owned slaves on either side of my family. Anyway I am loving this series where Genealogy is huge part ofvtge story. 

The book is narrated by Kelly Lindsay. she does an amazing job bringing this story to life. 

I was gifted this book and chose to leave this review.

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