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The Sanctity of Sloth by Greta Boris

About the Book

Title: The Sanctity of Sloth

Author: Greta Boris

Genre: Suspense, Mystery

Series: The Seven Deadly Sins

Ten-year-old Brian McKibben is a wanderer. Eight months ago, he wandered into the street and was hit by a truck. Olivia Richards, his newly divorced mother, was accused of neglect by Child Protection Services. She’s doing her best to prove them wrong. Essential oils, a consultation with an herbalist, and an airtight schedule are only some of the things she does to keep Brian safe and help him heal from brain damage caused by the accident.

Her carefully laid plans begin to unravel when it becomes apparent Olivia’s CPS caseworker isn’t the only one watching her. The walls of her Pilates studio seem to have eyes, especially at night. Cryptic messages of death and danger begin showing up in strange places. Someone is stalking her.

Who can she turn to for help? The authorities would inform CPS, and she might never be free of the county’s intrusion in her life. She suspects her ex-husband of using scare tactics to regain custody of their son. Her new relationship is complicated and old suspicions haunt the young mother.

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Excerpt 2

     She didnʹt.
     That should be engraved on her tombstone—a perfect
and succinct description of her life. The number of things
sheʹd left undone was staggering. She should have let
Carlos know where she was going. She didnʹt. She
should have said yes, or even no, to his proposal. She
didnʹt. Were marriage and children going to fall into the
category of things she didnʹt do but would regret later?
     She should have gone away to college, escaped the
small town labels attached to her family name. But she
didnʹt. Sheʹd stayed, and hoped somehow her motherʹs
legacy would disappear from the communal memory. It
     Her greatest sin of omission, however, the sin that
had knocked over the first domino, the one that brought
the whole line tumbling down, was ever present in her
mind. Sheʹd thought, hoped, and prayed that she could
shed the guilt by devoting herself to this time of renewal.
But so far it hadnʹt worked.

Author Bio

Greta Boris was raised in Greenwich Village, New York by an opera singing, piano playing, voice coach and a magazine publisher. Her original life plan was to be a famous Broadway actor, singer, and dancer, but when she moved to Laguna Beach, California, she changed her plans due to the commute. Today she writes to inspire, entertain, motivate, and so she can afford nice wine.


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