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With Love From London: Voyages of the Heart Volume 1

With Love From London

Voyages of the Heart

Volume 1

Cover Designer: T.E. Black Designs

Release Date: 2/14/2019

Genre: Muti-genre Romance

Publisher: Royalty Writes Enterprises

Date of Publication: February 14, 2019


Number of pages: about 460

Series Description:

Cities around the world have their own charming allure that pulls you in to enjoy all its secrets. They offer love, passion, laughter, healing and even heartbreak that each author pens for you one page at a time. Pack your luggage and join our authors on their voyages of the heart. Our first destination: London.

Book Description:

With Love From London

When the smoke clears, romance fills the pages leading you straight into the worlds created by VOTH’s authors. The sights are unknown. What will be revealed is a mystery. The only promise on this voyage of love is that we’ve sealed each story with a kiss of passion that entices you to come back for more. Bring your passport and enjoy the guided tour through London’s paved way into your hearts.


Alyssa Drake | Amy Allen | Amy Cecil | Ashlee Shades | Autumn Sand | Bella Emy | Brian Miller | Carrie Humphrey | Gianna Gabriela | Jade Royal | M.A. Foster | Maria Vickers | Natalie-Nicole Bates| Patricia D. Eddy | Rosie Chapel |
Roux Cantrell | S.E. Roberts |Tamsen Schultz

The authors of the Voyages of the Heart Anthology Series come from many romance genres which provide the readers with different experiences all in one book. Each new destination VOTH visits will provide a new and exciting list of authors!

Romance sub-genres may include Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Military Romance, Happily Ever Afters, Motorcycle Romances, and more. Each book will take you through the different seasons of the year: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn offering their own romantic flare in each city we visit. VOTH will travel to multiple destinations annually warming our hearts along the way.

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The authors of Voyages of the Heart were rapid fire interviewed to find out some of their unique quirks. Here’s a quick taste of the authors before you become immersed into their world, provided by the pages of With Love From London.

    1.          Alyssa Drake
                  1.1.          1. Favorite flavor jelly? Pomegranate
2. Country or Rock? Rock
3. Read it or Write it? Write it 💋
    2.          Amy Allen
                  2.1.          1. Salad or soup? Salad
2. Ice cream or yogurt? Ice cream
3. To be serenaded or receive flowers? Flowers
    3.          Amy Cecil
                  3.1.          1. Dogs or cats? Dogs
2. Favorite color to wear? Black
3. Dress or Pants? Pants preferably jeans
    4.          Ashlee Shades
                  4.1.          1. Turkey or Chicken? Turkey.
2. To sing or dance? Dance - always dance. It's a beautiful, physical form of art.
3. Fireplace or cool breeze? Fireplace. It's a perfect ambiance for romance and practical for cool evenings.
    5.          Autumn Sand
                  5.1.          1. Old School or New? old School love songs
2. Coffee or Soda? coffee
3. Popcorn or Potato chips? Popcorn
    6.          Bella Emy
                  6.1.          1. To love and lose or never to know love? Love and lose
2. Favorite fruit? None
3. Cotton or Silk? Silk
    7.          Brian Miller
                  7.1.          1. Tv, dvd, or blue ray? Tv
2. Favorite kind of pizza? Pepperoni
3. Michael Jackson or  Michael Jordan? Jordan
    8.          Carrie Humphrey
                  8.1.          1. Plane or train? Train
2. Tea or hot cocoa? Tea
3. Favorite pie? Apple
    9.          Gianna Gabriela
                  9.1.          1. Pop quiz or exam? Exam
2. Math or English? English
3. To cook or to order takeout? Takeout
10.          Jade Royal
             10.1.          1. Winter or Summer? Winter
2. Romance: Historical or Suspense? Historical
3. Favorite flavor? Butter pecan or vanilla
11.          M.A. Foster
             11.1.          1. Science or History science
2. Spanish or French Spanish
3. Favorite sport? Football
12.          Maria Vickers
             12.1.          1. To laugh or to giggle? laugh
2. To cuddle or hold hands? cuddle
3. Favorite cake? chocolate
13.          Natalie-Nicole Bates
             13.1.          1. Word Search or Crossword puzzle? Crossword
2. Favorite app? Pinterest
3. Rap or Opera? Rap
14.          Patricia D. Eddy
             14.1.          1. Taco or burrito? Taco.
2. Noodles or rice? Noodles.
3. Favorite shoe? My black wedge heel boots.
15.          Rosie Chapel
             15.1.          1. Italy or Spain?  Italy
2. Series or standalone? Either
3. Favorite cookie? Orange Club
16.          Roux Cantrell
             16.1.          1. Party or lounge? Lounge
2. NOLA or Vegas? Nola
3. Favorite movie? Blood and chocolate
17.          S.E. Roberts
             17.1.          1. Movies or tv series? A walk to remember, the notebook, the wedding date
2. Marvel or DC? Marvel (Thor!)
3. To be hunted or the hunter? The hunter for sure!!
18.          Tamsen Schultz
             18.1.          1. Chili or spaghetti? Chili
2. Small town or big city? Small town
3. Batman or Superman? Batman

A note from the authors:

We would like the thank YOU for joining us on this journey to London. During this cold winter season, we strive to keep you warm with our words. We’ve been waiting for this trip for a while, and the time is finally here. Now grab your passport, get to the airport, and prepare for this Voyage of the Heart.
VOTH Authors

What Readers Are Saying:

"There is something for everyone. I read a lot of different authors and this book keeps your attention from start to finish. It's given me a few new authors to check out." -- Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

"This anthology is centered around London. Either by visit or someone lives there. The stories will grip you. I did not want to put the book down. I have read a few of the authors before but most were new to me. I am so happy I read them. I have found more authors to read. The stories range from sweet to hot. From MM to PNR. And I am not a big PNR reader but they were written in a way even I could understand. And at one point I even wanted to jump through the kindle and smack one character with a chair. I can not wait for the next stop on the Voyages of the Heart. Do Not Miss." --Nancy, Amazon, 5 stars

"Your breath, your heart will be stolen by each of the short stories (novella’s) that are contained within this anthology. Whether the author is familiar to you or they are new… you will find their beautiful stories will have you captured from beginning to end. Some will leave you wanting more words to further continue their story…" Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

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