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Heart of the Storm by Debbie Peterson

Heart of the Storm

Debbie Peterson

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press

Date of Publication: February 27, 2019

Print ISBN: 978-1-5092-2473-9 
Digital ISBN: 978-1-5092-2474-6

Number of pages: 277
Word Count: 96478

Cover Artist:  Debbie Taylor

Tagline: Love is the perfect storm…

Book Description:

DEA agent Aliyana Montijo must stop a drug lord's killing orders and find a government mole. With a contract on her head, she trusts no one. While heading back to Florida with evidence, lightning strikes her plane. As it careens into the ocean, she thinks she sees a pirate ship. What she finds is a dashing and most unlikely ally.

Four centuries ago, Wolfaert Dircksen Van Ness captained a vessel for the Dutch West Indies Company. Then an unearthly storm in the Bermuda Triangle blew him into a parallel dimension. After rescuing Aliyana from a similar tempest, he finds himself drawn to the courageous beauty and wants to aid her mission.

In the midst of danger, the two find themselves falling in love. Then a misunderstanding tears them apart, perhaps forever…


About a half an
hour before sunset, the unease she had carried for the past several hours
turned into a sudden feeling of dread. Panic overtook all rational thought and
settled into her soul. Something terrible had happened. She raced toward her
supplies and grabbed her backpack. Her fingers shook as she unzipped the bag
and yanked out her phone. She called Greg’s number several times over before it
dawned on her that he had already boarded a plane headed for Colombia. She
wouldn’t be able to contact him until the morning.
Despite all
attempts to banish it, the dread grew stronger with each passing hour. A
growing notion that Wolf and his crew never left the sub took firm hold. The
conscientious men of the Wieven could very well have remained behind to ensure
that all went according to plan. The thought of such an occurrence made her
sick to her stomach. What if they could die as she had always feared? What if
they died in that sub along with Mercado’s men? She couldn’t sleep, and she
couldn’t eat. All throughout the long hours of the night, she restlessly paced
along the shore, waiting, hoping, and praying.

By the time the
gloomy morning arrived, what little hope she’d carried throughout the long
night dissipated. Somewhere in her heart, she finally accepted that her beloved
captain wouldn’t be coming for her. Not now. Not ever again. 

About the Author:

Debbie is an author of paranormal and fantasy romance. She has-and always has had-a soft spot for fairy tales, the joy of falling in love, making an impossible love possible, and happily ever after endings. She loves music, art, beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and thunder storms.

When she's not busy conjuring her latest novel, She spends time with the members of her very large and nutty family in the lovely, arid deserts of southern Nevada. She also pursues her interests in family history (which she also teaches), mythology, and history.


Interview with Debbie Peterson

Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reigns of the story?
My characters hijack the story every chance they get and then some. I’ll begin to write something in particular and from out of nowhere, the words on the page are completely different than those I thought I was typing! I’ve learned to except their good judgement with grace and dignity though. After all, they are always right (just don’t tell them I said that)…
Convince us why you feel your book is a must read.
Well, just how often do you get the opportunity to learn what happens when a boat or plane disappears during a tumultuous storm in the Bermuda Triangle for goodness sake! In Heart of the Storm you get to do just that and you’ll learn the secret from a very handsome, very charming 17th century sea captain. You’ll also get to immerse yourself in a truly romantic tale where past meets present in the guise of a lovely DEA agent, and happily-ever-after isn’t so easy to come by.
Have you written any other books that are not published?
I have two works in progress. One is a prequel of sorts to Heart of the Storm, and the other is a sequel to Bound by Oath and Honour.
Pen or type writer or computer?
Computer… I make far too many mistakes and start over far too often to deal with pen or typewriter. Then there are the endless edits! Whatever would I do without my word processor?
Anything you would like to say to your readers and fans?

I adore you all and I’m always so happy to get your comments and emails, so don’t be shy. Reviews are always the icing on the cake!
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