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The Storm Within by Cerian Hebert

The Storm Within
by Cerian Hebert


GENRE:   Contemporary Romance/Paranormal



Healed from her own loss, Juliana Hopkins wants nothing more than to mend reclusive artist Aidan Byrne’s heart, and help close a chapter in his life that has haunted him for over twenty years. Risking their newfound love, Juliana is determined to release the ghosts he can’t let go.

Aidan has been in love with Juliana since the first moment he saw her, but if she can’t leave the tragedies of his past alone, he won’t be able to make a life with her.

She offers him a love he never dared to want, but loving her could rip open all the old wounds he’d never been able to heal.


Excerpt Two:

Besides the sound of the antique pendulum wall clock, the house was silent. Aidan sat on the sofa, fully dressed right down to his boots. He avoided meeting her gaze. She could see a storm brewing, from the way he stared at the floor, and the downturn of his lips, the tightness in his jaw.

As if he held on, by only a hair, to anger.

“You okay?” She wanted to go to him, but instinct kept her glued to her spot. Whatever stewed within him, she had a feeling it involved her. Her heart thudded in her chest. Whatever they’d discovered over the last few days she had the feeling was about to end.
Finally, he glanced up.

She wished he hadn’t. His blue eyes blazed with fury.

“You want to tell me what the hell you’re doing?” he demanded, his voice harsh with restrained anger.

It only took a quick glance at her desk to know exactly what he was referring to. The notes she’d taken about Rosemont Home sat next to her keyboard, where she’d left them.

She thought about playing dumb, telling him she had no clue what he meant, but he’d see right through it, and he didn’t deserve her lying to him about it.

She lifted her chin. Her lips trembled as she studied the anger on his face. Anger, like an immense, impenetrable wall.

“Why are you looking up information on Rosemont?” he asked, his tone stony.

Juliana grasped for the words to explain. “I thought maybe I could, um, find something out about your brother and sister.” How lame.       Like he didn’t believe he knew everything there was to know.

My Review: 5*
The Storm within is the 11th book in the Soul Mate Tree Series. Each book is written by a different Author and about different people places and things. All of the books however have one comment thread, The Soul mate Tree. This tree brings 2 soul mates together. The people may b e from different places, different times, lifestyles , and even different realms. All of the books are stand alones. I have read several of these books and so far have not fond one I didn't enjoy. 

This particular book is about Juliana Hopkins and Aidan Byrne. Aiden has ghosts from hsi past chasing him and Juliana wants to help him put those ghosts to rest. Aiden loves Juliana but is afraid to open him self to his past and let her in. Their love is filled with a gambit of emotions and the Author actually makes you feel these as you read this book. 

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Originally from Minnesota, Cerian is currently settled in southwestern New Hampshire with her husband and two of her four children plus a dog, cat and two geckos. She's known she wanted to write since she was twelve, and between mucking stalls in New York and booking cruises in Maine, she's been filling notebooks and flash drives with her stories in pursuit of her dreams.

Currently she has 10 published books (No Going Back, Where One Road Leads, The Staying Kind, Going Going Gone, and The Storm Within from Soul Mate Publishing, and The Better Man, Do Overs, Finally Home, Light The Way Home, and That Kind of Magic self-published at Amazon). She’s looking forward to adding to this list.

Cerian is a PAN member of RWA, Contemporary Romance Writers and New Hampshire Romance Writers of America.

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