Thursday, December 20, 2018

Terra Flamma: Wildfires at Night by Stuart Palley

Firefighter and photojournalist Stuart Palley documents California's wildfires in this book.  he shows the awesome power of forest fires in his photography but also the beauty of it, and the rebirth after each fire. In the destruction of the fires there is also beauty. he also gives you a run down of the fire, if known how it started, how much land was effected and all the other known facts. I love how after some time he also shows you how Mother nature replenishes the scorched earth with the beauty of nature. 

I personally live int he middle of the Ocala National Forest in Florida. The Forestry department lights what are called control burns several times a year. These control burns are believed to be the best way to 
take care of the choking under growth and dead trees and branches so that when there is a forest fire they are better able to get it under control so that in the populated areas the danger is lessened extremely. 

This is a beautiful book even with such a dangerous and scary subject. 


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