Thursday, December 20, 2018

Home Made Christmas by Yvette van Boven

Homemade for Christmas is a cookbook that was years in the making. Yvette van Boven has written Christmas recipes for years in newspapers and magazines. Now she has brought them together in this yummy book. There are tons of recipes all great for adding to the Holiday table or just a way to bring the holidays to your kitchen year round. I personally love the fact that there are make ahead recipes. I know in my home, I have a small kitchen but I feed about 35 people every year during all the main holidays especially Christmas and Thanksgiving. I run on crunch time trying to get everything together and cooked so having some make ahead recipes is amazing. My right hand has nerve damage so I can only cut, chop, peel, and mix so much at a time.

There are over 100 recipes with step by step instructions. There are menu ideas to plan ahead the whole meal. There are tons of photos as well.

Side note some of the recipes are simple but most do take skill. These recipes are truly bomb shells not really simple country fare. Some of the ingredients are hard or expensive to come by as well.

I received this book from the Author or Publisher via and chose to leave this review.

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