Friday, December 21, 2018

Anne Frank by Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Anne Frank is another book in the Little People, Big Dreams series. This series focuses on Women in History on the younger child's level. This book however was not my favorite in the series. The horror's that Anne Frank as well as all of the Jewish people went through during the Holocaust was actually skimmed over. The book did not exactly make it sound like a day at the park but it did sugar coat it I guess is the words I would use. Anne Frank and her plight should be added to the series as she is a woman in history but I do think a bit more emphasis should of been put on what actually happened during that horrific period in history. I do understand that this series of books is not meant to scare the children in any way so maybe it should of just been left out of the series. I am really not sure.

This is a wonderful series though and I do think that all girls and boys even should have a chance to read these amazing books.

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