Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Sean by Fiona Keane

Title: Sean
Series: More Than Friends #1
Author: Fiona Keane

Publisher: Limitless Publishing

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 27, 2018


I have everything they said I would need. A degree, a job, an amazing
group of friends- but there's one thing missing.

To him we're nothing more than friends- good friends. To me he's the
one man who makes my heart beat faster. It doesn't matter that his affections
are elsewhere. I continue to love him from a distance dreaming of happily ever
after. world is turned upside down. Even if we manage to find each
other through this storm, it will be a race against time.

A fight against the odds.

The battle of a lifetime.

No matter where the road takes us, I won't regret a thing. He's a man
who owns my heart, my soul, and everything in between.

And his Sean

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I reminded myself of the bubbly pink thing in my glass and
began pulling my hand toward my face when the cup was jerked from my grasp.
“Delicious,” Sean murmured as he sipped from the rim of my
glass, lifting his eyebrows and grinning hopelessly. Is this real?
“Where did you come from?” I snapped. “What are you doing
here?” The words fell out in accusation, but I was more surprised than
anything. I stopped dancing and stared at him, tanned and gorgeous. His beard
disappeared into delectable stubble. I had to stop myself from wanting to touch
it, to touch him. His wavy hair was cropped, forcing my focus to his glowing
emerald eyes which stared at me.
“Meeting Jesse. What are you doing here?” This creep owes me
an explanation. Or does he?
“Come here.” I pulled on his wrist and walked with Sean
through the gaping wall of windows that was open for the evening, blasted with
heat lamps and fans. Sorry, planet. In the dim glow of the streetlights I
observed Sean was wearing all black; dress pants and shirt, of course teasingly
unbuttoned at the top with his cuffs rolled over his muscular forearms. I
continued sipping from my glass, eyeing him suspiciously. I wasn’t sure what to
say, how to feel, or if he was actually standing there.
“I thought you were still in Miami,” I pressed, taking a sip
from my drink.
“I thought you’d be spending a Saturday night with your
boyfriend.” His top lip rolled from between his teeth, jaw clenched, and eyes
“Girls’ night,” I reminded him, smiling coyly. “When did you
get back?”
“You waited almost a week to tell me.” I swung at his arm
playfully. “I’m hurt. I’m going back inside and you owe me a drink now that
you’ve tampered with this one.”
I turned to walk back into the bar and I felt his fingers
quickly wrap around my wrist and lift the glass from my hand. “I think you’ve
had enough, Ave.”
My body warmed with his hand along the middle of my back as
Sean guided me back to the booth. I was only on my second drink and resentful
he thought it was his place to tell me I had enough. I had enough of his
stupid, handsome face, that was for sure. I had enough of him the last time I
saw him, when he left me alone. Shudder. I didn’t have enough then. Seeing him
next to me, feeling his skin on my back, his eyes burning into mine, reminded
me of how much not enough I had of Sean.
Ella and Lizzie were still dancing in the middle of the
floor, leaving our booth empty. I noticed Jesse turn from the bar and gaze in
our direction, his mouth spreading into a playful smile. It was one twisted
reunion, and I couldn’t stop myself from attending.

Author Bio

Fueled by coffee and rainy days, shelves of books consuming
her home in the Pacific Northwest, and a vivid imagination, Fiona writes about
love because she believes the world needs more of it. She could spend eternity
lost in a story, taken into someone's thoughts while she is left lingering
there long after the pages have turned. Fiona works to meld themes in the
current world and spin them into stories of longing, determination, and hope.

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