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Girly-Girl by Thomas Briar


Thomas Briar

Genre: Interracial BDSM Erotica

Publisher: Cobblestone Press

Date of Publication: 1-18-18

ASIN: B07956K993

Number of pages: 161
Word Count: 47,000

Cover Artist: Rebecca K. Sterling

Tagline: What will Tanisha do when she learns she can’t live without Levi’s wonderful presence in her life?

Book Description:

Tanisha is a naughty virgin with way too many unfulfilled romantic fantasies.

Levi is an unconventional Dom with a penchant for BDSM and kinky sex.

On their first date, after both reveal shocking personal details, they enter a scorching hot D/s relationship based purely on fulfilling Tanisha’s most intimate romantic fantasies. 

But nothing perfect ever lasts without first overcoming adversity. As the naughty virgin and her attentive Dom fall desperately in love, a veiled secret on her side and his unspoken desire threaten to snatch away their happily ever after.

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# 2

“Have you’ve
seen anything you want to take home with you?” Levi asked.
“Oh, I see
something.” Tanisha purposely let her gaze flow up and down his body to linger
on his midriff. “But you promised not to kiss or fuck me for thirty days,
He frowned
wistfully. “I really did, didn’t I?”
“You did.” She
took great pleasure in pointing this out because it was obvious that he now
thought the time frame ridiculous. Same as her.
Wanting to make
him further regret the impetuous decree, she did the most provocative thing she
could think of. While looking him straight in the eyes, she struck a pose with
one hand on a hip. Tilting her head sideways and sending over the most
seductive look possible, she cupped a breast with her opposite hand, using
fingertips to rub the outline of the taut nipple underneath the clinging vinyl.
Then she slowly slid the hand down her body to the front of the ruffled skirt.
Upon reaching the hem, she delved underneath, passing the tip of the middle
finger between the slickened lips of her pussy. Bringing the finger forth,
glistening with wetness, she held it out toward him.
He discreetly
licked his lips, eyes following the finger as she placed it against her own lips
to suck the wetness away.
Withdrawing the
finger and lapsing into a giggle, she raised eyebrows most innocently, asking,
“Still photography next?”
“Your choice,”
he stated in a husky voice. “And don’t do that again. I’m trying to be a
gentleman, remember?”

“Are you sure
you don’t want a little taste for yourself?” She stared deeply into his eyes.
“I’ll give you a little taste if you want?” 

About the Author:

Edgy and provocative in his writings, Thomas Briar strives to exalt the virtues of love and lust in every erotic story he creates. To date, he’s written a wide variety in the subgenres of New Adult, Contemporary, Historical, Interracial, and BDSM. He also takes great pride in the fact that he writes the type of erotic stories that twist and turn as the hero and heroine strive wholeheartedly to get exactly what they want from each other.

Which means most of his stories run on the hotter side of the erotica genre with his characters indulging in the type of sex that some would call adventurous. In fact, his descriptive writing style and graphic sex scenes will certainly evoke a reaction.

Hopefully, a positive one, but he’s making no promises. Not everyone likes to be made to feel as if they are present in the scene, surreptitiously watching the eroticism play out right before their very eyes. For, without a doubt, writing scorching hot sex scenes is Thomas’ absolute favorite thing about writing erotica.

Well, that, and making sure his characters end up living happily ever after.

Feel free to check out his website at

Interview with Thomas Briar
Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reigns of the story?
Well, that’s sort of a hard question to answer concisely. I don’t plot using any conventional methods, and I use only the barest of notes—if any at all. No working backwards from the end of the story. No detailed outline to make sure the story’s packed with twists and turns. None of those things. I simply pick a starting point and go to work. Also, I never know how the story is going to end other than it must have a HEA.
Now, having said all this, my stories always employ twists and turns on the way to that HEA. Most times those twists surprise even me. I think the guy inside me that does all the plotting and hard work of getting the story on the page is always on the job. He knows exactly where the story is going at all times, what he needs the characters to be doing, every surprise twist, even how it’s going to end. All before I start writing. He just doesn’t share those pertinent details with me until it’s absolutely necessary.
For instance, in the beginning of Girly-Girl, Levi and Tanisha first meet when he comes into the bookstore where she works to pick up some erotic books that he’d ordered. Now, I remember intentionally mentioning that the covers of the books were provocative, but I also remember thinking: I’m not going to describe the covers at this point, instead, I’ll find some way to insert the books back into the story at a later point to provide the great reveal.
And guess what? That’s exactly how it worked out. In the best possible way, too. Without me having any idea how I was going to do it at the beginning of the book.
So, I suppose I’m always in control of the story and characters. Or, rather, the guy inside me that’s responsible for delivering a satisfying story always is. I just wish he’d reveal to me how he does it.

Convince us why you feel your book is a must read.
How many erotic books have you read? Only a few? A lot? Either answer’s perfectly fine. There’s no wrong answer. However, do you want to read the exact same type of erotic book that you read last time? Or, would you like to read something a little different? Something that just might broaden your erotic horizons while possibly turning out to be the perfect book for you.
Because I don’t follow any of the popular trends in erotica. Just can’t stand rewriting what everyone else has written to death. And I can’t resist writing about consenting adults in alternative relationships. You probably already know the kind I’m talking about. The sex is always smoking hot and is as much a part of the story as the emotions the characters are feeling are genuinely real and true to life. Furthermore, the characters always know exactly what they want from each other and are prepared to use any means at their disposal to achieve their heart’s most secret desires.
Now that’s true love in a nutshell, isn’t it? Two people finding each other and taking great pleasure in giving the other exactly what they want and need to feel complete. Indeed, that’s breathing rarified air while indulging in the most exquisite intimacy of all.
So, if you’re open-minded, and want to stand inside the scenes with the characters as their love story unfolds, then pick up a copy of Girly-Girl. I assure you that even though the sex is graphic, it’s got emotional depth along with a very satisfying romance at the center of it. Of course, you do like being turned inside out and strung from here to yonder before you get to the HEA, don’t you?

Have you written any other books that are not published?
I’ve always written more than I’ve published. Doesn’t every writer?

Pen or typewriter or computer?
I started out with a pencil. Graduated to a typewriter in time. Eventually bought a word processor. Then my first computer. But all that was many years ago now. Who would have ever thought way back then that publishing would have evolved into what it is today? So much easier to write, edit and publish these days. So many more opportunities to get published too.

Anything you would like to say to your readers and fans?

I sincerely thank you for supporting my writings.

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